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I'm a full time professional photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Most of my time is filled shooting weddings and commercial work throughout the east coast. When I'm not shooting or managing Fstoppers, I enjoy playing on the boat, cycling, loud amps and classic guitars, attending church, traveling, and planning the next creative adventure.

How To Find And Delete Temp Files Caused By Photoshop and Premiere

One of the best upgrades you can make for your computer is installing a solid state hard drive. However, the increase in performance can quickly become hindered as your photo and video production software fills up your drives with temporary files and thumbnails. With the help of WinDirStat you can easily track folders hiding these temp files and take back control over your drives. [more]

Ikea Saudi Arabia Photoshops Women From Catalog

A few weeks ago you may remember Ikea’s attack on product photography. Today news has spread that the Saudi Arabia franchise has photoshopped all females out from catalogs distributed throughout the Islamic nation. Women aren’t the only ones being censored, however, as even glasses of wine have been transformed into less offensive “festive cups”. What does Ikea have to say about the post processing changes found in their catalogs? [more]

Crazy Motion Graphics Created By Burning Steel Wool

We’ve posted about how to photograph steel wool burning before in the past, but watching the process in action is a bit more exciting. Instead of taking photographs with extended shutters, film maker Joey Shanks decided to video the burning metal and edit everything into a motion graphics piece. The results are pretty interesting, and his behind the scenes video explains how the whole process came together.

Forbes $126 Billion Dollar Photograph

If you’ve ever had to photograph a large group of people, you probably understand how difficult it can be to capture every single person looking great. Imagine if that group photo was made up of 12 of the worlds richest Billionaires! That’s what photographer Michael Prince did when he had to photograph the cover of Forbes Magazine during the 400 Summit on Philanthropy back in June. [more]

Nikon D600 Kicks Canon Off DXOMark’s Score Card

As a Nikon user, I remember a time when I envied everything Canon. A few years ago, Canon had the best DSLR video, their cameras were the fastest, and they were the absolute kings of high ISO. Today DxOMark has released their review of the new Nikon D600, and to everyone’s surprise it has the 3rd best overall DSLR sensor in the land (beats the D4). More shocking is not a single Canon camera is in the top 10. Has Canon dropped the ball or is DxOMark unbelievably biased? [more]

Giuliano Bekor’s Merchant 1948 BTS Photo Campaign

Giuliano Bekor is an amazing commercial and advertising photographer based out of Los Angeles. Recently he traveled down to Australia to produce a short editorial film for the clothing company Merchant 1948. The concept involves a set of short films based around the idea of models finding a ton of cash and avoiding the police by flying away in vintage airplanes. As ridiculous as that sounds, Giuliano’s execution makes for a really entertaining editorial spread. [more]

Is The Nikon D600 Priced Too High For Its Features?

If there was one thing that people are unanimously saying about Nikon’s new D600 “budget” full frame camera, it’s that the price is entirely too high. No matter which blog you read, it seems everyone cannot believe the MSRP of $2,099.95. But are these claims valid? Does Nikon’s smallest full frame DSLR really lack the features that professionals desire? In the full post I’ll tell you why I just bought two of these cameras and why the price seems just right. [more]

CreativeLIVE’s Fashion Week With Matthew Jordan Smith and Yoanna House

Each week creativeLIVE has unbelievable live content that you can stream for free. Starting today through Sept 15th, creativeLIVE will host one of Fstoppers’ most featured photographers Matthew Jordan Smith. Matthew is an acclaimed fashion photographer, and he has brought along America’s Next Top Model winner Yoanna House to talk about everything that goes on in the fashion industry. For more information about this week’s entire event, read the full post. [more]

Fstoppers Is Looking For A Website Administrator, Apply Here

As many of you have seen over the last 5 days, Fstoppers.com has had a few hiccups. We had a malware scare earlier last week and our site has been in an out of blacklisting with Google and a few antivirus software companies. It’s been the most aggravating thing we’ve ever had to deal with and we appreciate all the patience you guys have had as we continue to make changes to our server and security. We are looking for someone who can help us with the site when problems like these arise; if that sounds like you, we want you to apply! [more]

Are College Graduates Unprepared As Photographers?

One question most aspiring photographers ask is “should I get a degree in photography before starting my business?” Maybe a better question is does going to college actually prepare you for a career in photography? A recent article published by Kiplinger suggests that Film and Photography students (as well as graphic designers) are ill prepared in finding paying jobs upon graduation. [more]

Amazing Slow Motion Video Of Subway Passengers

Adam Magyar is a conceptual photographer who is best known for his breathtaking series Urban Flow. In his newest project, Stainless, Adam has stitched together multiple high speed photographs of passing subway trains capturing awesome detail of urban commuters. The above video is a brilliant and clever marketing piece for the Stainless series (which can be seen here). I’m not sure what camera he used to turn 12 seconds into 8 minutes of HD footage but the results are memorizing. [more]

Free Online Wedding Workshop: 
Location, Posing, Execution

People often ask me “what is the most difficult part of shooting weddings?” One challenge I face at every wedding is having to pose the bride and groom in less than flattering sunlight or in a less than perfect location. Wedding photographer Roberto Valenzuela is tackling this very issue during his creativeLIVE workshop. Robert’s free-to-watch workshop will air September 6-8th and you can ask him anything live through webchat. [more]

How To Use Photoshop For Focus Stacking Multiple Images

One problem photographers face when focusing on objects extremely close to the camera’s lens is the depth of field can become quite shallow. Even if you shoot at f22, your lens simply can’t keep everything from 1 foot to infinity sharp and in focus. Gavin Hoey has released an incredibly helpful tutorial on how you can use “image stacking” in photoshop to create images that have much more depth of field than normal. If you are a landscape photographer or shoot tricky subjects like interiors or macro still life, stacking images for maximum sharpness can be a lifesaver. [more]

The Business of Beauty Photography With Sue Bryce

One of the most popular fields of photography is glamour or beauty photography. Everyone wants great photos of themselves looking attractive and most photographers enjoy capturing people at their best. Sue Bryce’s before and after photos show just how big a difference a pro photographer can make in bringing out the best out of someone. This whole week she is hosting two free workshops over at creativeLIVE. Today and Tuesday Sue is teaching Working With Hair & Makeup and on August 29 – 31 she will be teaching Inside The Glamour Studio. [more]

Are The Interior Photographer’s Days Numbered? IKEA Says Yes

In my opinion, one of the most difficult fields of photography falls on the shoulders of interior photographers. If you’ve ever tried to photograph a well designed interior space you know how tough it can be. Furniture superstore IKEA produces more than 208 million catalogs a year, and over 12% of those photographs are not even photographs at all. IKEA has found a way to produce compelling digital renders of their rooms that look exactly like naturally lit photographs. [more]

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