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Videos contributed by our readers!

[Video] BTS Look at a Kitesurfing Paradise

Naish Kiteboarding’s Brand Manager, Damien Girardin, gives us a BTS look at what goes into the making of their photoshoots and video productions. The video starts with a short and sweet explanation of what they went through to make it and then cuts to the final product. Enjoy!

[BTSV] Contest: Aurora Lifestyle

Michael Ericsson: “There is my latest behind the scenes video for a shoot I did back in early September. I’ve had it in my head for a while to create some sort of tribute video to the late Dean Collins. After seeing the call for entries from Fstoppers.com, I decided to run with it.”

[BTSV] Contest: Digital Light Sculpting with a Projector

“…One projector (the one I used was less than 200 bucks used) can replace many traditional strobes + modifiers for a fraction of the cost. Using this technique I can create more elaborate plates for composite images with less lighting gear… I guess the end goal for this technique would be a developing a projector that used a flashtube… thus creating the ultimate light modifier.”

[BTSV] Contest: Underwater Swim Shoot

With great final images and a very informative BTS video, this contest entry may have made it into out our top 10 but sadly they didn’t submit before the closing date. Having missed the deadline but not the point of the contest, they decided to post it anyways. So, thank the guys from 2D House for this most excellent video. Nice work guys.

The Wednesday Rundown 1.11.12

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. We are still posting all the contest entries that were sent in. This week we have a dirt bike fashion shoot and the BYU Gymnastic’s team poster shoot. Just as the rest of the videos have been, these are unique and very well done. There’s always something we can take away from these videos and apply to our own work. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on “submit content” above.

[Video] Sushi Roll Goes To Space

Ok, I wasn’t really sure whether to label this [Video] or [Funny], because I laughed through the entire thing. Is this the future of small business advertising? First Toshiba puts a chair in space, then sushi makers put their rolls up there. What’s next, dog breeders? How far will this trend go? Click Here for the full post.

[Video] Composite Master, Dave Hill, Shows Us His Process

Here is a looong (but good) video of Dave Hill talking to a room of digital creatives, who aren’t necessarily photographers, about how to make great images. It’s all straight from the conference room and has quite the C-Span vibe to it, but it’s well worth watching. This kid knows what he’s doing and he does what he does so well. Enjoy!

[Pics] Long Exposure Images Of Lightning Bugs In Japan

Remember those little lightning bugs that you used to try and catch right before sunset when you were little? Well each year, the guys over at Digital Photo Blog have captured images of thousands of Fireflies that come out during their mating season. Obviously we would never be able to see this with our own eyes but by taking a long exposure they’ve gotten some pretty surreal photographs that showcase all the different lines and marks these little bugs make. Click on the full post to see more.

The Wednesday Rundown 1.4.12

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Another year has come and gone. Hopefully this year you will get out and shoot more. Gets some inspiration and ideas with Joel as he walks us through his cover shoot for the Fstoppers BTS contest. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on “submit content” above.

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