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My name is Noam and I’m a commercial celebrity and entertainment photographer based in New York City. I specialize in studio photography, live events, concerts and red carpets.I am a Getty Images Entertainment and WireImage contributor and photograph entertainment-related assignments for them on daily basis.Media Links For Noam Galai: WEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK

The Bright Sun Rises: Awesome Sunrise Photos

There is something truly magical about sunrises. That orange glow in the sky, that yellow haze, or just the fact no one is out there. Its just you and the view. Call me lazy (maybe?), but I just cant bring myself to wake up at 4am or 5am to photograph, or even just look at a sunrise. At least some people are crazy enough to wake up early to shoot it for all of us to enjoy. Check out these great images of sunrises found on Flickr.

The Barclays Center Will Use Your Photos Without Paying, Or Asking You

The Barclays Center opened 2 weeks ago in Brooklyn, and it’s one of the most beautiful and exciting arenas in the world to date. It’s a huge project that will make that part of Brooklyn very attractive, and will bring many sporting and music events to the area. But for fans and photographers, their Facebook policy might cause some anger. [more]

Pictures Of Happy People Will Make You Happy

There is nothing better than seeing happy people around you – doesn’t matter if they’re family, friends or total strangers. Seeing happy people will make you smile, and this is why this week we are featuring 15 awesome pictures of happy people found on Flickr. Check them out and let us know which are your favorites.


20 Awesome Street Photography Pictures You Should See

Street photography is the kind of photography most of us don’t usually like doing, but its probably the kind of photography we appreciate the most when the pictures become old. Its always amazing for me to see how people live, or lived, in other places or other times. Great street photography pictures can tell a story of time and place, and makes you make up your own story for the subject photographed. Check out these awesome photos and let us know which ones you like the best!

Splash Photography Makes Me Hungry For Fruits

Splash Photography is a very common type of photography in the commercial world and we see it around us all the time: in soft drink ads, as intro for cooking shows on TV or even in Cereal commercials. Here is a great collection of Splashing fruits – in water, cream or even beer – all found on Flickr. Also, make sure to watch the video to see how its done!


This Song Makes Fun Of All You Instagram Users

This funny video created by Julia Mattison is probably the best thing that came out of the invention of Instagram. If you’re addicted to Instagram, this song will make you feel ashamed. If you’re a friend of someone who’s addicted, this video will remind you how much your friend can be annoying. Happy watching everyone! [more]

Window Photos Will Make You Think

There is just something about portraits of people looking out the window – doesn’t matter if its in a building, train or car. Its something we do all the time, but never really pay attention to it. This is why seeing these awesome images capturing this quick-everyday-moment is really great. It makes you think. What are they seeing? What are they thinking of? are they happy? sad? maybe waiting for someone?.

Curiosity Rover’s Landing On Mars – Now In Amazing Homemade Ultra-HD Version

Independent video producer Bard Canning spent 4 weeks trying to improve the footage of Curiosity’s landing released by NASA last month, and the result is insanely amazing. He used thousands of tracking points in a technique called motion-flow interpolation, and added sound effects to make it look and sound even more realistic. The original video was made out of 297 frames, and Canning’s version looks like a real video with thousands of frames. Check out his result, and also a side by side comparison. NASA – watch and learn.

Seagull Steals, And Then Shoots With a GoPro Camera

I don’t know what GoPro cameras are made out of that makes seagulls like them so much, but once again a seagull stole a GoPro – this time in San Francisco. The camera was on and aimed at the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset when the bird decided to take the viewers for a short tour over the Bay Area. Check it out, and keep your equipment safe!

Amazing Photos Of The 9/11 Tribute In Light

11 years passed since that horrible day on September 11, 2001, where 2,996 people lost their lives and many more injured in the biggest terror attack in history. Since that horrifying day, every year on the night of 9/11 – NYC’s sky is being lit up by 2 beams of lights as a memorial for the twin towers. Check out the best photos of ‘Tribute In Lights‘ found on the net.


20 Great Images of Lighthouses

Lighthouses are a pretty rare thing to see these days – every time I see a lighthouse, I feel like I went back in time to late 19th century or early 20th century. Check out these 20 magical images of lighthouses found on Flickr.


12.5 Years Of Self Portraits

Photographer Noah Kalina was one of the first people to make a viral video on Youtube, back in 2006, when he posted a clip made out of self-portraits he took of himself for 6 years. He called it “Everyday“, and got over 23 Million views. It got so big back in 2006, even the Simpsons made a parody about it. Today, Noah uploaded a new version of the video, this time it includes 12.5 years of self-portraits. Every day, for 12.5 years. crazy.


NASA, Give Me a Break. Earth Photos are Way Cooler.

For the past 30 days NASA spammed the Internet with Panoramas or regular format pictures from Mars. Any news site I read features new photos from Curiosity every 2 days, 20% of the tweets on my feed are related to photos from Mars. Yeah, Its awesome to see photos from other planets around us, but to be honest? Earth photos are way cooler. Even the most boring spots on earth gives us super interesting shots. Check out these great finds from Flickr – and wake me up when we land on Saturn.


Awkward Stock Photos Will Make You Re-evaluate Stock Photography

Awkward Stock Photos‘ is a great tumblr blog featuring some of the weirdest and the most unnecessary stock images in the world. From Santa without pants to a snake smoking pot all the way to a banana kicking a cow. You wont believe the amount of awkward stock photos companies like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto or Getty Images offer for sale. I wonder who are the people who shoot that stuff (and why?!), and more importantly – I wonder how many people buy these photos.

The iPhone 5 Should Be Your Next DSLR

Most of us use our phones mainly for things that are not phone calls. Probably the most popular use of phones these days is snapping pictures, this is why the next iPhone got a totally different look that will change the way we take photos with our phones – a look that most of us know very well. And not only that: the resolution and glass are going to be way better. This great parody was written and produced by Adam Sacks.

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