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I'm a wedding photographer based out of Arizona but my passport has stamps all over the world at places I have been able to travel to and shoot. When I am not shooting weddings I love to teach other photographers through a series of workshops I have taught in Australia, Cancun, and numerous other locations. My passion is helping build the photography community so we all can encourage one another and grow together. Been married 12 years and together my wife and I have 5 kids. Yep 5!

The Best Awkward Photos of Couples

The internet sensation AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com has collected some of their favorite awkward photos of couples submitted to their site. Being that today is Valentines, what better day to share some of these hilarious pictures. From the over the top poses, choice locations or the exchange of ungraceful kisses this set, which contains some of my favorites, delivers quite the punch. [more]

Posing for Passion and Purpose by Marvell Smith

Utah’s photographer of the year, Marvell Smith did a presentation in front of the Utah County SMUG group about posing and gave some great golden nuggets that all of us can apply to our own work. The video quality is not the best but the information is extremely useful and worth checking out. Smith, of Vellvet Images, has a way of working with couples that create pictures that tell stories. A true professional! If you want to jump ahead to get right to the section about posing start the video about 30 minutes in. [more]

Photographer Plans To Shoot 50 Weddings In One Day With His iPhone

Is this really the hip thing to do these days? Why is it that I keep reading headlines like this of wedding photographers turning to their iPhone versus their camera gear? I get that it’s trendy, and within seconds (with no Photoshop needed) you can add a grunge effect with an Instagram filter and have it posted online. But seriously… *shakes head*


Use This Tool To Analyze Your Social Network

Have you ever be interested seeing just how much information Facebook has on you? What if there was a tool that could take that information and turn it into an easy to read visual display? How about finding out what words you use most in your posts? (Mine happened to be “one” “shoot” and “wedding”) Find out who you share the most friends with? And lots more data that is quite intriguing. All this can be discovered through a new tool offered by Wolfram|Alpha. [more]

Camera Sutra T-Shirt in High Demand

Camera Sutra is a tale of love between a photographer and his camera. This witty shirt was designed by Trey Ratcliff, HDR phenom of the site StuckInCustoms.com, and is being sold on his site store. About the shirt Ratcliff said, “We don’t take ourselves too seriously around here… occasionally we seem to find ourselves in embarrassing positions with our tripods, so we thought it best to consult the hallowed ancient tome of the Camera Sutra and make a t-shirt out of it.” Read on to see all the named positions. [more]

Ram Renews Idea From YouTube For Captivating Super Bowl Commercial

Now that the Superbowl is behind us we can all start talking about the best commercials we saw. All over social media it seems the one that got the big win for the night was the excellent commercial from Dodge truck with photos of farmers. Great commercial indeed… but did you know that it was inspired by an idea posted to YouTube back in 2011 by Farms.com. I have shared them both below. [more]

Shooting Star Videos – A Valuable Resource for Wedding Photographers

One of my favorite books is Love Is A Killer App by Tim Sanders. In it we read that business love is “the act of intelligently and sensibly sharing your intangibles (knowledge, network, and compassion) with your bizpartners.” One person who exemplifies this concept perfectly is Jasmine Star and her series of videos called Shooting Star. The videos are full of great advise for new as well as experienced wedding photographers ready to learn new tips that will help them grow their business. [more]

Is Sal Cincotta Right About His Stink With Miller’s Lab

Wedding photographer Sal Cincotta voiced his opinion on Facebook today about Miller Lab’s launching a new line of albums using the word “Signature” in the title. Apparently Cincotta has a wedding album line that goes by a similar name, Signature Collection Albums, and he feels that there will now be “confusion in the market place.” Read below what Cincotta posted on his Facebook page and voice your own opinion in the comments. Do you think Miller’s was out to copy Cincotta or is “Signature” a generic enough word anyone should be able to use it.  [more]

BTS Shoot – Inflatable Cat Unicorn Horn

Here at Fstoppers we love sharing behind the scenes photo shoots with our readers so we can all learn and grow together. Every so often we come across one that while it could have been executed better is still worth sharing. Such is the case with the recent commercial shoot for the McPhee Inflatable Unicorn Horn for cats. I can gather from the video that it is best to shoot unicorn’ed cats against a white seamless, using Pocket Wizards to fire your lights and a number of cat petting assistants. Big props go out to the audio mixer on the video as well. Enjoy! [more]

Using Drones Without FAA Approval for Photos or Video is Illegal

In the last 12 months I have seen a number of new unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as drones) entering the market with the ability to capture video or photos. It has been something that I have been quite interested in and have intently researched buying one. However my latest findings have convinced me to wait a few more years before I make a purchase as now I realize they are illegal and the FAA can issue large fines and even shut you down if you are caught operating one for your business. Read on to learn more. [more]

Powerful Story Telling with Photography and Video

Sue Bryce, Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year, teamed up with the extremely talented Hailey Bartholomew to tell the powerful story of one girl’s love story and her battle with breast cancer. It’s a very moving story and definitely worth watching. I love seeing the way creatives are using their talents to bless the lives of others and share stories that the world needs to hear about. This story of Jill Brzezinski-Conley is one everyone should take some time to watch and share today.

Give Your Social Media a Good Ass Kicking

Websites such as Twitter and Facebook can be extremely powerful tools for our businesses however most of us are using them all wrong. Over the years we have continued to pile on layer after layer of distractions that in the end leave us feeling guilty of even trying to use social media. We walk away feeling like we wasted our time. It’s time to regain control of these tools and use them for good to connect, be inspired and market ourselves. Read on to learn some valuable tips that have been real game changers for me.  [more]

Favorite Android Apps For My Photography Business

When smart phones first started gaining in popularity I was one of those who insisted I didn’t need one. I was quite satisfied with my flip phone and the ability I had to send a text message every once in awhile even if it took three presses of the number 7 to get the letter “S.” When I finally made the leap to the smart phone a couple years ago I realized it was probably the single most valuable tool in my life for productivity, business, learning and entertainment. I wanted to share with our readers the 48 android apps I use most often and hear about your favorites in the comments below. [more]

Colgate’s Clever Advertising Campaign

Last summer Colgate teamed up with Y&R Brazil to create some clever advertisements for their line of dental floss. Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals took the pics but what really stands out is the creative direction the campaign took which was led by Rui Branquinho and Flavio Casarotti. Read on to see how they cleverly make you realize just how important dental floss is when it comes to personal hygiene.  [more]

Is Anyone Still Using Instagram?

After the brutal beat down that Instagram received when it changed it’s Terms of Service, some questioned if the company would be able to survive the deep decline of users that were jumping ship. A few weeks later and Instagram is finally responding to some of these accusations releasing their user numbers and surprisingly they are actually witnessing growth rather than decline. The company released numbers that shows at last count over 90 million users are actively using the service posting over 40 million photos a day.  [more]

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