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I'm a full time professional photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Most of my time is filled shooting weddings and commercial work throughout the east coast. When I'm not shooting or managing Fstoppers, I enjoy playing on the boat, cycling, loud amps and classic guitars, attending church, traveling, and planning the next creative adventure.

[Controversy] Did FHM Maliciously Degrade Veena Malik’s Image?

Now this is an interesting story. Lately there has been a ton of controversy and debate about the role of photoshop in today’s advertising market. FHM (For Him Magazine) just published their December issue with Pakistani cover model Veena Malik wearing what appears to be nothing. But that’s not the full story; also pictured on the cover is Veena baring the tattoo “ISI” which refers to the rather polarizing Pakistani intelligence group. Pakistani’s are outraged both because of the ISI reference and also because of Venna’s lack of modesty displayed on the US men’s magazine. It is quite common for photographers to shoot “implied nude” images with models actually wearing clothing (and the visible piece photoshopped out), but Veena claims the magazine maliciously manipulated her cover shoot without her permission. As for the ISI reference, well apparently both FHM and Veena were in agreement on the controversial art work with Veena making recommendations on how it should be drawn on her arm. Stories like this happen all the time but it’s rare to see such a story with world wide appeal. What do you guys think? Read more about the full story on the BBC News page.

[BTS Video] Backstage At A Victoria’s Secret Shoot With Photographer Russell James

Russell Jamesis perhaps my favorite photographer of all time. His images of sexy women never look cliche, and basically everything about his photographs are brilliant. But few people probably know what steps Russell took in becoming one of the world’s most successful photographers. Check out this behind the scenes video as Russell photographs the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Christmas campaign and dives into his history of becoming a photographer. I love how much attention goes into making the models comfortable and creating a connection with them. If it wasn’t for Peter Hurley teaching me otherwise, I would have completely gawked at Russell’s lighting and production. In reality, what makes every one of Russell’s images stand out is his subject’s connection with the reader. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

[BTS Video] A Tutorial On How To Make A Time Lapse Video

We’ve featured a lot of timelapse videos here on Fstoppers. And while they are really cool, very few videos have been made on how you can actually make one yourself. The guys over at Dynamic Perception, makers of the Stage Zero Dolly and MX2 Dolly Engine, have created a pretty thorough explanation of how to program dolly movements with long DSLR exposures. Many of the concepts in this video are useful no matter what electronic dolly you are using, and it really does a great job teaching some of the pitfalls you might have when calculating the timings required for both great photos and slick camera movements. Click the full post to watch an intro video to timelapse and head over to Dynamic Perception’s site if you are interested in getting into this type of photography.

[Video] The New ARRI L7 LED Fresnel Lights Are Pretty Awesome

Most of the readers here at Fstoppers are photographers but we also have a lot of videographers as well. Most of us photographers are completely out of the loop when it comes to the tools videographers use day in and day out, and some of them are pretty cool. Mitch Gross demonstrates some of the features found in the new ARRI L7 LED Fresnel Lights and they look pretty awesome. Having WB control over your light color is pretty awesome and could come in handy for a lot of photography applications. These Fresnel lights are pretty expensive at $2700 but hopefully this technology will show up in other less expensive lights too. How cool would it be if our future speedlights had both strobe light and controlable LED lights for video (hint hint Nikon!)

[Contest] Win A Free iPad 2 And Peter Hurley’s DVD Through Twitter

We have a lot of contests going on each month but we wanted to give away something really special for the Holidays. What are we giving away that is so special? How about a free Apple 16GB iPad 2 and a free digital copy of Peter Hurley’s The Art Behind The Headshot!

All you have to do to enter is follow @fstoppers on Twitter, and tweet the following message:

“Follow @fstoppers and retweet this message to win Peter Hurley’s DVD and an iPad 2 http://bit.ly/tsTufu”

Make sure you tweet this message between now and the end of December 15th, 2011 because we will announce the winner the following day. Goto Peter’s The Art Behind The Headshot Website for more information. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased the DVD and good luck to everyone entering the contest. NOTE: If you plan on ordering the DVD or already have purchased it, you will be refunded if you win the twitter contest.

[Woops] The Easiest Way To Lose $2400 In 24 Seconds

I’ll always remember a friend of mine saying that he loved the Canon 5D Mark II for film making because it was expendable and cheap compared to “real” video cameras (he crashed a lot of them). For most of us, having any piece of gear break is heartbreaking especially when it comes from our own stupidity lack of foresight. Such was the case for filmmaker and 3D Animator Kurtis Hough as he was doing a little beach videography. While on set for what appears to be The Goonies II, Kurtis encountered something pretty scary. After watching the video below you might want to reconsider not insuring your photo gear.

