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My name is Noam and Iā€™m a commercial celebrity and entertainment photographer based in New York City. I specialize in studio photography, live events, concerts and red carpets.I am a Getty Images Entertainment and WireImage contributor and photograph entertainment-related assignments for them on daily basis.Media Links For Noam Galai: WEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK

The World In Our Hands: Photo Project Illustrating The Bond Between Humans and Animals

Moshe Nachumovich, 27 years old photographer and digital artist from Israel created this creative set of images to show the bond between humans and animals, and to show how its in our hands to make a difference in that relationship. Nachumovich: “The bond between us humans, Earth and the animals, begins in our hands, we rule the world and if we’ll use it wisely we will also protect it as we should”.

15 Amazing Images Of The Festival of Colors

Thomas Hawk, San Francisco based photographer, took amazing photos during the 2012 Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah earlier this year. The Hindu festival of Holi is being celebrated every year on March, and became a big hit in the photography community in the past few years because of the use of a lot of colored powder that makes it all look very magical.


Pro Photographer Using His iPhone To Photograph the Olympics

Here is something I never expected to see in the biggest sporting event in the world: Guardian’s Photographer Dan Chung is covering the Olympics using only his iPhone 4S. When you think of photographers who are shooting events like this, you think of guys with suitcases filled with camera bodies and huge lenses. You think of many D4s and many MK IV aimed on the best athletes in the world. What Dan is doing is truly amazing, and i’m sure all the photographers around him look at him and think he’s crazy. Check out his crazy results!

The Holy City Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

The current issue of TIME Magazine is focusing on the growing population of the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem and the way it changes the city. They sent Israeli photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner, Oded Balilty, to photograph ultra-Orthodox families and neighborhoods, and the results are really amazing. It looks like the images were taken in a different universe or time.

Flickr Spotlight – Everyone Wants To Be Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history. Best ever. He did something many people tried doing for many years, and his achievement will raise a whole new generation of people who will have a dream of being like him. Tomorrow we are going to see Michael Phelps competing for the last time, so there is no better time to dedicate a post to him. Here are 20 of the best images of swimmers found on Flickr.

‘Big Appetites’: Tiny People Living in a World Made Of Food

Big Appetites” is an ongoing project by Seattle-based photographer Christopher Boffoli where he creates worlds made out of real food with tiny detailed figures living in them. He started this project back in 2002 as he was inspired by the culturally recurring fascination with tiny people in out of scale environments that was very common in films and television he grew up on.

Flickr Spotlight ā€“ InfraRed Madness

Infra-red is something we just can’t see with our own naked eyes. We usually use it in products like the Xbox Kinect or for night vision goggles, but when using the right filter on your camera, you can use infra-red light to create amazing images.

Flickr Spotlight – I Want To Ride My Bicycle

I actually dont really know how to ride a bicycle, but i do know I love Queen’s song about riding it and decided to make a post about it. Check out these great photos of Cyclists found on Flickr and like always – let us know which are your favorites!

Flickr Spotlight – a Look Into a Drop Of Water

This is not the usual water-drop photo series you’re used to see on many blogs (including FS) of splashing water and bouncing droplets. This set is not focused on the droplets, but on what you see in them. Check out this set of great images found on Flickr and let us know which are your favorites!

Flickr Spotlight – Happy Birthday USA!

4th Of July is the holiday of fireworks, so there is no better time to show you some of the best fireworks images found on Flickr. Taking interesting and ‘good’ pictures of fireworks is not an easy thing to do (if you tried it you know what im talking about) – and the photographers featured in this post did a great job with that. Check it out!


Flickr Spotlight – Awesome Car Pictures

Here’s this weeks Flickr Spotlight, and this time – Awesome Car Pictures! There are many different types of shots – indoors, outdoors, studio-like or just action. So check out this set of the best shots we could find on Flickr and let us know in the comments which is your favorite!

Is Reflectance Printing Here To Stay?

In this scientific project, a group of researchers decided to find a way to make normal 2D prints react to light the same way 3D objects react to it. As you can see it works really great, but the photo quality is still not so good. I’m sure that with some more research and development it will get much better. This can change the way we print and see physical pictures the same way Lytro Changed the way people take pictures.

This Is Probably The Best Projection Mapping Video Ever Created

Projection Mapping became a big hit in the past few years, and many brands use it for making cool looking ads outside over big buildings. Basically they all use the same shticks: Changing what you see in windows, making bricks fall down, or making part of the building explode. This is why AntiVJ‘s “Omicron” is so different. [more]

Flickr Spotlight – Photographing Planes From Unique Angles

We see planes flying around us everyday, usually they are pretty far away and look pretty boring to the naked eye. To add to that, most photos of planes are somewhat boring and uncreative and always look the same. This is why I decided to show you those amazing photos of planes flying in the sky. Check them out and let us know which are your favorite!


Flickr Spotlight – Kids Play Soccer All Around The World

As you all know Euro 2012 is being played this month with some of the best soccer players in the world. Those stars didn’t become stars just like that, most of them started playing as young kids out on the streets, or in their local field. I truly believe that soccer is probably one of the only things in the world that is 100% international, 100% border-less. All you need is a ball, thats all. [more]

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