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I'm a full time professional photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Most of my time is filled shooting weddings and commercial work throughout the east coast. When I'm not shooting or managing Fstoppers, I enjoy playing on the boat, cycling, loud amps and classic guitars, attending church, traveling, and planning the next creative adventure.

[Expensive Cameras] Zack Arias Explains Why He Switched From Canon To PhaseOne

Photographers love Zack Arias because of his no nonsense, laid back approach to photography. In his full blog post Why I Moved To Medium Format :: Phase One IQ140 Review, Zack describes some of the amazing features these DSLR alternatives have for the commercial photographer. If his posted examples aren’t enough to have you foaming at the mouth, this full review video will definitely have you lusting after in-camera WB adjustments and the LCD touch screen found on the IQ140 digital back!

[Humor] Laugh At Yourself: Sh*t Photographers Say

Have you ever noticed when you are hanging out with another photographer, your non photography friends absolutely hate you? This video had me laughing a few times because like it or not we all sound like this from time to time. After you watch this, leave your favorite photographer cliche in the comments.

[Upgrades] Has The New Update To Apple’s Final Cut Pro Fixed The Backlash?

Remember when Apple released the new version of its flagship video editing program Final Cut X? If not, you might want a refresher course with Conan O’brien. Basically the backlash was almost unanimous, and it made many of us thankful we chose Adobe’s Premiere as our editing software of choice. Well today there is an upgrade that apparently fixes most of the complaints from FCP X users. [Read More]

[BTS Video] How To Shoot Black And White In Camera For Easy Proofing

Jay P Morgan’s Behind The Scenes Videos seem to pop up every single week. In this week’s episode, Jay teaches a few tricks for shooting black and white photography. Everyone knows how to convert their images into black and white in Photoshop but Jay recommends turning your camera to BW so you can see the results real time. He then uses Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro to make the final tweaks when he gets back to the studio. Watch the full behind the scenes video to see some other useful lighting tips as well.

[Humor] A Politically Incorrect Guide To A Career In Filmmaking

It’s always good humor when someone makes a career path diagram outlining possible jobs within a particular field. If you aren’t sure about whether your skills are best utilized as a Director, Studio Head, Screenwriter, Producer, or Film Critic then this is a great starting point. Hopefully someone makes one of these based on art buying and photography publishing. Without cheating, which path do you naturally fall into?

[Mindfreak] Staring At This Black And White Sony Ad Will Make You See In Color

I love optical illusions, and this simple trick used in a Sony Cybershot ad was one I had not seen before. Click on the full post to see this image large. Then stare at the color triangle in the middle of the model’s nose for 30 seconds. Then stare at a white wall or screen and blink rapidly! You should see the model take her clothes off in near full color! The brain is a strange strange machine indeed!

[Free Video] Preview The Art Behind The Headshot With Peter Hurley

The response Peter Hurley’s downloadable tutorial The Art Behind The Headshot has been receiving over the last few months has been unbelievable. Peter’s technique has changed the way so many photographers approach working with models, and it’s apparent by his facebook group that photographers of all skill levels are taking the best headshots in their portfolios.

So we have decided to release one free lesson from the DVD for those of you who might still be on the fence. Peter’s knowledge is expensive sure, but it’s guaranteed to change the way you shoot headshots for the rest of your career. We believe in this so much that if you don’t think your headshots are any better after watching 4 hours of Peter’s instructions we will give you your money back guaranteed!

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