Behind the Scenes with Converse and Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe recently did a collaboration with Converse for Decibel magazine. They worked with director/photographer Charlene Bagcal to create a moody and beautiful video piece. We were fortunate enough to get an inside peek.

Bagcal and director of photography Brian Sowell shot with a RED One MX, using Zeiss lenses. They stuck with primes, using 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm lenses. They used Final Cut Pro 7 to edit. Bagcal's clients have included Bullett, Slang and Let The Eat Cake and has been featured on MTV, Nylon and NME. Make sure and check out Bagcal's other videos.

Converse Chelsea Wolfe The Converse ad for Decibel magazine

Chelsea Wolfe Converse flatlands

Chelsea Wolfe Converse flatlands Charlene Bagcal and Brian Sowell

Chelsea Wolfe Converse flatlands

Chelsea Wolfe Converse flatlands

Chelsea Wolfe Converse flatlands

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Keith Persall's picture

Not sure how the Video relates to shoes...

That video bored the crap out of me

This is a musician series that Converse and Decibel have been collaborating on. This project is not intended to be a Converse shoe campaign although, the brand is still subtly represented in the video and clearly shown in the magazine ad.

Not bad, I like Chelsea Wolfe's stuff

Zeiss doesn't have a 16mm prime. They have an 15 f/2.8 and 18mm f/3.5 though. Looks like the 18mm yeah?

Oh and yeah also, what was the point of the video? I didn't think it was too beautiful nor was it representative of anything it was "selling" .... hmm....

it is really filled with meaninglessness...a chick who thinks she is telling a story about what?
don't post crap like this is a waste of everyone's time

Simeon Quarrie's picture

Ok, I can understand why many don't get this. The link between the brand is extremely loose. I dont remember seeing the boots. However I really like the piece. It's an artistic expression of a girls state of mind. The girls values. These values tie in with the brand. The time shifting in the bath. You see what she is doing in reality and then in her mind. The crashing waves etc. Photos can be artistic. Fashion can be edgy and artistic and not linked to reality. To me, this is a 30 pics per second version. I think this spot on for the audience.

Andrew Von Haden's picture

I have never understood the appeal of Chelsea Wolfe. I have given all of her music at try (all of her music is on bandcamp), I have seen her live (she was an opener for Russian Circles), and nope, I can't manage to squeeze any enjoyement out of her work. The video didn't do anything to change that either.

Michael Wessel's picture

Great music, but as a brand video, really? Sometimes they take the 'loose association' idea a little too liberally. How does this relate to the Converse customers in any way? Are they angsty, misunderstood, bathed in milk kind of people? I guess you could call it modern art...

Amusing how all the negative comments so far has been form men - "She's boring, I don't get it, etc etc". Just take it for what it is. It's pretty, down to earth, and overall a well shot video. Loving the monochrome look and the fact that the brand are branching out to a fanbase who probably wouldn't wear Converse as much. I am a huge Chelsea Wolfe fan and thus stomp around most of the time in black leather boots. My 2 cents.