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I'm a fashion portraitist living in Atlanta Georgia. I have a BFA in photography from the Art Institute of Atlanta as well as a Masters degree in Commercial Photography from Savannah's College of Art and Design. I am an Adobe Certified Expert in both Lightroom and Photoshop, and a nice guy who hates long walks on the beach. So feel free to get in touch with any questions or thoughts through the above linky links! I am not here for dating purposes...

Let Me Throw You A Curve and Get You Away from Prepackaged Presets

The hottest trend nowadays is Photoshop presets. Presets to mimic the look of films past, to add a bit of editorial edge to those mundane studio shots, or to just expedite the editing process. Many companies have come out with pre-packaged presets, treatments, and plugins to help users reach a new level of creativity. [more]

Game of Thrones Season 3 – Behind the SFX curtain

I’m sure if you’re reading this you are a Game of Thrones fan just like me!  Spin VFX has put together an amazing peek behind the visual wizardry that they do for the HBO series. Sometimes you will see some poor visual effects take you out of the experience, but this video is a  study in how to do it right. [more]

A Guide to Working With Modeling Agencies: Part 2

Alright, So you’ve made it past the hard part, making contact and getting the ok from the agency to work with their talent (As discussed in Part 1).  Now what?  Well now you book your first model!


34 Ways to Stay Creative

A while back I was struggling with a creative impasse in my work.  I wasn’t inspired by anything, and really wasn’t motivated to do anything related to photography.  So I did what any self-respecting creative would do. I asked Google to help! What it gave me was a poster that listed 33 ways to stay creative!  I have no idea who created this nugget of amazing, or where it was originally posted; if you know, fill me in because this person deserves some major credit! [more]

A Guide to Working With Modeling Agencies: Part 1

If you are into photographing people, the idea of working with professionals has probably been on the agenda at some point in your career. Whether an editorial photographer, fashion and beauty shooter, or just someone who likes creating awesome fantasy composites, the use of professional models will invariably improve your work.  So how do we go about working with these gatekeepers of the people photography industry?

I’m glad you asked!


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