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The First Knockoff D800 MB-D12 Grip Has Arrived

When Nikon first released the MB-D12 battery grip for the Nikon D800 it cost a staggering $615. Since then the price has fallen to a still ridiculous $429. We have been waiting patiently for an affordable 3rd party version and today I got an email from a reader that they were available on ebay. The “Pixel MB-D12″ is a much more affordable $109.00. I just purchased one and once it shows up from Japan (at least 30 days) I’ll review it. I’m hoping this grip is as good as the last fake I got.

These Woman Only Look Beautiful Upside Down

Don’t believe this is the same image? I didn’t either and that’s why I created an animated gif to prove it. The Thatcher effect is a phenomenon where it becomes difficult to detect local feature changes in an upside down face. This strange human glitch was named after Margaret Thatcher, whose image this was first tested on. These images were taken by Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm for the new Dove Campaign. You’ll have to watch it a few times to believe it for yourself. [more]

The Real Life Barbie Photoshoot

Check out this amazing photoshoot by Dina Goldstein she titled “In The Dollhouse.” Dina spared no expense as her team built set after set to complete this real-life Barbie and Ken series. Just like the last Barbie series we posted, this one is also a little twisted. Apparently you can’t go wrong with Barbie series because these images have already gone viral around the web. [more]

Shooting Insects On Seamless For Conservation

South Carolina photographer Clay Bolt is a professional nature photographer who has taken his love for the environment in an interesting direction. Clay started a program called Meet Your Neighbours which has inspired photographers all around the world to shoot small local animals on a mobile seamless white background. You probably don’t have to travel far to take amazing nature photography.

The New Macbook Pro Is Every Photographers Dream

Just a few hours ago Apple announced their all new Macbook Pro line of laptops. The most impressive of the group is the 15inch model which includes a retina display! I’m currently typing this on a massive 24inch ultra sharp monitor that has 1920×1200 pixels. Apple’s new 15 inch screen has a shocking 2800×1800 pixels. Apple also finally made the jump to USB 3.0 which makes this the most impressive laptop for creative professionals on the go. Pre-order the new machine here.

The Most Advanced High Speed Robot Used For Video Ever

Just when I thought I had seen it all I was sent this incredible video by one of our readers. The Marmalade, a special effects studio in Germany, has created an incredible high speed robot used to film precise moments during ultra high frame rate takes. The results look so perfect that I thought I was watching CGI at first. Even if you aren’t into robots you will want to watch this video for the most stunning macro videography I’ve ever seen. [more]

The Making Of An Automotive Magazine Shot-Explained Visually By Scott Dukes

Have you ever been going through the magazine rack of your local book store and just stood staring at the cover of a car magazine? No? Ok, well maybe that’s just me. But when I see a photo of a blazingly fast sports car clinging to the corner of a race track it certainly piques my interest. Even if you aren’t a “car person” chances are you have at least wondered how these cover shots are made. [more]

This Is How Your Digital Camera’s CCD Chip Works

I enjoy new technology and I also love to know how my gadgets actually work. I constantly find myself watching Bill Hammack’s videos on Youtube because he does a fantastic job of explaining extremely complicated things in a way that I can understand. In this video “The Engineer Guy” explains the technology behind our digital cameras. [more]

Shooting A Wedding? Don’t Eat On Camera

Shooting a wedding will wear anyone out and of course we all need food and water to keep going. Make sure that when you do grab something to eat, you don’t walk behind someone giving a toast… and being filmed. Also, you may want to wear a shirt with a collar.  [more]

Same Day Wedding Edits Can Be The Ultimate Stress

I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for the last 7 years. I’ve been in some stressful situations but at this point I’m prepared for almost any situation. Simeon Quarrie, a photographer/videographer promises many of his clients a finished wedding video during the reception the very same day. These same day edits leave no room for error and you can feel the stress yourself just from watching this video. [more]

How Canada’s Paralympics Created Their Amazing Ad

If you surf the web as much as me you’ve probably seen either the still image or the commercial for Canada’s Paralympics. I waited to do a post on this because I was hoping a behind the scenes video would come out and lucky of us, one did. Check out the BTSV here and then view the full post to see the finished video and still image. [more]

How To Use Window Light To Improve Your Photography

Our good friend Jay P. Morgan created another great BTSV, this time focusing on window light. In most cases, window light is the most flattering type of light we find indoors; why not learn to use this free light source to its full potential? [more]

[Video] With Your Help We Can Make The Largest Digital Camera Ever

Last year we had a meet up in Arizona and I was lucky enough to meet Zeke, a mechanical engineer who works on some of the most impressive digital cameras on the planet (and off the planet). I was able to hold one of these cameras and learn a thing or two about what it can do. These large cameras are mainly used in space to take exposures that last literally hours but Zeke told me that he wanted to make one of these into a working camera that any photographer could use (on planet earth). [more]

[Pics] Beautiful Sunset/Sunrise Photo Series

As photographers I think we all love a good sunset or sunrise. For me, personally, I rarely see a sunrise, but that’s the life of a night owl I suppose. The rare time that I am up for a sunrise (usually by force) I always find myself snapping iPhone photos like nobodies business. I recently stumbled upon this photo series by photographer Eric Cahan. He has some amazing shots of sunrises and sunsets from all over the world. [more]

[Now Live] Peter Hurley on The Grid With Scott Kelby

Currently (as of 4pm eastern time) Scott Kelby’s live tv show is currently on the air with guest Peter Hurley. Head over to Kelbytv.com/thegrid to watch Peter’s interview live.

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