Behind the Scenes with Michael Grecco for Mens Health

Pro commercial and celebrity photographer Michael Grecco takes us on the set of his 2-day shoot for Men's Health and Procter & Gamble in this high end behind the scenes video.  The parts of the video you want to watch move pretty quickly so there will be a lot of pausing if you want to see the lighting setups in any sort of detail. The consistent theme with light here is balance. One of my favorite things about Grecco is how he balances strobe and ambient light.

There are tons of different kinds of moods you can get with this lighting technique and it's unfortunate but too often it's done poorly. If balancing strobe and ambient light is something you are unfamiliar with, we have several articles like this one here on Fstoppers to help you along the way. Once you get the hang of setting your exposure up in layers it's really pretty easy.

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Yeah, not too bad. Editorial always limits you in terms of time... although 2 days, 4-5 images is a pretty nice schedule to have! :D

I think he is one of their contracted photogs. I have an interview by one of MH's editors that talks about who they work with and how to work with them. This was a cool video and I liked the fun energy. This guy is a pro and appears to have a great attitude. They must have had a large budget.

He's using a a900 :)

This video is long long long time ago.

Such amazing work by Michael Grecco

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@ Michael Lmao at a900.