The Power of a 365

The commitment to do anything every day for a whole year is a difficult one. So difficult in fact that the very concept of a New Year’s resolution is a joke to most. It’s no surprise then that for a photographer to commit to a 365 project takes some serious dedication. Doing so means that you will create and publish something new, every single day. The question is: Is forcing yourself to be newly creative every day really worth it? [more]

Inspiring Outlook On Photography With David Alan Harvey

One thing that I believe is so important for the creative health of a photographer is listening to what other photographers have to say about their craft. I just got word that David Alan Harvey is going to be teaching at Gulf Photo Plus, and somehow David had not yet crossed my radar. As I began investigating this National Geographic photojournalist, it became increasingly apparent how much passion David has for his work. One quote that really stood out in the video above is “Take the photo first, and focus later,” [more]

Sign Contracts Electronically for Free with SignNow

When I need to send a contract out to a bride or other photography client I never have a stamp. Which makes the document sit on my desk till I finally force myself to swing by the post office (which is never a happy place). Well now there is a website that can help you bypass the mail and hopefully speed up the contract signing process.


SEO Tips for Photographers

If you are like me, the acronym SEO brings a shudder to your bones. If you are a photographer with a website, you have no doubt received countless emails from sites offering to optimize your site for a fee. In this post, I will tell you the things I did for free or next to nothing that helped push my photography website to page one of organic Google searches. The one thing that I already had working to my advantage is that my website is a non-flash site that was launched almost seven years ago. [more]

Shooting Star Videos – A Valuable Resource for Wedding Photographers

One of my favorite books is Love Is A Killer App by Tim Sanders. In it we read that business love is “the act of intelligently and sensibly sharing your intangibles (knowledge, network, and compassion) with your bizpartners.” One person who exemplifies this concept perfectly is Jasmine Star and her series of videos called Shooting Star. The videos are full of great advise for new as well as experienced wedding photographers ready to learn new tips that will help them grow their business. [more]

PhotoShelter Releases The Photographer’s Outlook On 2013

PhotoShelter released their results from a 2012 survey that was sent out to over 5,000 professional and aspiring photographers worldwide. The survey asked photographers about the various ways in which they were planning on marketing their photography business in 2013 and the results they were hoping to achieve from their efforts.


When Getty and Google Team Up, You Lose.

Stock photography has always seemed to go one of two ways. Either you make a great living, or you memorize McDonald’s value menu; however, no matter if stock income is your main source, or a small residual you need to know about Getty’s current partnership with Google. On December 6th of 2012 Google Drive (a free service) announced on their blog that “5,000 new photos of nature, weather, animals, sports, food, education, technology, music and 8 other categories are now available for your use [more]

Give Your Social Media a Good Ass Kicking

Websites such as Twitter and Facebook can be extremely powerful tools for our businesses however most of us are using them all wrong. Over the years we have continued to pile on layer after layer of distractions that in the end leave us feeling guilty of even trying to use social media. We walk away feeling like we wasted our time. It’s time to regain control of these tools and use them for good to connect, be inspired and market ourselves. Read on to learn some valuable tips that have been real game changers for me.  [more]

Favorite Android Apps For My Photography Business

When smart phones first started gaining in popularity I was one of those who insisted I didn’t need one. I was quite satisfied with my flip phone and the ability I had to send a text message every once in awhile even if it took three presses of the number 7 to get the letter “S.” When I finally made the leap to the smart phone a couple years ago I realized it was probably the single most valuable tool in my life for productivity, business, learning and entertainment. I wanted to share with our readers the 48 android apps I use most often and hear about your favorites in the comments below. [more]

Colgate’s Clever Advertising Campaign

Last summer Colgate teamed up with Y&R Brazil to create some clever advertisements for their line of dental floss. Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals took the pics but what really stands out is the creative direction the campaign took which was led by Rui Branquinho and Flavio Casarotti. Read on to see how they cleverly make you realize just how important dental floss is when it comes to personal hygiene.  [more]

This Guy Stole Photography From The Wrong Person… Me

A few weeks ago I got a Facebook message from someone saying I should check out a particular website. The message simply said “I think this guy is stealing your pictures.” We’ll call “this guy” “John,” and yes, John was using my pictures as well as other photographers’ images and claiming that they were his own. [more]

Prepare Your Business For Facebook’s New Search

At a press conference a few days ago Facebook announced their new Graph Search which will provide a brand new search experience for it’s over one billion users when it eventually rolls out to everyone. As business owners it is in our best interest to learn about how the tool works, how we can optimize our own pages to show up in the results and how we can even use it to mine new business in the future. [more]

Birds Eye View Room Portraits by Menno Aden

This is a first for this style of indoor photography. Usually you see nice clean HDR shots of rooms or office space for real estate agents. Menno Aden takes a whole different approach on this genre, one many people never really see. [more]

Lawsuit Filed Against Videography Company For Swindling Newlyweds

Earlier this week Mass. Attorney General, Martha Coakley, filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against a Millbury, Massachusetts videography studio for allegedly scamming several newlyweds out nearly $75,000 worth of wedding videography services and precious memories. The company, Sure Shot Videography is accused of taking newlyweds’ deposits and either not showing up to the wedding or for never delivering the final product videos. [more]

Learn To Make Interactive PDFs with Jason Hoppe!

Starting tomorrow January 12 at 9am creativeLIVE will host Adobe certified expert, Jason Hoppe as he teaches everything you need to know to make an interactive PDF. In this 2-day workshop, Jason will show you how to create forms, use calculations and JavaScript, distribute PDFs, create hyperlinks and bookmarks, and how to embed files in your PDF. As a photographer, this is a very helpful tool to have in your back pocket and you’ll impress your clients at the same time. [more]

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