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Hey everyone! My name is Pratik Naik and I am a high end retoucher and a personal retouching teacher (www.retouchingclasses.com).You may have seen my work in magazines like ELLE, Marie Claire, GQ, and Zink to name a few. I’ve been working with Photoshop for over 10 years now and love every aspect of the photography industry.Traveling is another passion of mine. My 1 on 1 retouching classes take me all over the world and I never get tired of it.Aside from my love of all things photography and Photoshop, I enjoy writing and blogging about some of the best content on the web. If you have any questions at all, feel free to connect with me via the social media links above in the title. I would love to hear from you!

[Game] Color – A Color Matching Game That Tests Your Vision And Knowledge

Color, a simple yet addicting game that will test your patience and vision. In the industry, we deal with color all the time. Everything from shooting to dealing with calibrating screens, color plays a huge role in what we do. The game runs through varying level of difficulty, starting with hue, saturation, complementary colors, and goes up from there. It’s very easy to play but hard to master.  [more]

[Pics] A Visual Series Encompassing The Love For Literature

Photographer Joel Robison, also known as Boy Wonder, expresses a love for literature with this series. It’s a visual representation of being lost in a novel. He includes his love for coffee and brings it all together in the end. What else could be better than getting lost in your favorite novel with a great cup of your favorite beverage? These pictures remind us of that feeling so well.  Now I suddenly feel like reading again.  [more]

[Pics] Intriguing And Classic Shots From Photographer Rodney Smith

Photographer Rodney Smith cannot be defined by any set of words no matter how much anyone tries. This Yale graduate is not just intelligent, he is also an artist. “He’s adamantly analog”. There’s a definite level of intrigue when you take a look through some of his work. Forget about words, check out a brief collection of his work. Although a number of you may be familiar with his work, for those of you who are not, you’re in for something special.  [more]

[Video] This Video Was Created Entirely In Photoshop! (Yes, Video)

The Photoshop team rolled out a video which showcases some of the direction which Adobe intends to go in the future. It was shot and then edited entirely in a future version of Photoshop. Though the video itself is pretty standard, it’s a glimpse of what’s to come. Do you believe that Adobe should keep video editing separate from Photoshop? We want to hear your thoughts.  [more]

[Pictures] Unbelievable Macro Shots Taken Inside Instruments

These images are absolutely unique in the way they’re taken. They were taken for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra for their print campaign. The images show the insides of a violin, cello, flute, and pipe organ. The tight spaces of these instruments appear grand and spacious considering the true nature of their space.  [more]

[Video] The Most Beautiful Airplane Videography You Might Ever See

Only a few times have I ever questioned what I’m doing with my life. This video makes me wonder why I am not pursuing this. This is a remixed trailer of a movie called Les Chevaliers du Ciel, which means, Sky Fighters. Whatever the name, this video showcases some of the cleanest and most captivating footage I’ve seen from the skies. Owe it to yourself to get lost in this visual feast.


[Humor] A Before And After Of The Photoshop Involved In Magazine Covers

With a lot of the recent Photoshop screwups we’ve all seen in the media, people have been asking us what some of the before shots look like and what post processing goes into a cover photo. We’ll, here it is.


[Pics] ‘Ant Tales’ – Unbelievable Pictures Of Ants Depicting Fantasy Based Scenarios

I feel like I just witnessed an entire Pixar feature film through these set of fantastic images! In the appropriately titled, ‘Ant Tales’, Photographer Andrey Pavlov created this set using real ants to create a fantasy scenario of what it would be like to be an ant. You can’t afford to miss seeing these intricate photographs. [more]

[Review] An In-Depth Look At The Brand New Wacom Intuos5

The next evolution on the Intuos line is here with the Intuos5. After our initial first impressions, we decided to take a closer look at this tablet, along with a comparative look at what changes Wacom has made from the Intuos4. With this review, you’ll be able to get a full undisclosed look at one of the best tablets to date.


[Pics] Manipulated Photos Of Notable Historic Figures Before The Digital Era (Before And After Images)

Manipulating photos happened way before Photoshop was around. This series shows before and afters of famous and notable figures before the digital era began. Truly fascinating, you can’t help but wonder what level of dedication it took to make these happen.   [more]

[First Impressions] Our First Thoughts Of The Wacom Intuos5 Tablet

To our surprise, Wacom was generous enough to send us one of their brand new Intuos5 graphic tablets to review. If you missed the press release, check it out here. We were elated to get out hands on the next version of the popular Intuos line to test out so soon! We also have a set of unboxing pictures below for you to check out. Although we will have a full detailed review soon, here is our first impressions of the Intuos5.  [more]

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