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I'm a full time professional photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Most of my time is filled shooting weddings and commercial work throughout the east coast. When I'm not shooting or managing Fstoppers, I enjoy playing on the boat, cycling, loud amps and classic guitars, attending church, traveling, and planning the next creative adventure.

Mark Peterman: A Conversation With An Editorial Photographer

In this video from AdoramaTv, Mark Wallace sits down with Mark Peterman to discuss camera gear, location scouting, lighting, and overall creative drive. Mark Peterman is an editorial and commercial photographer from Arizona who has a portfolio that is a bit tough to describe. What really draws me to Mark’s work is his really simple and clean lighting, often natural, along with his use of very muted and subdued colors. I’m sure Mark’s background in graphic design also plays a part in his simple and clean style.

How To Take Pilot Portraits With F18 Fighter Jets

Over the last year, Douglas Sonders has created some excellent behind the scenes videos showing off many of his photo shoots. In this video he takes us onto the tarmac at the Lemoore Naval Air Station in California where Douglas creates some excellent portraits. I wish there was a little more explanation of how he approached some of these images but fortunately there is some written material over on the Douglas Sonders Blog. My initial question is how in the world did he get clearance for this considering the US military is often pretty strict with photography.

F18 Fighter Jet Pilot Portrait Photoshoot – Douglas Sonders Photography from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.

How To Shoot Studio Bridals On Location

A few weeks ago Lee and I went out to Las Vegas to club it up check out WPPI which is the largest wedding convention in the US. While out there we were able to meet quite a few of our readers, check out the new gear at the Photoflex booth, and play with a lot of new photo related toys. One of the photographers we met was Michael Corsentino who teamed up with Photoflex in this behind the scenes video on outdoor bridals. Michael is using the new Photoflex Triton Flash along with an octabank and a stripbox to create some studio style portraits outside.

Behind the Scenes: Unique Bridal Portraits w/ Michael Corsentino and Photoflex from Photoflex on Vimeo.

10 Lighting Setups For Video And Photos

If you were a film student and your professor gave you an assignment requiring you to show a series of different lighting setups, what would you do? John Note and his fellow classmates created a pretty funny video tutorial that shows 10 different lighting setups that you could use in both your films and your still images. If you are a photographer you might not be completely familiar with the power references but you can probably imagine the different ratios if you had to convert them to strobes or speedlights. I have often found in my own photography that simply changing the lighting setup to one which I might normally overlook can really change the story telling element of your photos. Has anyone else tried to reproduce morning light or midnight lighting before?

Ten Lighting Setups from John Note on Vimeo.

A Day Of Tragedy: How You Can Help The People Of Japan

By now you are probably aware of the massive 8.9 earthquake that shook Japan and caused a devastating tsunami. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and those affected by this horrible disaster. If you would like to help in the recovery or in a charitable way, check out a few of the links below. This earthquake was the 5th largest earthquake recorded in modern time and the potential for loss of life is very high.

Connect with missing persons with Google’s Person Finder

Support the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

Donate to the Red Cross

Portfolio Advice From A Getty Professional

Harry How is a sports photographer without any prior photography training. With hard work, determination, and a pressing urge to create images that hold up against his peers’ photographs, Harry now has a career shooting for Getty Images. In this video Harry explains in detail what it takes to make the transition from hobbyist to full time professional and outlines his gear and little tips throughout his own transition into a sports photographer. If you enjoy this type of candid interview, be sure to hit the full post to watch part 2 and part 3 of this video series.

The Faces Behind The Adobe Photoshop Splash Screen

Fstoppers was created in part to help show the faces of the photographers behind the lens and also to give insight on how they approach their photography. But have you ever wondered who the people are behind some of tools and software we use day in an day out? Well Adobe recently released this video featuring many of the names behind their industry standard software Photoshop CS5 as they explained some of the difficulties they faced in the newest update. I’ve always wondered why it often takes longer for the mac version to appear on store shelves than it does the PC version and now I know why.

via PetaPixel

Robert Rodriguez Exposes Kobe Bryant’s Black Mamba

One of my favorite directors is Robert Rodriquez, and I was about to post another great BTS video showcasing his directing skills when I came across this video. Most of this short Nike commercial is shot on green screen but that doesn’t mean that you as a photographer can’t take away something from this big production. I love Robert’s ability to tell a story with wild twists and turns all while sprinkling his films with exciting characters and effects that still bring out the teenager in us all. Click the full post to watch the final Nike Black Mamba short film.

