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I'm a full time professional photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Most of my time is filled shooting weddings and commercial work throughout the east coast. When I'm not shooting or managing Fstoppers, I enjoy playing on the boat, cycling, loud amps and classic guitars, attending church, traveling, and planning the next creative adventure.

[Behind The Scenes] Fashion Photographer Melissa Rodwell’s Kurv Magazine Shoot

Fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell has become a good friend of ours over the years. The New York based photographer lives and breathes fashion photography, and as you can see with her images it really shows. The self proclaimed “photographer who does not own a digital camera” teamed up with Kurv magazine to produce some very exotic fashion images. As with most fashion images, the retouching is pretty important with interesting [more]

[Crazy Deals] Sandisk 32GB Memory Cards On Sale Today Only

What’s that? You need twice as much memory now for your crazy large Nikon D800 RAW files? But those 32GB Memory Cards are so expensive you say. Well today only 32GB SD and Compact Flash Cards are on sale at some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen (and no rebate forms to deal with). This is great news after shooting my first wedding with the Nikon D4 and D800 and realizing single 32 gig cards aren’t cutting it anymore. Don’t say we didn’t warn you if you miss out on this deal! [more]

[Last Chance] Win Pocket Wizard Plus IIIs And The Art Behind The Headshot

Earlier this month we announced a contest where we are giving away 3 Pocketwizard Plus III units and a copy of Peter Hurley’s The Art Behind The Headshot ($700 value). We are entering in the final week of the contest so be sure to hit the full post to read how you can enter. We will pick a random winner May 1st and make the announcement here on Fstoppers. Good luck to everyone who enters; someone is going to be pretty excited next week! [more]

[Fstoppers Original] What Is Lens Diffraction And When Does Diffraction Happen?

If you are like me then you might not always get caught up in some of the super technical aspects of photography. One aspect of photography I recently investigated was the loss of sharpness caused by Diffraction. Last night while playing with the new Nikon D800 camera I examined lens diffraction and how diffraction can seriously affect the sharpness of your photography. [more]

[Images] These Lego Tilt Shift Rooms Almost Look Real!

One of the tried and true techniques to making normal photographs stand out is to use a tilt shift lens and “miniaturize” your subject matter. Brazilian photographer Valentino Fialdini decided to put a unique spin on this lens trick and make the miniature world look lifesize. Using his tilt shift lens, Valentino was able to increase the depth of field in these tiny Lego rooms to make them look like normal building interiors. The illusion was accomplished by [more]

[FStoppers Review] Atomos Ninja External Recorder With Nikon D800

There is no doubt that Nikon and Canon are putting a lot of effort in creating better video features in their flagship DSLR cameras. One of the most talked about new features has been Nikon’s clean, uncompressed 1080p output from the camera’s HDMI connector. Both the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4 DSLR cameras allow for this feature, but we’ve wondered just how useful are these new uncompressed files? We decided to test the new Atomos Ninja 1080p external recorder to see if these 12x larger files gave us better image quality for our own video projects. [more]

[Travel] How To Make A Viral Video With Someone Else’s Money

Casey Neistat is a great film maker that you may remember for his Peanut Butter Lid Lens Hack. Recently he was hired by Nike to create something interesting for their Nike + Fuel Band. The story goes that instead of making a traditional commercial, Casey took Nike’s budget and traveled around the world until it was all spent. He filmed his 10 day escapade and produced the following video. Even if the Nike story was staged, it’s still a pretty inspiring video made by an incredible budget film maker.

[Education] Mark Wallace Is Coming To A City Near You

Most of you know Mark Wallace as the face behind Adorama TV. He’s a very accomplished photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona and we recently were able to share some drinks with him when we filmed Blair Bunting’s Aventador video. Mark gave us a little glimpse about his 2012 Workshop Tour and now the details are finally able to be revealed. If you are a fan of Mark, which we hope you are, click the full post to hear about his new 7 city tour! [more]

[Studio Lighting] Could This Be The Best Light For The Photo Studio?

As photographers, we are always in search of that new unique lighting modifier to add to our bag of tricks. I recently saw this video on Strobist where Amber Gray claims her Broncolor Para FB could actually reduce the amount of post production on her models. That statement seemed a bit bold when I first heard it; usually I credit a great makeup artist for awesome skin texture rather than a specific light. I’ve never used a ring flash [more]

[Comical] Which Camera Is The Best: D800 or 5D Mark III

The web is abuzz with comparison articles on which $3000 DSLR camera is the best bang for the buck. Kevin Good with CrisisLab recently did a side by side comparison of the Canon 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800 in several real world tests. His tests include Resolution, Rolling Shutter, High ISO Test, and Durability. Each test was conducted to the highest of standards and perhaps might be the most scientific review I’ve seen yet. Now off to Craigslist to find me some models! [more]

[Support] Ben Von Wong’s Behind The Scenes European Challenge

We get a lot of Kickstarter projects emailed to us and sometimes they are interesting and other times they look like a desperate plea for money. We usually don’t feature such projects but today I’m making an exception. Benjamin Von Wong has been featured on Fstoppers probably more than anyone else. This year he plans to goto Europe to produce inspiring photoshoots but at the same time film informative behind the scenes videos. Hopefully this post will [more]

[Behind The Scenes] Michael Burnett Explains How To Photograph Skateboarders

So many behind the scenes videos we come across are nothing more than boring, overly glamorized music videos. Skateboard photographer Michael Burnett‘s latest video is anything but boring. Anyone who has photographed extreme or counter culture sports know that there are certain rules to be broken…and certain rules that must be followed. Michael goes through a ton of great skateboard photographs and explains what makes some stand out while others get lost in the mix. So grab your fisheye lens, a few speedlights on stands, and put yourself in harm’s way! [more]

[Resolution Test] How Does The Nikon D800 Compare To Medium Format?

Perhaps no DSLR camera has caused such a stir as Nikon’s new 36mp DSLR camera. Not only does it provide the most megapixels of any compact DSLR yet, but it also falls below the $3,000 mark! But the question everyone has is “can a small 35mm sensor really come close to the quality of a large medium format camera?” The guys over at DSLR Magazine put the Nikon D800 up against the Hasselblad H4D-40, Leica S2, and Sigma SD1 to find out. The results will most certainly shock you! [more]

[Deals] Major Photography Rebates Are Coming To An End

Everyone knows that Rebates come and go. Right now however many companies have substantial rebates on some of their top gear. The bad news is apparently a lot of these rebates are coming to an end on April 1st (no joke here). We recently got a phone call from the guys at BH Photo, and I’ve combined all the major deals into one post. If you are in need of some new lenses, cameras, or computer storage, be sure to check out the full post. [more]

[BTS] Anna Sui’s One Light Fashion Shoot With Sanchez & Mongiello

If you enjoy looking at fashion images, then the photography duo Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello should be on your radar. They are ranked as among the top fashion photographers on Model.com and it’s easy to see how their work stands out within one of the most saturated fields of photography. In their latest campaign shoot for clothing designer Anna Sui, Sanchez and Mongiello have one of the simplest lighting setups ever: just a single gridded Profoto head. [more]

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