[FS Meetup] Fstoppers Unite Friday Night At The Bayou In Salt Lake City

So you’ve had a long week of work and just survived a record breaking wind storm…what does one do to cut the edge in Salt Lake City? How about socializing over a few beers with other local photographers? Lee and I will be in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend hitting up Solitude (if the snow sticks around) before we head down to film the next Fstoppers Original in Phoenix. We’ve been told the best local watering hole is a beervanna called The Bayou (645 South State Street), and nothing cures a long flight and a little jet lag like a few cold brewskies. Meet up at The Bayou around 9PM if you are in the area and we’d love to hang out a bit. In typical Fstoppers fashion, yes this meetup is being announced within the maximum 48 hour notice :)

[News] New Nikon SB910 Speedlight Announced

One of the biggest announcements I was really excited about this year was the release of Nikon’s Flagship SB910 Speedlight. Many people were speculating that the revamped portable strobe would be smaller like the classic SB800, finally offer wireless syncing via radio, incorporate a small constant LED light for video, or add another half stop or two of power. Unfortunately none of those changes have become reality yet but the new speedlight does offer enough updates that anyone in the market for a powerful speedlight will want to check out the Nikon SB910. Click the full post to read the official Nikon Press Release. You can already preorder the Nikon SB910 as it should be shipping mid December 2011. Out of curiosity, if you could design the perfect speedlight, what features would you want that this new flash does not already offer?

[BTS Video] Dramatic Photography Portraits Lit With Black Lights

The videos keep coming in for our 2011 Fstoppers Behind The Scenes Contest as we enter the final month of submissions. Most photographers use either strobe, fluorescent, or incandescent light to mold and sculpt their subjects. German photographer Julius Ise went a completely different route and used UV blacklights along with some gelled lights for separation to produce extremely vivid images. The shoot has an overall tribal theme and I really think the blacklight look brings something to the overall vibe. I’d say this is one of my top 5 submissions so far but Julius will have to impress our judges. What do you guys think? Leave Julius your thoughts below in the comments. Also check out Julius Ise’s full portfolio because it’s pretty awesome as well.

[Post Production] Liquifying Your Models With The Puppet Warp Photoshop Tool

Gry Garness is a makeup artist turned retoucher/photoshop consultant from Norway. I wasn’t familiar with her photoshop tutorials until I came across this video the other day, and I must say I’m pretty impressed with her articulate approach to complicated techniques. In this video, Gry teaches some interesting liquify techniques on an image by Derek Cooper. Instead of simply using the lossy liquify tool, Gry shows you how you can use warp and puppet warp selections which give you the ability to go back and change any transforms down the road. The results are pretty amazing and it’s always good to know a few different ways to accomplish the same overall outcome.

[BTS Video] Fstoppers.com Inspires Another Wet Wakeboard Photoshoot

When Lee and I started this website almost two years ago, our vision was to not only share knowledge of what some of the best photographers around the world were doing but to also create a community that could inspire other creative professionals. Our Facebook Group is full of photoshoots from our readers that were inspired by some of the top talent featured on Fstoppers, and it’s always fun to see photoshoots that were inspired directly from something we first did here. The latest such video comes from the Netherlands where photographer Wouter de Winter recreates my very own Indoor Wakeboard Studio Shoot using kiteboarders. Wouter isn’t the first to draw inspiration from the original video but he is the first to also create a BTS video about it, and I think you will enjoy it. The next step for other photographers should be to take this idea and create something even bigger! If you have ideas or thoughts about what direction the next “indoor wakeboard shoot” should go, leave them in the comments below. I’d love to hear where others would take this concept…it might even make for a great BTS Contest Video!

[Video] Outside The Softbox: Giving Your Photography Clients An Experience

I recently came across this video produced by [Framed] Show, and it really made me stop and think about how I run my business…and this is not just for wedding photographers! Sal Cincotta takes a second to put all of the gear, lighting diagrams, inspiration, and BTS videos aside to talk about something that a lot of photographers fail to capitalize on in their own businesses. Treating your clients to “an experience” they will remember and appreciate is probably THE most important thing you can do for your photography business and gaining future clients. Little things like answering your phone and email within 24 hours seems like a no brainer but how many of you take time out to send handwritten thank you notes or personalized gifts as a token of appreciation? The winter season is a great time to revamp how you will engage your clients in the spring and summer so let me ask you this: What are some things you do to improve your relationship with your clients? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any ideas that aren’t wedding based I’m sure everyone would love to hear them.

[BTS Video] Joe McNally’s Epson Photograph Is A Circus In The Air

Most people know Joe McNally for his photojournalism or his editorial work. Others know him as the author of some of the best photography books on lighting. But Joe “numnuts” McNally is also one heck of an advertising photographer too. Recently Joe photographed the Anti-Gravity Dancers in an ad campaign for Epson’s new R3000 printers. By using huge Octobanks and powerful gridded rim lights, McNally and his team were able to create some dramatic portraits of the dancers flipping and soaring above the New York City skyline. Click the full post to see the final image and a BTS lighting setup and head over to Joe McNally’s Blog to view a ton of images throughout the day. This shoot looks like a ton of fun and has my wheels turning a bit!

[News] The New Nikon D800 Might Actually Look Like This

Everyone has been waiting for the new Nikon D3s and D700 replacement cameras for what seems like forever. Nikon Rumors recently opened a whole can of worms as they released photos that the rumor blog owner stats as being 99% legit. However new speculations have come out from another reliable source over at DigitalRev. We here at Fstoppers aren’t going to claim we know what the next Nikon DSLR will actually look like so instead we pose this question: Which version of the Nikon D800 do you think is more accurate and which one excites you the most? Click the FULL POST to view a side by side comparison of both speculated versions of the camera and leave your thoughts below in the comments. I’d actually be more interested in the DigitalRev version but that’s just me.

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