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I am a photographer born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I photograph action sports, portraits, landscapes, and weddings, I am living life and photographing it as I go. Feel free to add me on facebook and go check out my portfolio.

Watch This BTS Of An Editorial Photoshoot

Check out a BTS editorial shoot with Brandon Hill. When i first started watching this video I was not expecting a solid finished product, but i quickly ate my own words after seeing the final photos. From looking at the images on the camera to the final product it is evident that Brandon, or a retoucher, did an excellent job in post. It is interesting how adding a different BG color can make the image come alive. It’s also apparent that Brandon knows his light ratios very well. These portraits only being done with 2 softboxes is quite impressive. That rim light has just enough kick to separate it, but still have plenty of detail in it, a very delicate ratio. [more]

The Alluring Work Of Michael Tarasov [NSFW]

When shooting a photograph, aside from the technical aspects I believe the most important roll of portrait photography is what are you trying to convey to your audience. What mood are you setting? Whether it be comical, tragic, romantic, ect… This is important since you are essentially telling a story with someone’s actions or expressions.(This is probably why we are all drawn to B&W shots of homeless people).By using light, shape, color, or movement of the body we can emphasize these expressions. [more]

Learn How To Composite Like A Pro

I’m sure by now most of you have tried to attempt a composite. I know when I first started to piece them together I was left with what could only be described as a cheesy mess that should not even be called a photograph. There are so many intricate details that go into making a believable composite. Perspective, color matching, how good a selection you made,ect… all play a important role in having a finished product. After several failed attempts at composites I gave up. Then I came across this tutorial. It gave me hope that maybe I can make a believable composite. [more]

Beautiful Fine Art Portraits

Raphael Guarino is a brilliant fine art photographer from Grafenau, Germany. Ive always been a fan of simplicity, and I think Raphael does a great job of exploiting that. Although most of his work is shot on a black background and lit with what seems to be one light source, he really seems to grab your attention with such subtle new nuances. I hope you enjoy his work as much as i do. [more]

The Captivating Fine Art Work Of Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki Koentjoro has quite the delicate eye for black and white fine art photography. His images have such a subtle and simple subject matter yet to me are very powerful. I would guess most of these images were shot on film due to the organic nature and grain to them. “He acquired his knowledge of multimedia production at brooks institute of photography, Santa Barbara, California, USA. Majoring in video production with minoring in fine art of photography, he graduated in 1991. Photography is not just a way of expressing his most inner soul but also creating a window to the world where through his pictures the unseen and the unspoken can be grasped. [more]

The Ethereal Landscape Work Of Alexandre Deschaumes

Alexandre Deschaumes is a self taught french photographer. These photographs take place in the French Alps, Austria, Iceland and Patagonia.
“When I am in nature, the environment makes me feel humble about all that surrounds me, opening a new abstract door of inspiration, making me very grateful about these fantastic benefits. And the most important aspect that i like about the abstract photography quest is that when I am in nature, I feel home and I feel alive.” [more]

The Beautiful 150 Year Old Craft Of Tinytype

Matt Morris has created this wonderful short documentary about Harry Taylor and his passion.”After a personal tragedy, Harry discovered a passion for the 150-year-old craft of tintype photography”. His outlook on photography is very fascinating. Dabling between digital and tintype Harry has found that working with the tintype process much more rewarding. [more]

BTS With Forever 21

Ever been curious about what goes into making the pictures for fashion ads like Forever 21? Check out these behind the scenes videos from Chris Hunt. There definitely is a lot that goes into these photographs, from set builders to make up artists and stylists. For the first video the light set up seem relatively simple, with what appears to be a 3 alien bees( two large umbrellas and a grided beauty dish). For the second video it appears they are using natural light with some big reflectors. [more]

Ian Ruhter’s American Dream

From the guy who brought you silver and light, Ian Ruhter brings you American Dream. Not only are the unique images he creates breath taking, but the stories behind them are incredibly inspirational. I believe this is one of the truest forms of photography, from creating each one of a kind image by hand, and by looking at these portraits you feel as if you know the individual that’s in the photograph. To Ian it is not about making money in photography, it is about the pursuit of happiness, and he goes about this through the camera he made and his journeys that make these images. [more]

Justin Bettman’s Dark Series

Take a look at these inspirational photographs from Justin Bettman’s Dark series. I have been following Justin for awhile now and love the work he produces. What i really admire about his images are the stories they tell. It seems a lot of photographers go for similar styles and the photography starts to blend together and become homogeneous, Justin definitely breaks that mold. I was able to talk to Justin about about his Dark series and what all goes into producing some of these astounding photos. [more]

Hyperlapse Of China

Check out this awesome hyperlapse shot in the colorful cities of China. I really enjoy how he starts off with short clips to give you a feel of the environment in real time, then moves from day to night. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching timelapses. Go to Zweizwei’s vimeo to watch more of his work. [more]

Color Blind Landscape Photographer

Check out these stunning landscapes shot by a color blind photographer. Kilian Schönberger is a 28 year old photographer from Germany who can’t distinguish green and red, leaving him color blind. It appears that most of these were shot in Iceland. I can’t imagine some of the hiking and backbacking that has to be done to achieve some of these shots, but they are well worth it. Kilian shoots with a 5D Mark II and uses a 24mm TSE II lens. [more]

Beautiful B&W’s Created With 16 Stops of ND Filters

When I first started to get into photography i came across Joel Tjintjelaar’s work. It was because of him I bought a 10 stop ND filter. Joel creates these masterpieces by using B+W ND110 & ND106 filters, and in most of his new work he is stacking the two filters to achieve 16 stops. By doing this most of his exposures are 5 to 10 minutes long. Joel uses a Canon 7D, a variety of lenses, and Lightroom 3.0, PS CS5, Silver Efex Pro 2 for post process. [more]

Photographing Death: Tragedies Turned Into Art

As I started to get into photography I’ve always been curious about the many different fields and who would want to shoot them. Sara Sudhoff has an interesting outlook on death and how we are affected by it, so she decided to exploit that interest through photography. Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley follow photographer Sara Sudhoff as she works on her series titled At the Hour of Our Death. In the series Sudhoff creates large-scale color photographs of stained fabrics from trauma scenes and discusses the invisibility of death in our culture. [more]

Portrait: A Documentary Insatgram vs Professional

Andy Newman created this intriguing documentary that explores the question “In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart. In this film, photographer Andria Lindquist and web designer/ professional instagramer Cory Staudacher talk about their outlook on photography and how it has impacted their life. Two points I couldn’t agree more on is how Cory talks about how important sharing your work and building a community is, and Andria talks about following your heart and continue to do what makes you truly happy. [more]

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