Sony’s Eye Candy: Photography, Video, and Design

While browsing Creative Motion Design’s blog I came across an eye catching ad for Sony’s Bravia series of HDTVs. The complete video directed by Superfad had elements of slow motion, CGI effects, graphic design, animation, and photography. Luckily the good people over Hype Communications put together a make of video on how Superfad and the entire creative team was able to piece together this amazing Sony marketing ad. Below is the behind the scenes video; click on the full post to watch the final product.

A Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot in India

As I’m sitting in the San Diego airport waiting to lose my entire day to layovers and time changes, I finally have some time to catch up on our email account. One video that was submitted to us multiple times was recently featured by our friends over at Strobist and showcases fashion photographer Martin Prihoda. Martin has relocated his business to India where he continues to produce clean and commercial style images for print. In this video he takes us BTS on his December cover for Cosmopolitan India and gives us a great explanation on how hard and soft light can be used as fill to control the transitions in your shadows.

March Photo Contest: Win A Photoflex Starlite QL

Every month here at Fstoppers we run a photo contest that is judged by one of our readers. We’d like to congratulate Julius Koivistoinen for winning the February Fstoppers Forum Photo Contest. Click the previous link to see his winning photograph and watch for his banner at the top of the site to see more of Julius’s work.

As we do every month, the winner of the contest gets to pick the next theme and Julius has chosen “COLLABORATION”. This month’s winner will also win a custom image and website link on the Fstoppers rotating banner above and also a Photoflex Starlite QL constant light which is our goto light for video and shallow depth of field portraits. As always, our contests are judged by the winner of the previous month’s contest so you have to impress Julius not anyone on the Fstoppers Staff. Have fun submitting to the March Fstoppers Forum Contest and good luck to everyone!

A Tour Of Ansel Adam’s Darkroom

One of our readers just emailed us this great video of landscape photographer Ansel Adam’s darkroom. Michael Adams, Ansel’s son, gives us a full tour of Ansel’s home studio and shows some of his prints as well as much of his equipment. I currently have Adam’s Moonrise, Hernandez hanging in my kitchen and it’s really fun to see what the untouched negative looked like before all the dodging and burning. What’s always amazing to me is that these prints were all done before the days of the computer, and every area that was altered had to be done by hand and with extreme precision. If you don’t already own some of Adam’s work, head over to the Ansel Adam’s store and pick up a book or print.

Watch Discovery’s Final Launch From An Airplane

Okay I admit there is nothing really “behind the scenes” in this video but it is just too cool not to post. On Feb 24th, NASA’s Discovery space shuttle launched for the final time and created a lot of media buzz. Most people travel down to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral to watch these amazing launches, but a few lucky passengers flying out of Orlando, Florida experienced the launch like few have ever seen it: 35,000 feet high in a commercial airline! Check out our previous post on NASA’s video coverage of their shuttle launches if you want to see more amazing video of the space program.

How To Build A Full Studio At A Music Festival

If you’ve ever attended a crazy big music or art festival then the thought has probably crossed your mind, “I should probably photograph these interesting characters while I’m here!” While attending the annual free expression festival Burning Man in Nevada, photographer Eric Schwabel decided to build a portable photo studio to capture dramatic portraits of everyone in attendance. His setup consisted of two strip boxes, two Profoto Pro-B2 power packs, and two Profoto Pro-7 heads. Everything was shot on a Mamiya 645 AFD with a DM28 digital back. I must say, I would be a little nervous bringing this sort of gear out to the dusty desert, but then I would have been the guy who missed out on creating such a cool project!

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