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Annie Leibovitz Shoots a New Disney Campaign

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most famous photographers in the world and many know her as the photographer that shot the real life Disney scenes. Well this time Annie is at it again and for these 2 new shots actors Russel Brand, Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel play 4 famous Disney Characters. Once again Annie’s lighting combined with amazing post production has created a couple amazing shots. [more]

Maybe Photoshop Can Really Work On The iPad

Many photographers already use a tablet like the Wacom Intuos to work in Photoshop. You would think that an iPad would be even better because you can touch the very screen that you work is on but it’s not that simple. Due to a number of issues like lack of pressure control and the fact that your hand itself will “select” parts of the screen, the iPad never took off as a professional tool. That is until I saw this video. [more]

This Camera Can Shoot 1 Trillion FPS and See Light In Motion

MIT has created a camera that can actually view light in motion. By firing trillions of pulses of light and syncing their cameras shutter, they can create a video that shows how light moves through space and reacts to mass. By recording this amazing detail, these cameras can actually see into objects and around corners by monitoring the way the light bounces off and around an object. [more]

This Nikon D4 Wielding Robot Arm Will Be Shooting At The Olympics

For the last few years photographers have been getting nervous about high res video cameras taking still photography jobs but we failed to see the biggest threat… robots! Apparently 12 of these robotic arms have been make to hold Nikon D4 cameras and shoot aerial photography at this year’s Olympics Games. Luckily each of these cameras must still be controlled by a human photographer so we aren’t going to lose our jobs yet. [more]

Behind The Scenes on a Trash The Dress Session

Remember Justin Wojtczak? If not, make sure you watch this video of Patrick surprising him with the news that he won the Fstoppers 2011 BTS Contest. Well Justin is back with his latest behind the scenes video. In this BTSV Justin takes a bride into a creek in the woods of Georgia and shows us how to shoot on a budget. [more]

7 Misconceptions About Licensing Music Legally Vs. Stealing

Admit it, we have all done it. Whether you used Napster to download music illegally when you were in highschool, made a mixed tape for a friend, or put music behind your last Youtube video, none of us have paid for music properly in every instance. In most cases we know what is right and wrong but there are still many misconceptions about licensing music. In this article Matt Thompson of SongFreedom.com goes through 7 legal and moral misconceptions when it comes to using popular music. [more]

This Is The First Fake MB-D12 Battery Grip For The D800

Last month we published a post on Fstoppers informing you guys that the first batch of knockoff MB-D12 battery grips for the Nikon D800 were available on eBay. It took over a month for the grip to show up from Hong Kong but yesterday I finally got it. If you have been considering buying one of these you will want to watch our full review. [more]

BTS On An All CG Scene From The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has been out for about 2 weeks and has made 137 million dollars. I saw it last week and was really impressed by the special effects but I’ve never had a full understanding of what really goes into it. In this video Jerome Chen from Sony Imageworks takes us through the basics of creating an all CG fight scene. Check out the full post for 3 additional videos. [more]

It’s Now Possible To Look 20 Years Younger In Video

Foton inc. recently released a video showing off their video retouching skills. As photographers most of us know the time it takes to make someone look younger in a still image but what if you had to do that with video, frame by frame. To do this Foton created a new retouching technique they have named “Age Reduction FX”.

Finally! It Is Now Possible To License Popular Music For Just $25

A few years ago, after about 10 phone call attempts, I got in touch with a guy who was in charge of licensing the music for a major band. I wanted to purchase the rights for a single song to to play in the background on my wedding website. I was told that if my budget was below $15,000 he didn’t have time to talk to me. Since my budget was around $100, our conversation ended quickly. It has always been practically impossible for individuals to purchase licenses for popular music… until now. [more]

Final Chance: Fstoppers Is Giving Away Another D800 or 5DM3

Last month we gave a Canon 5DM3 away in our Facebook Fan Contest. The contest was such a success we decided to do it again. Just like last month, to enter the contest you simply have to “like” 3 Facebook pages. If you get anyone else to sign up for the contest you will receive an additional 3 entries per person raising your chances of winning considerably. Check out the full post for all the details. [more]

Check Out This Red Epic On A Robotic Arm And Dolly

Last week we posted a video featuring a high speed robotic arm that is used for precise movements during high frame rate filming. Although this robot isn’t as fast, it is on a dolly, which gives it the ability to move around the room. Check out Bot & Dolly’s website to learn more about their “bot” and see a few examples of their work. [more]

Photographing The New Pepsi Super Car BTSV

Pepsi Australia recently teamed up with Kelly Racing to produce the Pepsi Max super car. Photographer Chris Benny was hired to shoot the new car and lucky for us, he filmed a quick BTSV of the production. As with many shoots, the weather became a problem but Chris had a backup plan. With a little post work Chris made the outside shots pop and then moved the car inside to finish the shoot. [more]

Fstoppers Reviews The Profoto D1 Air Monolight

If you are into studio lighting at all you have probably heard about the D1 Monolight by Profoto. These lights are known for their size, flash consistency, and of course the wireless Air Remote system. In this video I’ll take you through each of my favorite and least favorite features of this flash. If you are on the fence you may want to try renting these lights first. [more]

Learn Product Photography For Free From June 21-25 On creativeLIVE

Product photography can be one of the most difficult facets of photography. Everyone expects organic objects (like a human) to have imperfections but clients want their products to look flawless in the finished image. Your choice of lens, angle, lighting, color, composition, and retouching must all work together or your shot won’t hold up. In the past photographers would have to assist for years to learn the tricks of the trade but today, you can learn them for free from your laptop. [more]

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