Amazing Star Streak Photos by Don Pettit

On his current mission, Don Pettit, the flight engineer for the International Space Station put together some stunning images of star streaks around the earth. His images give a surreal and artistic look at the beauty that can be seen just above the atmosphere. On the ISS’s Flickr page, Don describes his process. [more]

Every Playboy Centerfold Combined

Have you ever wondered what every playboy centerfold would look like if it they were all put into one image? Chicago based Photographer, Jason Salavon created a series of portraits that combined every centerfold from the 1960s to the 1990s. While you can’t see explicit details of each centerfold, you can see a silhouette figure that mimics that of foggy glass. This process, called amalgamation, was done with a program called ImageMagick. [more]

The World In Our Hands: Photo Project Illustrating The Bond Between Humans and Animals

Moshe Nachumovich, 27 years old photographer and digital artist from Israel created this creative set of images to show the bond between humans and animals, and to show how its in our hands to make a difference in that relationship. Nachumovich: “The bond between us humans, Earth and the animals, begins in our hands, we rule the world and if we’ll use it wisely we will also protect it as we should”.

The 3.1 Billion Pixel Image Of Women’s Volleyball At The Olympics

Last week we showed you David Bergman’s Gigapan image of North Greenwich Arena (home of the Olympic gymnastics meets). That image was roughly 1.7 billion pixels! Two days ago, David released his newest Gigapan image of Horse Guards Parade that contains 200 stitched images totaling an incredible 3.1 billion pixels. It’s amazing to zoom in and see so much detail both in the audience as well as on the field. What interesting things can you find in this image? [more]

Mercedez-Benz USA’s Timeline Image Is Badly Photoshopped

UPDATED: We have what appears to be the source image…

Mercedez-Benz USA’s facebook page, with over 500,000 fans mind you, has updated their timeline image recently, and it’s not the best showing of their product. It highlights brand ambassador Adam Scott, which is great and all, but the photoshopping of the car onto the background is pretty terrible. [more]

Check Out This Amazing GigaPixel Image Of The Olympics

Our good friend David Bergman was hired by Sports Illustrated to shoot the Olympics once again this year. David is becoming more and more well known for his Gigapan images which require a camera to take hundreds of pictures that are then stitched together in post. The result is a single image that you can “zoom” almost endlessly into.  If you want to see every detail of the gymnasium at the Olympics, check out this incredible GigaPixel image. [more]

Annie Leibovitz Shoots a New Disney Campaign

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most famous photographers in the world and many know her as the photographer that shot the real life Disney scenes. Well this time Annie is at it again and for these 2 new shots actors Russel Brand, Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel play 4 famous Disney Characters. Once again Annie’s lighting combined with amazing post production has created a couple amazing shots. [more]

A Habit of Gravity Defying Photography

Li Wei has earned his way to recognition in China through his trademark gravity defying images. This video, recently featured by the Creators Project, gives a little behind the scenes glimpse of how Li Wei was inspired to pursue his aerial stunts and how his creative ideas have reflected the quickly changing culture and country around him. [more]

Crappy Green Screen Footage? Fix It Like This!

I have been learning a ton of video know how in the past few months from watching the tutorials over at VideoMaker. I recently shot a green screen video for some background compositing and didn’t take as much time as I should have setting up the lights for the green screen (the subjects on the other hand were flawlessly lit, haha). I thought I was out of luck until I came across this video which showed me how to fix my beginner’s mistake and also has a few more handy tips for other green screen screw ups. Enjoy!

Volkswagen Evolution of Style in One Clip

It’s always fun to see time progression of how things change. Staud Studio, which does a lot of work photographing the Automotive industry, had the chance to do a photo shoot with an older model of  the beetle and progressed to show us one of the latest.


Inside Vogue’s June Cover Shoot With Annie Leibovitz

In the June 2012 issue of Vogue, photographer Annie Leibovitz had the amazing opportunity to photograph eight very talented US Olympic athletes alongside supermodel Karlie Kloss. Over the years, Annie has become known for her over-the-top sets and detailed lighting set-ups. [more]

BTS On An All CG Scene From The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has been out for about 2 weeks and has made 137 million dollars. I saw it last week and was really impressed by the special effects but I’ve never had a full understanding of what really goes into it. In this video Jerome Chen from Sony Imageworks takes us through the basics of creating an all CG fight scene. Check out the full post for 3 additional videos. [more]

Shawn Van Daele Turns The Drawings By Children With Health Conditions Into Photographs

We can learn so much from children, they tend to have a different outlook on life. This is what Shawn has learned on his recent venture. He has begun a project called The Drawing Hope Project where he uses the drawings by children with health conditions and creates realistic photographs based on those drawings. The process takes 10-12 hours for a final product from start to finish. It is truly inspiring! [more]

Eleven Beautiful Architectural Photographs And How They Were Made

As I continue my articles on interior, architectural, and real estate photography, I thought it would be interesting to see different approaches to shooting these types of subjects. So, for this month’s article, I’ve invited a number of professional interior, architectural, and real estate photographers to share their images and techniques with everyone who reads Fstoppers. [more]

Shooting Architecture on Location With Mike Butler in Bogota, Colombia

We’ve featured architectural photographer Mike Butler before, when he shot the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, FL. This time, Mike heads to Bogota, Colombia, to shoot  the Virgilio Barco Library using a slew of hot lights and assistants. If you’ve ever wondered why it takes 8 hours to create a single architectural image, this BTS will show you exactly why.  [more]

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