Constructing Photo Scenes From Our Favorite Breakfasts

While thinking over possibilities for new landscape photography, Ernie Button acquired some inspiration over his breakfast food. In this fantastically creative series of dubbed Cerealism, Ernie creates some pretty “Cerealistic” looking places and puts a nice background to them. The best part about it his set came after the shoot with the addition of a spoon, bowl, and milk.


Surreal Skies: Single Image Time Lapse Photography

Everyone has seen time-lapse photography may it be a still image or a video. Either way, they look pretty sweet. This is the first time I have seen something like this. Instead of just having a single image of a star trails or blurred clouds, Matt Molloy has combined multiple long exposure shots into one creating a very interesting look. [more]

World War II Photos Superimposed On Same Modern Street

Dutch historian, Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, blends the past and present using photos from World War II and pictures from the same places today. Jo will literally spend hours trying to locate scenes of photos from the war and then photograph the modern day scene at the same angles so that she can blend the two pictures in Photoshop thereby creating her “Ghosts of History” photo series.  [more]

How to Create a Giant Croc Munching on Your Friends

Good special effects are the ones you don’t really realize were “special.” They are the moments that give you that sense of awe without dragging you away from being caught in the moment. Fuel VFX specializes in creating special effects for a wide range of movies, some of which you’ve most likely seen this year.  [more]

Using Photoshop To Turn A Wedding Day Into A Zombie Apocalypse

Multimedia Artist Josiah Moore had always wanted to do a fun wedding picture when he and his wife got married. Well that opportunity came, and his wife agreed to go along with it! Armed with only a couple of props, he told the photographer his idea, and after the wedding Josiah got to work in photoshop to turn his wedding day into something out of a horror movie. This video shows a sped up look at his process. [more]

How To Fake An Underwater Scene In A Pool

For over a year and a half now, David Reynolds has been filming his “budget” series of short films called The Underwater Realm. Each week he and his team release a behind the scenes video on how they overcome some technical aspect of filming (previous Fstoppers posts here). This week Eve explains how he tackled the challenge of making a small diving pool appear like an infinite ocean using something other than green screen. If this is what is required on a budget, I can’t imagine what the full blown productions look like!

Behind The Scenes: Shooting JB And The Moonshine Band

Matthew Hogan, a talented photographer and videographer from Tyler, Texas, shot country band, JB and the Mooonshine band. He not only shot the band for a promotional photoshoot, but for their music video, as well. Using Alienbee lighting, a Nikon D700 and a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens he composited the individual band members together for the final image.


Catherine Nelson Creates Entire Worlds in Photographs

When you think of landscape photography, you may picture some of the most beautiful places on the planet at the perfect moments in time. Catherine Nelson likes to take her landscapes a step further and create entirely new planets. By stitching together hundreds of pictures from one point, she captures an entire scene in one picture. Which mini world would you live on?


Photographer Captures Ordinary Objects In Clever, Meaningful Ways

“Connecticut, US-based Kevin Van Aelst reimagines and reassembles the little, mundane things in our daily lives, and turns them into mysterious notions of life and existence with his photography compositions.” [more]

‘Prometheus’ Visual Effects Broken Down

MPC or The Moving Picture Company is famous for creating truly stunning visual effects for blockbuster films like, ‘Wrath of the Titans’, ‘John Carter’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. They also did the effects for the mind blowing ‘Prometheus‘.  In the first video VFX Supervisor, Richard Stammers, explains how they created the plant surface (or moon’s), of LV-223. He explains how they used Google Earth as a reference for locations used for the film’s backdrop. In the second video MPC shows snippets of various scenes broken down. [more]

Ben Von Wong’s Mastery Lighting…With An iPhone.

Montreal photographer, Ben Von Wong, an Fstoppers favorite is at it again with his latest shoot. The folks over at Nikon sent Von Wong a Nikkor 400mm f2.8 lens to shoot with. Typically with a large lens you would shoot nature or sports, but not Von Wong. He decided to test the lens using the Brenizer Method. He took several portraits of musician, Andrew Kesler, on top of a rooftop, but one problem presented itself. How to light Andrew in the middle of the night on such short notice? In typical Von Wong ingenuity, they chose, an iPhone.  [more]

Jean-François Rauzier’s Hyperphotos: Mindbending Panoramic Images

I love when artists create something that hasn’t been seen before, especially when it is something as amazing as Rauzier’s hyperphotos. These images (rather, pieces of art) take panoramic photography to the next level. Most are made of hundreds, if not thousands of images, and incorporate a dream-like twist in each one. If painting has M.C. Escher, photography has J.F Rauzier. [more]

BTS: Lung Cancer Foundation of America’s PSA – ‘The Haze’

The people over at MAKE Visual strive to create unique and compelling content for their clients and for the Lung Cancer Foundation of America‘s newest PSA entitled, ‘The Haze’, they wanted a look and feel that worked well with the message that their client was trying to get across. They shot on a RED Epic and used 3DS Max and Fume FX for their post processing to achieve the thin smoke effect. [more]

Step by Step – Photo Composite by Adrian Sommeling

Photographer / digital artist Adrian Sommeling‘s portfolio is chock-full of the type of photos that make you think, “How did he do that?” Fortunately for all of us Adrian is willing to share the secret sauce. He has been creating videos of his work in Photoshop demonstrating each step and how he composites the shots together to create one final shot. Truly inspiring. [more]

Creative Photo Manipulation By Ruadh DeLone

Ruadh DeLone is a freelance photographer and photo manipulator. His works have been published in a few magazines as well. He recently did a series called “Head Gear” which involved people wearing different items on their head, for example, a bow tie. [more]

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