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My name is Mike. I like to shoot and cut videos, teach others how to do the same, and I even do some photography on the side. Any time I can combine my love of outdoor adventures with digital storytelling, I'm all about it.

Tyler Stableford’s New Short Film “Shattered” + Behind The Scenes

“I’ve shared a rope with 19 people who have died.” The haunting voiceover in Tyler Stableford’s latest short film “Shattered” really drives the drama, while introspective conjecture and nail-biting visuals keep you on the edge of your seat. Tyler also has released a 3-part behind the scenes video series on the making of this film, which used the Canon 1DX. See the full post for all 3 videos. [more]

[App] Get Slow Motion 60fps On Your iPhone 4S

While some apps might say that they can record slow motion, chances are they are using software to blend frames together and interpolated pixels are created to simulate slow motion. This technique often appears stuttery and quite as smooth as a real high-speed frame rate. A new iPhone app called SloPro claims to actually record 60 frames per second on the iPhone 4. The results looks solid, but check it out for yourself. The app is free but will cost you $2 to ditch the watermark.

[Crazy] Canon 7D Frozen, Shot, And Set On Fire In Durability Test

The guys over at DigitalRev wanted to test how durable the Canon 7D is, so they put it through some extreme tests to see if the shutter would still work and record images to the CF card. Ice, fire, airsoft guns, flights of stairs, and more. Check out the video to see if the 7D holds up to the beating. You definitely do not want to try this at home! Leave a comment and let me know the worst thing you’ve done to your DSLR.

[BTS Video] Shooting Great Portraits With A Minimal Setup

In this behind the scenes video shot by Cinepro Studios, we see Michael Sasser working with a High School student to shoot her senior portraits. With only a bounce card held by an assistant, he is able to capture some stunning images, and the video does a very nice job balancing shots of the location and setup, with the stills that were taken during the session to give the audience a better idea of what the photographer was working with.

[Gear] Who Needs Color? $8,000 Leica Camera Shoots Only Black And White

Leica has gone against the grain of recent camera bodies with this interesting release of a digital camera that shoots only black and white images. The Leica M-Monochrom is a full-frame, 18MP Rangefinder style camera. What do you think of the price of something like this? Novelty or in a class all on it’s own? Product photos and tech specs after the jump. [more]

[Gear] New iPhone App Is DSLR Remote Unlike Any Other

UK Company Triggertrap have been making camera triggers for some time now, and recently released an iOS app that offers remote control of many DSLRs, in addition to control the iOS camera itself. Unlike other remote apps available though, the Triggertrap Mobile can be triggered by things like sound, vibration, and facial recognition. Other notable features include eased timelapses that create a ramped-up speed effect over time, distance-lapses, and doing HDR captures. [more]

[Humor] Instagram Uses Facebook’s 1 Billion Dollars To Make An Instant Camera

It’s Friday, have a laugh. The crew over at The Verge put together this video of a (fake) camera that resembles a Polaroid by instantly producing a printed image out of it’s body. This model, made by Instagram, lets you add you own effects for an even more unique look at your images! I can’t wait to buy one of these and start shooting professional looking wedding photos! [more]

[Video] Grab Your DSLR And Take Part In This Interactive Film

When I first saw the link to this interactive short “Darkroom”, I was expecting some sort of YouTube style Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, where I’d have to click on links to new videos. Much to my surprise though, it was nothing of the sort. In this unique video by Vimeo User FIAP, you will want to grab your DSLR and set it to manual to properly experience this. [more]

[Video] “The Simple Things” Makes You Feel Like A Kid, Reminds Us To Slow Down

Everyday people get caught up in their work, are worried about the latest new camera, or become stressed over minor inconveniences. I know I’m guilty of all of these. After watching this video, I felt myself more relaxed and started remembering the importance of slowing down in life. You can miss out on so much by being too wrapped up in work and not taking time to appreciate the people you love and the simple things you get to share with them. This video from MDfilms is a breath of fresh air amidst a tumultuous day. [more]

[Video] First 4K Short Film Shot on The Canon 1D-C DSLR

Shane Hurlbut was asked by Canon to produce a short film with the new Canon 1D-C. This past week at NAB he debuted this short, “The Ticket” in full 4K glory. Shane sings the cameras praises, and is equally impressed by the simplicity in it’s workflow, which he discusses in his blog post here. Hit the jump for the short film and tell me what you think of the quality. It’s hard to tell just how high quality it is on the web, but I think it looks impressive nonetheless! [more]

[Video] Vincent Laforet Calls Adobe CS6 “Awesome”, Shows New Features

Vincent Laforet, the man who arguably started the DSLR-Video revolution, and most recently created the short film Mobius with the Canon C300, posted a quick video giving an overview of new features in the new Adobe CS6 Production Premium. Hover scrubbing (like in FCX), a customizable interface, and adjustment layers are now in Premiere Pro. After Effects got a bump with 32-bit support on CC Effects, also new is the inclusion Speedgrade, a professional color grading addition.

[FStoppers Original] BTS Video With Surreal Portrait Photographer Rob Woodcox

I’ve always been amazed by artists who have the ability to take a vision of something that doesn’t actually exist, and then produce a surreal image of it in fine detail. One such artist is photographer Rob Woodcox, and this past winter I got the chance to capture some behind the scenes footage of a shoot he was working on, and also interview him about the project and his production processes. In the video, you’ll see the final image, and hear Rob provide some insight on the post-processing of his photos. Hit the jump for some more samples of his work! [more]

[Video] Filmmaker Andrew Stanton Breaks Down Storytelling

Oscar-winning writer Andrew Stanton, who’s credit list includes WALL-E, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo among others, was featured in a recent TEDTalks Video sharing his insights onto storytelling, and what it takes to make them compelling enough to captivate an audience. There is a ton of great information here, and it really does go to show that content is king… You can have the biggest camera and tons of talent, but if your story is lame, no one will watch your stuff! Language in the video is NSFW. [more]

[Gear] Sony Reveals NEX-FS700, ’4K Ready’ and 240fps Camera Body

Hot on the heels of NAB 2012, Sony’s Europe website posted the NEX-FS700E Camcorder. The hitlist of features include a Super35mm CMOS Sensor, 4K RAW output with a future upgrade, up to 240fps @ 1080p, built-in ND filters, and 50/60Hz switching. Pricing is still unannounced, but EOSHD’s sources tell them it will only be $8,000! Hit the jump for actual product images and a detailed feature list. [more]

Interactive Documentary “Bear 71” Includes Video and One Million Photos

Shown at Sundance this year, the project called Bear 71 is unique spin on a documentary concept. Using an interactive graphical interface, the user can explore Canada’s Bow Valley, and click on points of interest like wolves and bears. It’s also a linear story being told through a warm, inviting voiceover, while video clips that move the story forward narrative are interspersed. The user fills in the gaps by exploring the valley and viewing images which give a glimpse into the hidden world of the wild. [more]

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