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I'm a wedding photographer based out of Arizona but my passport has stamps all over the world at places I have been able to travel to and shoot. When I am not shooting weddings I love to teach other photographers through a series of workshops I have taught in Australia, Cancun, and numerous other locations. My passion is helping build the photography community so we all can encourage one another and grow together. Been married 12 years and together my wife and I have 5 kids. Yep 5!

Victoria’s Secret Revealed – Unretouched vs. Retouched Photos

A few months back Victoria’s Secret accidentally released a dozen unretouched photos from a shoot with supermodel Doutzen Kroes. We shared those images in a post on Fstoppers and it caught the attention of many of you. The retouched versions of those same photos are now out. Let’s compare the results!  [more]

BTS Video from Most Anticipated Movie of the Year, Les Misérables

After all the presents have been unwrapped Christmas morning, many will be hitting the theaters to see the highly anticipated Les Miserables. Checkout the behind the scenes video to see how this film will be groundbreaking from all the rest in how they record the audio and read on to see some astounding portraits that were captured for the movie posters.  [more]

GoPro HERO3 Launches at Midnight With Impressive Specs


It’s official, the GoPro HERO3 is now out for sale and she looks powerful. CEO Nick Woodman announced the new HERO3 as the smallest, lightest, most powerful way to document your life. If that is not enough it is also Wi-Fi enabled and can capture 4k video (4,000 pixels) at 12 frames per second and 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second. (Picking jaw off the floor!) Read on to hear more about this radical new camera.  [more]

Asian Superhero in Waterfalls with 400mm

Benjamin Von Wong is at it again putting together a first-rate behind the scenes video of his recent shoot at Albion Falls that combined an Asian Superhero character, freezing cold water, levitation without Photoshop and the 400mm/2.8G lens. You’ve got to see these photos.  [more]

Fascinating Photos of Digital Body Painting – NSFW

Digital artist/photographer Wojciech Magierski [ website | facebook ] and photographer Jakub Dziedzic collaborated together on a shoot to create a mind bending series of photographs done with digital body painting. Simple concept with amazing results.  [more]

Detailed BTS Video of Powder Shoot

Inspired by Thomas David Photography’s shoot earlier this year, CEB Imagery decided to put together a “Dance Powder” photo shoot and filmed a detailed behind the scenes video to “pay it forward.” The video is well done as he explains the setup, process, tips, what he learned and even shows his first few photos which he humorously captioned, “WTF YO? That sucked.”  [more]

Beautiful Fashion Series by Joanna Kustra

While perusing the internet this morning I came upon the recent fashion shoot of Joanna Kustra and caught myself staring for minutes marveling at the gorgeous shots and beautiful lighting. The shoot titled, Misty Dream, was a beauty editorial assignment for Factice Magazine. From watching the behind the scenes video I gather she is shooting with a Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens using Calumet lighting and shooting through a 48″ Octobox. [more]

It’s Worldwide Photo Walk Day

Put your walking shoes on, it’s Worldwide Photo Walk Day. Started by Scott Kelby 5 years ago, this year’s photo walk already has over 32,000 photographers registered to attend 1338 different photo walks all over the world. Interested? Check out www.worldwidephotowalk.com for more information about walks in your area and sign-up to join them.  [more]

The Photography Community Lost a Special Person Today

Photographers woke up this morning to hear that Jen Burgess Thompson passed away peacefully this morning. Jen was courageous enough to share her battle with the community over the last year as we all grew to love her. Jessica Person said it best this morning, “…the photography world watched a courageous photographer, woman and mother battle cancer. She was victorious. She didn’t lose her battle with cancer this morning, she sailed into victory.” [more]

Water Wigs Using High Speed Photography

Back in August we featured Tim Tadder‘s series of water wig shots using bald guys. Well Tim is back and this time his impressive series of shots are done with women in latex. Does it get better! Actually as Tim explains the latex fit well as it went with the futuristic fashion shoot concept and allowed them to easily wipe dry after each shot. Red Bull was also on site with a Phantom camera to capture the entire shoot behind the scenes. The movie will be released soon and we look forward to seeing it as I am sure many of you are as well.  [more]

Facebook Changes Trouble Business Page Owners

Recently Facebook made some changes to it’s Edgerank algorithm and in so doing, without warning might have just killed your reach on your posts by 50% or more. I witnessed the change when on October 4th I posted an album from a shoot and expected the current expected reach of 3000-4000 views but after 24 hours the album had only 86 total views. I was quite concerned by the news and thought at first it must have been a glitch before actually discovering Facebook had changed things up yet again and business page owners are in an uproar about it. I’ll share my experience below, some interesting finds and what I am doing about it to continue reaching my fans. [more]

Step by Step – Photo Composite by Adrian Sommeling

Photographer / digital artist Adrian Sommeling‘s portfolio is chock-full of the type of photos that make you think, “How did he do that?” Fortunately for all of us Adrian is willing to share the secret sauce. He has been creating videos of his work in Photoshop demonstrating each step and how he composites the shots together to create one final shot. Truly inspiring. [more]

BTS Video of Incredible Maternity Shoot by Simeon Quarrie

Here at Fstoppers we have featured the fascinating talent of Simeon Quarrie before as he takes what could be an ordinary shoot and turns it into the extraordinary. Back in July we featured his behind the scenes video of a pre-wedding shoot staged in the rain and in May we shared with you how he goes above and beyond to put together a finished video product the same day that the clients can watch during the wedding reception. Today, I was fascinated yet again while watching the behind the scenes video of Simeon on a maternity shoot. [more]

Fearless Jaleel King: Against All Odds

Every so often we all need to refill our motivational gas tank to keep us going. This 4-minute video of photographer Jaleel King (website / facebook) will do just that for you. King’s story of death, losing everything and finding life is sure to inspire you. Big thank you to Mike Allebach (website / facebook) for putting the video together so we can all be inspired by Jaleel’s story.  [more]

Amazing Free Textures for Instagram’ers

For those of you out there who love creating art with your cell phone and using Instagram to share it – I got a great freebie for you! A few weeks back I wrote a feature article highlighting the work of photographer/digital artist Merek Davis. The guy is insanely talented and in addition to creating art on his camera and computer he has also been stunning Instagram users all over the world with the art he has been creating on his phone. As a big thank you to all of those that support him there he has put together a couple packs of free textures (Mextures) to share with everyone.  [more]

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