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I'm a full time professional photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Most of my time is filled shooting weddings and commercial work throughout the east coast. When I'm not shooting or managing Fstoppers, I enjoy playing on the boat, cycling, loud amps and classic guitars, attending church, traveling, and planning the next creative adventure.

Basketball Never Stops: Filming A Nike Commercial With Only One Light

If you were approached by a big client and asked to only shoot with one light, would you freak out or would you make the most of the situation? In Nike’s latest basketball commercial Basketball Never Stops, they only used one single hard light to tell the story how the game and fans go on even after the court lights turn off. I think videos like this are a great reminder that sometimes less is more. Sometimes a simple setup can still produce dramatic results (even if you have you substitute a helicopter for a lightstand). Check out the video below and click the full post to see a short Behind The Scenes video on the making of this latest Nike Ad.

Composite Photographer Joel Grimes Explains HDR Portraits

Joel Grimes is a commercial advertising photographer who is most known for his composite portraits. In his recent interview with [Framed], Joel discusses how he got started with his career, how he uses 16bit HDR images in his workflow, does a full photoshoot, and even shows off his musical talents. The video is long so take your time watching it because he gives a lot of useful tips. I’m trying to persuade Sean Armenta to create an Fstoppers Post Production Tutorial on this type of composite editing so if you have questions leave them in the comments below. [more]

Novum Launches New BorrowLenses.com Website

When someone turns us onto a product or service we really enjoy we like to spread the word. Our friends over at Novum Studios just recently launched the new site design for BorrowLenses.com and it looks great. The Novum team was responsible for the site design you see on Fstoppers.com, and since we are not web designers, they have been instrumental in helping us turn our ideas into working realities. I can’t really say enough about Case Sandberg and his team so if you need any custom wordpress design work check them out. Also check out Borrow Lenses new site especially if you want to test or rent gear for an upcoming project.

The Greatest Photography Halloween Costume Ever!

For some people, Halloween can be a stressful time as you panic to come up with that perfect costume that will impress all your friends and help you score big with the opposite sex. Photographer Tyler Card decide to one up everyone by creating his own lifesize working Nikon D3 which can capture all of his trick or treating fun. Check out the demo below and then head to the full post to see how Tyler made it in his BTS video.

Has iPhone Video Footage Actually Been Used In A Box Office Hit?

In May 2012, Marvel will release the comic superhero movie The Avengers. Some apple fans are suggesting that footage actually in the movie was shot on an Apple Iphone. The Avengers cinematographer Seamus McGarvey was quoted saying,

“The beauty of photography or cinema is that you make every choice based on the content at hand. On The Avengers, I did a couple of shots on the iPhone and they are in the movie. In fact, they are in the trailer! I understand that sometimes there is no choice and you have to go for the cheapest option, but if you are limited for choice, you can still make poignant decisions that will effect the look of the film.”

It’s pretty crazy to think footage from the older iPhone 4 (which only shoots 720) could ever be good enough to mix in with real footage taken on pro cinema cameras. With the amount of preplanning and the huge budgets allowed on these films, would they not just reproduce the scene again and capture it from all angles? I just can’t imagine something happened spontaneously where the cinematographer’s footage from his phone was the best possible footage. What do you guys think? Can anyone identify the footage in the trailer below?

Simple Tips On Getting Great Video Shots On A Slider

Lee’s wedding video A Moving Moment created a lot of discussion about how to get high production shots with minimal gear. The truth of the matter is Lee handheld 90% of the footage and used our favorite slider, The Atlas 10 Slider, for the remaining 10% of the shots. Olivia Tech has recently demoed a knock off slider called the Konova Slider and explains some simple techniques that can really up your video production easily and on a budget. Olivia is also using the main lens Lee used in his video, the Tamron 17-50 2.8 VC, which has the best vibration compensation of any 2.8 lens in this range. If you want the quality of a true Cinevate Slider for a little less money, we have had awesome results using the Cinevate Atlas Pulley System as a fully functioning slider. Just make sure you put a solid ball head on it first!

Jay P Morgan Creates Composite Sports Photo With Rafael Marquez

Jay P Morgan is a commercial photographer out of California who has a history of creating some of the best most educational behind the scenes videos out on the internet (click here to watch tons of them). In this video Jay explains how you can shoot athletes in a studio environment and composite them into any scene easily and effectively. I want you guys to take note of how Jay breaks down his photography approach and offers concise and detailed information about his shoot. If you are interested in winning our Behind The Scenes Contest (and instantly having a studio of your own), you are going to need to explain your process thoroughly and in an interesting manner. Also be sure to check out the full retouching video on Facebook to see how everything was pieced together in post.

