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My name is Noam and I’m a commercial celebrity and entertainment photographer based in New York City. I specialize in studio photography, live events, concerts and red carpets.I am a Getty Images Entertainment and WireImage contributor and photograph entertainment-related assignments for them on daily basis.Media Links For Noam Galai: WEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK

This Camera Will Make You See With Your Ears

Dr. Amir Amedi, brain researcher and Neurobiology professor from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, developed a technology that lets blind people ‘see’ with their ears. In this TEDx talk (TEDxJerusalem) he shows how he managed to use a simple camera, and transform the video captured into sound waves that quickly become visual images in the brain. It’s amazing to see how they can ‘see’ when someone smiles at them, just by listening to the video they capture with that small camera. [more]

15 Beautiful Images Of Rocky Beaches

Winter is officially here and we’re going to freeze for few more months. I don’t know about you, but I cant wait for the summer – for the nice weather, for the long days and of course – being able to go out to the ocean/sea. Check out this collection of great images of rocky beaches that will make you wish it was summer already. Which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.


Apocalypse Now: Collection of End Of The World Photos

As you all know, today is the last day of earth as we know it. Its the end of the world. So there is no better time than now to feature some great apocalypse photos – just in case its still calm where you live and you want to see how it looks around the world. Any recommendations for a spot to shoot the end of the world from?

FAKE! Eagle Lifting a Baby Is a CGI Stunt

Earlier today we posted this video of an Eagle lifting a baby in the park, and it started a massive debate whether its real or not. Now we have the answer: its FAKE. Check out this BTS video showing how 4 animation students from Montreal created this viral video. Did you get it right?

TIME Magazine 2012 Photos Of The Year

2012 is about to end in few weeks (some say it will end next week), and there is no better time to look back on what happened during this year. As they do every year, TIME Magazine just released their picks for 2012 Photos of the year. From Obama to Syria through Sandy, all the way to the Olympics. Here are TIME’s best images of 2012 – Do you agree with their choices?


How Blind People ‘See’ Colors

As photographers, we spend hours on fixing colors on our images every month. Some people might even spend hours on just one image before they will be satisfied with how the colors look (me included). This is why seeing this video, of someone who NEVER saw colors, is so interesting. Tommy Edison is blind since birth, and have never seen any color in his life. Something I cant even process. Not knowing what color is. Its too crazy for me to even imagine.

Awesome Live Concert Photos

Shooting live performances is not always easy. Sometimes the lighting is bad (sometimes its much worse than that), sometimes your angle is not too interesting, and sometimes people in the crowd can get in the frame and kill a good catch. But sometimes you’re exactly in the right spot with the right lens; and with the right timing you can capture a perfect action shot of the performer, or of his fans. Check out these great live concert photos found on Flickr and let us know which are your favorites.

Powerful Photos Of Devastation And Destruction Around The World

It could be the aftermath of a war, or the result of a strong Tsunami. It could be the destruction of a Hurricane, or the Devastation of a terror attack. The moment after something horrible happens, is also the moment people capture powerful images of (bad) historic events. We all remember few iconic shots of such events, photos we’ve seen for hundreds of times on TV, in newspapers or just online. This is why I chose to feature very powerful images you probably never saw before.


“What If Money Didn’t Matter”: Great Tip To All Creative People Out There

Take a 3-minute break from whatever you’re doing right now, and listen to this short recorded lecture of British philosopher and writer Alan Watts (1915-1973). This is a very inspirational, thought-provoking and interesting to anyone who ever wanted to work in the industry – Doesn’t matter if its as a photographer, film maker, sound-man or a retoucher. Listen, and decide: ‘What do you desire?’.


20 Awesome Self Portraits

There is something very special about taking a self portrait of yourself. Being both the model and the photographer makes you feel very comfortable, relaxed and open for trying unique ideas. You don’t need to be afraid of the results because you have the control over what gets out, you dont need to feel shy trying cool ideas, because no one needs to be around when you shoot. No pressure, just you, your camera and all the time in the world. Check out these 20 great self portraits found on Flickr.

Mesmerizing Project Of a Spinning Girl In Still Photos

Rrrrrrrroll is a photo/gif-animation project made by few friends based in Japan. Each week they post 2 new animations, and in each image at least one thing is spinning around: sometimes its the person, sometimes its the table or just a hat. The final results are mesmerizing. Not only the photos can stand alone as still photos and are very well done, but adding the moving factor makes it hard to take your eyes off it.

Israel No Longer Appears On Flickr Maps [UPDATE: Been Re-Added!]

With a new CEO, Yahoo! hopes to bring Flickr back to life and make it the number one destination for photographers. With the renewed efforts, as MegaPixel revealed today, Flickr may have made one bad move, as they have erased Israel from their maps. The name of the country is still there, and also the names of 3 cities, but anything other than that has been removed: cities, villages, streets and roads. So far no comment from Flickr on this issue. [more]

This Slit Scanned Video Will Blow Your Mind

I’m sure most of you happened to see images created with the Slit Scan technique, but probably never got to see it being used in videos. Until now. Sit down and get ready to have your brain explode. This awesome video experiment was made by French filmmakers Adrien M / Claire B who filmed it with a Canon 7D at 60fps. Beautiful work.

30 Photos Of Life After Hurricane Sandy

Over a week and a half passed since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, and things are far from being back to normal. Many lost their homes and businesses, and many still have no electricity. In the past 11 days media outlets showed thousands of photos of the storm and the aftermath, and we also shared some of our own photos taken during that week. Now, its time to see the best Hurricane Sandy photos found on Flickr!


Halloween Is Around The Corner: Photos Of People In Costumes

It’s that time of the year people can get into character, and dress up as someone else (and yes, make fool of themselves). This is also a great time for photographers to go out and look for interesting looking people, and take photos they normally couldn’t take. Check out these 20 great photos found on Flickr of people in costumes and let us know which are your favorites.

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