Shooting Architecture on Location With Mike Butler in Bogota, Colombia

We’ve featured architectural photographer Mike Butler before, when he shot the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, FL. This time, Mike heads to Bogota, Colombia, to shoot  the Virgilio Barco Library using a slew of hot lights and assistants. If you’ve ever wondered why it takes 8 hours to create a single architectural image, this BTS will show you exactly why.  [more]

Behind The Scenes At Monte Isom’s Newsies Musical Shoot

Monte Isom is one of my all time favorite photographers. He’s been featured on Fstoppers a bunch and is a regular at our New York City meetups. Not only is Monte hilarious but he’s also a pretty dang talented commercial photographer. In this short BTS video, Monte shows how he shot the promotional material for the Broadway Musical Newsies in NYC. If you are a fan of Spiderman, you’ve probably seen his work lately too! [more]

How To Photograph An Exploded View Of A Motorbike

I’ve always been fascinated by technical photographs showing every single part of complex machines. And shockingly enough, most of those images are created with a lot less Photoshop than one would imagine. “Explode” photographer Adam Voorhees shows us a quick timelapse of his latest Kawasaki Moto photograph shot for ESPN. Click the full post to view the final image. [more]

Cool Tire Tread Fashion Concept (Commercial Shoot)

Munich-based studio Mierswa & Kluska were hired by Goodyear Dunlop to do a shoot for their new product line while conveying the qualities of: strength, robustness and armor. There is no denying that they knocked this one out of the park. [more]

Photographing The New Pepsi Super Car BTSV

Pepsi Australia recently teamed up with Kelly Racing to produce the Pepsi Max super car. Photographer Chris Benny was hired to shoot the new car and lucky for us, he filmed a quick BTSV of the production. As with many shoots, the weather became a problem but Chris had a backup plan. With a little post work Chris made the outside shots pop and then moved the car inside to finish the shoot. [more]

Learn Product Photography For Free From June 21-25 On creativeLIVE

Product photography can be one of the most difficult facets of photography. Everyone expects organic objects (like a human) to have imperfections but clients want their products to look flawless in the finished image. Your choice of lens, angle, lighting, color, composition, and retouching must all work together or your shot won’t hold up. In the past photographers would have to assist for years to learn the tricks of the trade but today, you can learn them for free from your laptop. [more]

JOOheng Tan Turns 18 Tons Of Sand Into Backdrops For Photographs

The art of sand sculpting has entered the realm of photography. Artist and world champion sand sculpture, JOOheng Tan, has incorporated these sculptures as a set for some great photographs. These were done for the OMO washing detergent campaign. Check out the series as well as a behind the scenes video on how this was done.  [more]

The Sexy Bottle Shoot- How to Photograph Glass

Alex Koloskov has had a few of his behind the scenes videos featured here on fstoppers. In this charismatic behind the scenes video, Alex takes the photography assignment of shooting some liqueur bottles in an attractive way and walks us through his set up. His in depth explanation of the lighting and staging process gives you a great understanding of how he got his final “sexy” shot.

The Real Life Barbie Photoshoot

Check out this amazing photoshoot by Dina Goldstein she titled “In The Dollhouse.” Dina spared no expense as her team built set after set to complete this real-life Barbie and Ken series. Just like the last Barbie series we posted, this one is also a little twisted. Apparently you can’t go wrong with Barbie series because these images have already gone viral around the web. [more]

The Most Advanced High Speed Robot Used For Video Ever

Just when I thought I had seen it all I was sent this incredible video by one of our readers. The Marmalade, a special effects studio in Germany, has created an incredible high speed robot used to film precise moments during ultra high frame rate takes. The results look so perfect that I thought I was watching CGI at first. Even if you aren’t into robots you will want to watch this video for the most stunning macro videography I’ve ever seen. [more]

Christian Stoll’s Futuristic Wide Angle Images

Here’s a gorgeous set of images from photographer Christian Stoll called, appropriately, “Epic”. He has an impeccable portfolio. What appeals to me the most is the composition of each frame, and his use of cool, desaturated color. He photographs worldwide print campaigns for IBM, Microsoft, and General Electric. Other clients in this series include Wired Magazine, BMW Magazine, and DB Schenker. [more]

Coppertone Commercial Shot Almost Exclusively With DSLR’s

Besides getting a great glimpse into the filming of a well put together sunscreen commercial, Gary Lankford offers some great perspective on the usefulness of DSLR’s as opposed to using some of the bigger and more expensive rigs that might be out there. The versatility of having several cameras and being able to take them anywhere can outweigh some of the higher quality option cameras.  Check out the final commercial below.


Behind The Scenes With Lamborghini and Hasselblad (Or: How To Give Your Insurance Agent An Aneurysm)

In what may well be the most outrageous photo shoot that I have ever seen, Olaf Hauschulz was presented with what must be an incredibly rare opportunity to shoot a Lamborghini Gallardo for Lamborghini Magazine. The setting? High in the snow-covered mountain ranges of Romania, with the car drifting around corners, inches from guardrails [more]

UPDATED: Filming a BMW Bike in 3D at 1000 fps

Ryan Mcmanus from Brothers Films and Stefan Weiss from Weisscam teamed up for an ingenious and complex shoot showing off the new BMW S1000 RR. What impressed me about this shoot was not only the incorporation of 1000 fps with a three dimensional element, but also the creativity in setting up the rig to film. I cant imagine the amount of work that had to go into post production for something like this. This is a great example of thorough planning and great execution.


Cheap and Easy DIY Alternative For A Vinyl Seamless Backdrop

If you work out of a studio, you know how annoying paper seamless backdrops can be…they always wrinkle and warp. We recently changed over to the Savage Vinyl backdrops and they seem to last a lot longer. The guys over at OKstrobist have an even cheaper alternative for those looking for a DIY approach and it’s pretty clever. Even though this can still cost as much as $170, you aren’t stuck [more]

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