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My name is Mike. I like to shoot and cut videos, teach others how to do the same, and I even do some photography on the side. Any time I can combine my love of outdoor adventures with digital storytelling, I'm all about it.

WWII Video Replaces Guns With DSLRs + Behind The Scenes + Explosions!

We’ve featured videos from Devin Graham before, as he’s best known for his hugely popular Epic Rope Swing and Dubstep Violin videos. In this new video, Devin has been working with WWII groups to add more action films to his portfolio, this video definitely shows that he knows what he is doing. Hit the jump for the behind the scenes video! [more]

Use Protection: HDMI Lock For Canon 5D

Video monitor manufacturers SmallHD have recently released a port cover for the Canon 5DmII that prevents the HDMI port from getting damaged due to an accidental, uncontrolled removable of a mini-HDMI cable. This video makes you hold your breath as they drop a camera from the HDMI cord, but the Port Protector seems to hold strong. A very handy add-on to save you from a potential costly repair. Always practice safe shooting!

Nat Geo’s Traveler Photo Contest Turns Out Incredible Images

The 24th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest solicited Photographers to send in their best photo from their travels all over the world. Out of 12,000 images, these are 30 gathered from different categories. You can head over to the Nat Geo site to Vote on the Viewers’ Choice winner until July 20. Which one do you think is best? Leave a comment below.


Re-Creating the “Blow Job” Effect

A couple months ago, we posted images from a series of portraits shot by Tadao Cern that were described as “blow job portraits”. Kai and crew over at Digital Rev TV put together a fun video trying to re-create this effect using some interesting tools on a handful of models, while “keeping stimulated” by trying a new technique. Can you keep a straight face while watching this?

Open Source Camera System “Apertus Axiom” Shoots 150fps, 4K, costs under $10K

Touting some impressive specifications, (15 stops of Dynamic Range, Super 35mm Sensor) the Apertus Project is aiming to create a modular camera system that operates on an (free) open source software. This opens up opportunities for coders to develop and modify the system to meet their needs, and share with a community. [more]

Art Wolfe Discusses Inspiration And “Finding The Photo”

American Photographer Art Wolfe has been making photographs for over 30 years, including work for National Geographic and authoring many books. In this video, Art talks about his beginnings as an amateur, but then explains his approach for finding emotive and meaningful photography.

Captivating Video Shows The Making Of A Limited Edition Leica Camera

In this beautifully shot video, get an inside look into the process of which Leica crafted a limited edition Leica M9-P “Edition Herm├Ęs”. This video has very dynamic sound that adds another level of texture, where you can almost feel the materials they are hand crafting into place. According to an Engadget article, ther will be about 100 of these produced, and they will sell for a mere $50,000(!)

The Making Of A Colorado Tourism Video

What do you do when the product you are trying to sell is an entire state? When that state is Colorado, it’s not hard to find majestic scenery to showcase the state in it’s grandeur. Director Tim Kemple, in collaboration with Forge Motion and Karsh/Hagan, crafted a series of spots for the state of Colorado, all being set to music by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. This making-of video takes you through their process of crafting these ads. Click on the full post for a few of the final commercials. [more]

Shooting Senior Portraits Outdoors With A Single Light

In another great behind the scenes video from Michael Sasser, Denver Photographer Ryan Tortorelli is shown working with three students at several different locations to capture there senior portraits. Using what seems like a single light setup in conjunction with the sun, the resulting captured images show the quality of this setup. It’s also great to see how Ryan is working with his talent, suggesting poses and giving directions.

BTS Video Gives Hot Tips For Fire Effects On Set

In this behind the scenes video, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shows us his concept and execution for a :30 commercial shot in a single take! Jay takes you through the rigging and setup up a burn bar, and has some fun along the way. This informative video gives us a look at the lighting set up too, and how he planned this shoot to get both stills and video. More info on the gear used after the jump! [more]

Think You Know Depth Of Field? Online Quiz Will Make Your Brain Hurt

With so many photographers entering the movie-making scene with DSLRs that shoot HD video, understanding depth of field has become crucial for keeping moving subjects in critical focus. In this online test from blackandblue.com, your knowledge is put to the test with 10 basic concept questions, and then 10 scenario questions. Post your score in the comments and tell us what you thought of it.

John Cyr Captures Famous Photographer’s Developing Trays

Being referred to as a “fingerprint of the photographic process”, this video essay produced by Daylight Multimedia displays images of John Cyr‘s work, which are a series of stills of famous photographer’s developing trays. Each tray has it’s own unique look, and seem to provide a thoughtful display that makes one think about the iconic images possibly produced in them. [more]

“Snap Focus” Pulls Focus On DSLRs Using Bicycle Brake Levers

Filmmaker Brandon David Cole recently started a Kickstarter Campaign for an interesting new product called the “Snap Focus”. This device uses brake levers like those found on bike handlebars to add tension through an interchangeable gear system, turning the focus rings of DSLR lenses, effectively creating a very quick rack focus adjustment. Check out Brandon’s Kickstarter page for more details on this sweet looking focus puller.

BTS Look At The Closing Steadicam Shot in “Hugo”

In case you missed “Hugo“, the Oscar winning film from last year, the last cut of the movie is about 2 minutes long, and is seemingly a single steadicam shot. In this behind the scenes video, we see the point of view from a small wide angle camera mounted on top of the steadicam itself, and you can see how something like this is pulled off. You can even hear Larry McConkey take a sigh of relief when he finishes the move. Hit the jump for the scene from the movie. [more]

Amazingly Edited Rock Climbing Video Unites Music, Picture, And Sound

The company Petzl hosted “RocTrip China 2011“, where elite climbers from all over the world came to China to climb some of the most spectacular arch rock formations ever found. Video of the local farming town and the climbing event itself was captured, but instead of a traditional narrative edit or linear progression, the edit is driven by music that has NAT sound from the video clips mixed into it, creating a unique presentation that has an incredible flow to it. Confused? Check the video and let me know what you think. Some wallpaper sized photos of the epic landscape after the jump. [more]

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