Nearly 50 Years of Incredible Extraterrestrial Moon Photography

On July 31st, 1964, Ranger 7 sent back the first of over 4,300 detailed images of the moon. At the time, the world hadn’t seen anything like it: they were clearer and more detailed than any image that could be made from earth. Check out a selection of photos taken over the course of the last 48 years after the jump. [more]

A Habit of Gravity Defying Photography

Li Wei has earned his way to recognition in China through his trademark gravity defying images. This video, recently featured by the Creators Project, gives a little behind the scenes glimpse of how Li Wei was inspired to pursue his aerial stunts and how his creative ideas have reflected the quickly changing culture and country around him. [more]

This Nikon D4 Wielding Robot Arm Will Be Shooting At The Olympics

For the last few years photographers have been getting nervous about high res video cameras taking still photography jobs but we failed to see the biggest threat… robots! Apparently 12 of these robotic arms have been make to hold Nikon D4 cameras and shoot aerial photography at this year’s Olympics Games. Luckily each of these cameras must still be controlled by a human photographer so we aren’t going to lose our jobs yet. [more]

A Timelapse View Of Earth At Night From The International Space Station

The timelapse videos we see from NASA get better and better. This time, Knate Myers took photographs taken from the International Space Station and put them together to make this beautiful time lapse video. “Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the International Space Station.”  [more]

The Copter Kids Show Off Aerial Slow Motion

Thanks to remote controlled copters, aerial photography and video has brought some fantastic new content to the scene in the last few years, especially from guys like the Copter Kids. For their latest video, the Copter Kids grab the new Sony FS700 and take it to the skies alongside a motorcycle with some awesome results.



Aerial Portraits Of Faces Using Groups Of People

These photographs by artist Craig Alan have been floating around the web recently. Craig’s portraits of celebrities are created entirely using other humans as ‘pixels’ and the results are pretty amazing. I’m not sure if Craig’s images are true aerial photographs or digital creations but either way this approach is definitely unique. Click the full post to see his portraits of JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis. [more]

Christian Stoll’s Futuristic Wide Angle Images

Here’s a gorgeous set of images from photographer Christian Stoll called, appropriately, “Epic”. He has an impeccable portfolio. What appeals to me the most is the composition of each frame, and his use of cool, desaturated color. He photographs worldwide print campaigns for IBM, Microsoft, and General Electric. Other clients in this series include Wired Magazine, BMW Magazine, and DB Schenker. [more]

Justin de Reuck Hangs Out Of An Aerobatic Plane With No Seatbelt To Get The Shot

What have you done to get the shot today? Parked your car, walked into a studio? Plunked down a tripod on a sandy, tropical beach? Fiddled with some macro rails? South African aviation photographer Justin de Reuck unstrapped a good deal of his harness, slid open the canopy, and took photos at what I’m guessing is 100 knots, mere feet from the ground. I’m not sure how that plane actually took off with Justin’s balls of steel on board, because man, they must be huge. [more]

[Pano] Incredible Panorama of San Francisco After The 1906 Earthquake

Check out this high-resolution zoomable panoramic photo taken right after the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Shot from a kite 2000 feet over San Francisco Bay, the detail is jaw-dropping and the scene after the disaster is otherworldly. [more]

[Gear] The Staggering 3-Ton, 3.2 Gigapixel Camera

Imagine the storage you would need to shoot with a 3.2 billion pixel camera. With 189 image sensors, and weighing 3 tons – this will be the world’s largest digital camera. It’s called the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) and is being engineered by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The goal of the project is to “capture the widest, fastest and deepest view of the night sky ever observed.” They are looking to the LSST to learn more about [more]

[Video] Wingsuit Flying: The Reason That GoPros Were Created

Halvor Angvik and Jeff Nebelkopf created this video with the help of Red Bull and JokkeSommer. The fact that Red Bull sponsored it should tell you all that you need to know: It’s absolutely incredible. I’ve seen some crazy wingsuit stunts before, but [more]

[Video] The CAMCOPTER Is One Serious RC Chopper

The guys and Brain Farm has been featured on Fstoppers a few times now for their incredible video work and seemingly endless budgets. In this video, Brain Farm teams up with Schiebel to produce the most capable, video recording, radio controlled helicopter in the world. Check out the full post to see their demo reel. [more]

[Video] Epic Timelapse Footage of Dubai by Richard Bentley

Here’s a breathtaking perspective on the city of Dubai, created by UK filmmaker Richard Bentley. It took him two and a half weeks to capture the footage, shooting one to two sequences a day from various balconies and rooftops. He shot with a Canon 7D, and edited in Avid Media Composer. The final product is fascinating. The only problem I have with this video is that it reminds me that I have yet to see this city in person. That needs to change. [more]

[Pics] Awe-Inspiring Photos of the Last Flight of Space Shuttle Discovery

As Fstoppers’ resident aviation dork, I felt compelled to share these incredible images of the last time Space Shuttle Discovery will take to the air. Discovery was recently retired, and has been ferried from her home in Florida to it’s final resting place, the Udvar-Hazy Center, an annex of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum. Not only is the entire process of ferrying a shuttle a technological marvel in and of itself, the photos that Nasa takes aren’t half bad, either. [more]

[Video] How To Land An RC Airplane With A Camera Safely

These days RC helicopters with video cameras are becoming more and more common because you can control and land them in almost any terrain. Have you ever wondered how you have to land an RC airplane when there are no available runways? Apparently you have to fly them directly at yourself and then snatch them out of the air with your bare hand. Check out this fantastic video which shows the pilot in some pretty incredible locations catching the plane again and again. [more]

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