Capturing Dubai With Timelapses And Wingsuits, Plus Behind The Scenes

Several years ago Richard Schneider of PictureCorrect.com decided his new years resolution would be to begin training to be able to fly a wingsuit. This dream along with his passion for photography eventually led him to Dubai, where he captured the footage you’ll see in this video. Learn more about Richard and the work it took to get to this point in the full post. [more]

BTS On The International Space Station: Discussing The Cameras, Techniques, And Difficulties Involved When Shooting In Space

Astronaut Donald Pettit has spent more than a year of his life in space. Between two long-term stays on the ISS and a six-week Space Shuttle trip, he’s racked up an incredible 370 days living, working, and photographing in the most hostile environment known to man. In this video, Donald shows us the techniques he’s developed to create some of the jaw-dropping images and timelapses that he’s created [more]

Chase Jarvis Live: Behind Brain Farm’s Art of Flight

Most of our readers should be familiar with Brain Farm. Basically they have been taking cinematography to the next level when it comes to action sports; think of them as the planet earth of extreme footage. Chase Jarvis recently invited executive producer Chad Jackson and pro snowboarder Travis Rice over to his Seattle studio to talk about the release of The Art of Flight. Watch the inspiring interview in the full post [more]

Parkour and a Flexible POV With a Multicopter

I’m always a fan of watching talented humans. Parkour is one of those activities which I’ll never be good at, but am amazed to watch. HeliPOV had the same idea and decided that parkour group 3RUN should be shown off to the rest of us. The HeliPOV team was kind enough to film the groups jumps and dives using their multicopter. Not only does this clip show off some fun acrobatics, but it also gives a sense of what kind of shots a multicopter can pull off.

Pictures Of Hurricane Sandy Approaching The East Coast

So as all of us know, hurricane Sandy is quickly approaching the east coast. This is has been labeled as the worst hurricane to hit the United States. “When Hurricane Irene came ashore last year it carried a surge of 4 feet. Sandy’s surge is expected to be 6 to 12 feet. More than 6 inches of rain is expected and in some areas it could top 12 inches” – LA times [more]

Cadillac ATS Behind The Scenes: Morocco’s Most Dangerous Road

Some of the most interesting and exciting video footage often comes out of car commercials. The current ad for Cadillac’s new 2013 ATS features some pretty awesome footage of the luxury sports sedan speeding down the winding roads of Morocco’s Atlas Mountain. This stretch of road overlooking the Dades Gorge is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. So when director Jeff Zwart decided to test the ATS’s Brembo brakes and limited-slip differential, he not only put the drivers in danger but also put a ton of camera gear in harms way. Full behind the scenes video in the full post [more]

John Crawford Shows Us A Bird’s Eye Nude

Auckland based photog John Crawford has come up with a really interesting view on nude photography, aerial nudes. John’s use of composition and space in this series is what really draws attention to it. It is nude art done in a way that we wouldn’t typically expect to see it, and it is quite refreshing to see a new take on such an ancient form of artistic expression. Enjoy! [more]

Most Popular Photographs On Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon.com is an amazing resource for photography or anything for that matter. I was bored one day and decided to hop on there and ran across these amazing images on myrandomstuff.com. They very from spectacular landscapes to powerful portraits. [more]

Pictures From The Edge Of Space – Redbull Stratos

So today as many of you know, Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space. 128,000ft straight up, stepped out onto a platform the size of a skateboard and broke multiple world records including the one they were aiming for, breaking the speed of sound without an aircraft. [more]

Happening Now! Felix Baumgartner’s Live Space Jump

Felix Baumgartner is up in the air, and if all goes well he will be the first man go to supersonic without the use of a propulsion device: Just him and his space suit. The first launch was aborted due to high winds, but this one seems to be going smoothly. You can get more information outside of the video here at Red Bull Stratos. [more]

Stunning Helicopter Drone Footage of Climbers on Trango Tower

Armed with a RC helicopter drone and a head-up display, Mammut “pilot” Dedicam Andrew Peacock navigates while Remo Masina captures some stunning video of the Trango Tower in Pakistan. See more of Remo Masina’s work at Dedicam.tv . This sample footage will be used in Mammut’s upcoming 150 Year Peak Project video.

Nissan Shoots Their Cars Miniature Style

To put a little twist on filming one of Nissan’s most recent car commercials, the crew involved shot everything on a miniature scale by using a few different RC vehicles. Check out how the team tried to preserve some of the standard elements that you might see in a car commercial. The group gets quite creative in building customized camera mounts to keep the best angles. [more]

Mars Curiosity Rover Shoots an Old Stream Bed

Some of the latest images sent over from Mars by the Curiosity Rover give a little glimpse into the past of the planet. The rover appears to have shot pictures of an old stream bed. By comparing to equivalent scenes from earth’s stream beds, scientists judge that the former stream used to flow at 3 feet per second and was between ankle to hip deep. ┬áCheck out the pics! [more]

Vintage Postcards Made With Google Maps

These postcards produced by art director Akos Papp were made using Google maps satellite view. With Apple taking a big hit these past few weeks over the release of their 3D Map App with the iOS 6 operating system, it’s safe to safe we can still put them to use for something. This time, for the sake of art. [more]

The Hubble Telescope Shows Galaxies 13.2 Billion Years Old

The universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion years old, and a recent composite of images taken on NASA’s Hubble Telescope show 13.2 billion of those. Earth years, that is. Called the eXtreme Deep Field, or XDF, the photo was assembled by combining 10 years of NASA Hubble Space Telescope photographs taken of a patch of sky at the center of the original Hubble Ultra Deep Field. The XDF is a small fraction of the angular diameter of the full moon. [more]

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