Are You Doing Your Best Work? Chase Jarvis Talks About Pushing Yourself

Last week we featured part 1 of ReDefine’s interview with Chase Jarvis. The second half of the interview was just released and Chase talks a little about pushing yourself and being your own biggest critic while at the same time taking all the negativity that comes with being in the spotlight with a grain of salt. Lee and I have seen so many ridiculous comments about photographers and their work here on Fstoppers and other popular websites (heaven knows I’ve taken a few punches myself). In today’s uber web social world, sometimes it seems if you haven’t caused a stir of criticism of some sort then perhaps you haven’t made something profound. It seems as photographers, most of us are driven by creativity and competition but the best competition you should have is with yourself. I hope you guys find Chase’s words encouraging as he reminds everyone that even at the top of your career you are going to face people who question your vision. Stay strong and keep truckin’ because the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you! Goodnight!

Sony’s Stereo 3D Commercial “Two Worlds” Shot At 2500 FPS

The amount of effort that went into Sony’s 3D commercial Two Worlds is pretty unbelievable. I’ve watched this video twice now and still don’t know if I know what I’m seeing. The creative team filmed the actors at 2500 FPS which required more than half a million watts of lighting and some of the largest fabric grids I’ve ever seen. Then using green screen, they filmed tons of slow motion projectiles to help their CGI team in the rendering of the background and moving elements. Because super slow motion video often looks fake even if it’s real, making sense of what is real and what isn’t real in this video is what makes it so interesting to me. Check out the video below and click the full post to see how they created this commercial inspired by the legendary Leonard Cohen.

New Camera Requires You To Throw It In The Air

Awhile back we shared a few videos of photographers intentionally throwing their cameras in the air. Well now the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera actually makes that feat much easier. The new camera allows photographers to create 360 degree images with 36 individual cameras arranged in a buckeyball shape (any organic chemists out there?). Using an accelerometer, the spherical camera takes a photo at the apogee when there is the least amount of movement for surprisingly sharp images. It’s also made of soft collision material which just begs you to throw it at someone’s face or fling it with a water balloon launcher. The whole project is pretty interesting, and you can read more about it on Jonas Pfeil’s website.

Behind The Scenes Of ESPN’s TV Ratings

Now this isn’t your normal behind the scenes video. The guys over at Jess3, a creative agency, were asked by ESPN to create a video that explains how the Nielsen television rating system works. I know it sounds a bit boring but it’s actually pretty interesting to see how it works especially if you’ve ever wondered how in the hell Two and A Half Men is rated as the top tv sitcom on the air for the last several years. Check out the behind the scenes video below on how director Mark Kulakoff created this 70s concept and employed his “2.5D” vision into the final production. Click the full post to watch the final ESPN mini show.

Drone Octocopter Takes $58,000 Red Epic Camera To The Sky

Using drone octocopters to take breathtaking aerial footage is nothing new. But what would the results look like if you could combine a stabilized drone with ultra high def 5K footage from the Red Epic? That’s exactly what OMstudios did with their self proclaimed “OM-copter”. By using the drone, directors can now produce stunning high def and slow mo aerial shots without the high cost of renting an actual helicopter. Of course you have to be able and willing to secure a $58,000 video camera to a remote controlled octocopter in the first place! Check out the OMstudio Vimeo Channel for some great commercials and other video projects.

The OM-Copter gives wings to the Red Epic from omstudios on Vimeo.

Not All GoPro Adventures End All Warm And Fuzzy

We’ve featured tons and tons of extreme videos shot on GoPro Cameras. Usually what makes them exciting is experiencing first hand views of activities you probably won’t participate in yourself. This video has gone viral since it was released yesterday and for good reason. Mountain biker Evan Van Der Spuy probably didn’t see this huge Red Hartebees (an Antelope from southern Africa) charging him as he raced the Albert Falls Dam. Luckily his friend Travis Walker had his GoPro camera rolling and captured this remarkable footage.

Future Versions of Photoshop Can Make Blurry Photos Sharp Again

A new photoshop algorithm featured at the Adobe Max 2011 is almost too good to believe. Somehow engineers have figured out a way to take extremely blurry images (by photographers’ standards at least) and render them sharp and usable with the click of a few buttons. The goal behind this software is not to fix improperly focused images but rather to fix motion blur caused by a shaky camera or a slower shutter. The crowd’s reaction at 1:18 is worth watching this video alone but if this technology ever makes it to future copies of Photoshop then this will no doubt rock the digital world in a way we’ve not seen before.

Fstoppers Is Giving Away An Apple Macbook Air Through Twitter!

Well the title pretty much says it all and you only have 3 day left to enter! Fstoppers is excited to announce a new twitter contest where you can win one of the brand new Apple Macbook Air 11.6″ Notebooks. Click Here for details on how you can enter the Fstoppers twitter contest and win this macbook. Also make sure you enter before the end of October 12th since we are announcing the winner the following day.


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