2011 BTS Contest

[Contest Submission] Dramatic Portraits Of The University Of Indiana’s Track And Field Team

There are just less than 7 weeks left to submit your behind the scenes contest video. Submissions are starting to come in and it’s amazing what our readers are doing through their photography. As the video submissions come in we are going to feature the standouts here on the front of Fstoppers. In Zach Hetrick‘s behind the scenes video, he shows how he created commercial sports portraits of The Hoosiers’s track and field team. Zach takes some time at the beginning to talk a bit about the lighting setup he used and shows how you can give your group shots a punch with some nice light thanks to a few Alien Bee monoblocks. Leave your comments below if you have any questions about this shoot or simply want to give some friendly support to Zach. You can check out all the entries on the BTS Contest Forum Thread, and remember to get your submissions in early so we can share your work on the front of the site.

[Video] 2 Months Left To Enter This Years Biggest Photo/Video Contest

Our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest ends on December 31st which gives you a little less than 2 months to submit your video. I want to make it very clear that you SHOULD NOT wait until the 31st to submit your video because something will go wrong; it always does. Plus, videos submitted early will be posted to the front of Fstoppers and many that come in at the last minute will not get the same exposure. Stay tuned until the end of this video for a little “surprise” for all of you gear heads out there.

[Contest Entry] Cory Albrechtson Shoots Watermelon Fashion

Things have been pretty quiet in terms of video submissions for our big 2011 BTS Contest and I know that everyone is planning to have theirs done last minute. Let me give you a little advice, DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. As submissions are posted on the forum we will be posting our favorites on Fstoppers. If you submit your video with the masses the very last day, it will not get the attention it deserves. In this submission Dave Gruentzel (who is a still photographer) decided to film a his buddy Cory Albrechtson’s new fashion concept. Cory was inspired by a simple fabric print and from that came this whole shoot. Check out the full post to see the final image.

Robert Simpson Has Now Submitted 5 Videos For Our BTSV Contest

To all of our readers who “don’t have the time” or “don’t know how” to create a video for our Behind The Scenes Contest, I just wanted to point out that FS reader Robert Simpson has now submitted his 5th video (and I don’t think he’s done yet). Keep in mind that you still have almost 3 months to submit your video and have a shot at over $20k in prizes.

In the video below (which happens to be my favorite) Robert takes us through every step of creating an interesting concept and bringing it to life. He calls it “The Little People.” To check out the other 4 videos that Robert has also submitted check out the full post.

Contest Entry: The 360 Project, Dancing Matrix Style

Ryan Enn Hughes just submited his entry for our BTSV contest and it is quite impressive. Ryan teamed up with The Big Freeze and set up 48 D700 cameras in a circle and then fired them all at once as dancers did their thing. The photographs are pretty cool on their own but the real magic happened in post during the editing phase when Ryan teamed up with sound designers at Zelig Sound to create two incredible 30 seconds videos. Obviously this is an extremely high budget project but our contest will not be judge on that so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have 48 $3000 cameras to play with. As always, you can check out all of the submissions to our contest as they come in here on our forum.

How To Wirelessly Control The Profoto D1 Air Studio Strobe

I’ve been saving my money for months so that I can make the switch over to Profoto and take advantage of their new D1 Air Monolights. Not only are these things small and light but they are also completely wireless! You can now control your studio lights (on/off, flash power, modeling light) all from the Profoto Air Remote. You want to know what the best part is? WE ARE GIVING A SET OF THESE LIGHTS AWAY to the winner of our behind the scenes contest. Check out the full post to see 3 videos of these incredible lights in action.

Fstoppers BTS Contest Entry: Small World

We are two weeks into our 2011 BTS contest and the entries are starting to trickle in. I just watched Robert Simpson’s video called “Small World” and I was really impressed with the results. Robert used a D70 and kit lens in conjunction with some pretty interesting Photoshop techniques to create a very unique looking image.

To keep an eye on all of the contest entries as they come in you can check out the the contest section on our forum.

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