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Videos contributed by our readers!

Interview With Fashion And Lifestyle Photographer Mike Monaghan

I have never personally met Mike, however I can’t seem to get away from him. He definitely has some amazing shots that stand out from the rest of the crowd. I know Mike through a Facebook group called CREATIVOS, which is a group for photographers looking to share tips, tricks, and images and grow within the industry. I keep seeing his work pop up and can’t take my eyes away from it. [more]

This Camera Will Make You See With Your Ears

Dr. Amir Amedi, brain researcher and Neurobiology professor from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, developed a technology that lets blind people ‘see’ with their ears. In this TEDx talk (TEDxJerusalem) he shows how he managed to use a simple camera, and transform the video captured into sound waves that quickly become visual images in the brain. It’s amazing to see how they can ‘see’ when someone smiles at them, just by listening to the video they capture with that small camera. [more]

Is This Video of an Eagle Lifting a Baby Real or Fake?

The internet is in a massive debate today over a video of a baby being lifted into the air by an eagle. The video was released last night and since than has been viewed millions of times. Some argue that the video is real and that golden eagles can lift animals much heavier than this baby. Others argue that it is a CGI stunt? What do you think? [more]

Some Lighthearted Tips for Photographing the Impending Apocalypse

BorrowLenses understands that with impending doom approaching, you’re going to want to make sure to prepare. As photographers, that means arming yourself you’re ready with the right gear to document the situation. In this lighthearted video, Jim Goldstein from BorrowLenses offers you some tips to make sure you are ready to get the shot.

Watch As Photographer And Digital Artist Erik Johansson Creates A Gorgeous And Surreal Landscape Scene

We’ve featured Erik Johansson’s Ted Talk before, as he is a digital artist and photographer who is on the cutting edge of his genre. Using clever pre-visualization and a lot of Photoshop, Erik is able to create some brain-melting pieces. In this BTS video, he’ll show you how he created one of his newest pieces, titled Cut & Fold. Be sure to check out Erik’s Website if you haven’t before, it’s well worth a look for any aspiring creative.

Behind The Scenes: Creating A 1930s-Themed Fashion Shoot In Detroit

Detroit-based fashion photographer Paul Manoian recently released this informative (and cold!) BTS video of him shooting models using vintage automobiles, clothing, and styling. Paul touches on what he does to keep a shoot running smoothly, especially in below-freezing weather: keeping the crew and models fed and happy, moving quickly between locations, and having a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. The final images are pretty incredible, if I say so myself. Goes to show what you can accomplish with a dedicated team and a clear end goal in mind.

20 Awesome Self Portraits

There is something very special about taking a self portrait of yourself. Being both the model and the photographer makes you feel very comfortable, relaxed and open for trying unique ideas. You don’t need to be afraid of the results because you have the control over what gets out, you dont need to feel shy trying cool ideas, because no one needs to be around when you shoot. No pressure, just you, your camera and all the time in the world. Check out these 20 great self portraits found on Flickr.

Nauticam Underwater Camera Housing For Canon EOS 1D X And 1D C Cameras

Well if the Canon EOS 1Dx and Canon EOS 1Dc arnt expensive enough, how about taking them under water? Now you can for an extra $5,100! Nauticam has announced a new underwater housing for both of those cameras. [more]

Surreal Self Portraits By Kyle Thompson

It’s amazing what some people can do with just their camera, self timer and a little imagination. Kyle Thompson is one of those people. He takes by far the most amazing self portraits I have ever seen. From gorgeous to creepy and everything in between, every single shot of his is perfect. [more]

Black And White Photography Of Devin Yalkin

I was just looking around on tumblr today and stumbled across 5 interesting looking black and white images. Saw the link to Devin‘s website and decided to take a gander. This is some interesting work he has going on here. For me, each shot tells a story in a unique way. [more]

How Would You Like To Have Your Very Own Instagram Photo Book?

For all you Instagramers out there, now instead of just sharing your photos on your phones or Facebook, take them to the page. Artifact Uprising now offers Instagram photo books for you to display your square works of art. [more]

BTS Video from Most Anticipated Movie of the Year, Les Misérables

After all the presents have been unwrapped Christmas morning, many will be hitting the theaters to see the highly anticipated Les Miserables. Checkout the behind the scenes video to see how this film will be groundbreaking from all the rest in how they record the audio and read on to see some astounding portraits that were captured for the movie posters.  [more]

Melting Cars, CGI and Post-Production By Souverein

This is not a way to present a new car or anything. Most people like their cars in one piece and not melting all over the asphalt. Souverein studios thinks otherwise. [more]

Apple Sued by a Photographer for Using Her Photo to Promote the Retina MacBook Pro

Sabine Liewald, of Switzerland, is suing Apple not over a patent, but over her image of the closeup of an eye that was used to promote the Retina MacBook Pro’s screen during the unveiling of the product… [more]

The Challenge of Producing My First Acura TV Ad Using A Process Trailer

The past summer we were hired by the ad agency Tier 10 Marketing (same one as my Honda Accord campaign), under the creative direction of Scott Rodgers, to produce and film a new tv ad for Acura via the New York Acura Dealers Association. I’ve been an advertising photographer for years, but I co-founded a video production company, 8112 Studios, a few years back along with my friend Nicholas Cambata. We have been very busy with a variety of crazy challenging and fun projects this past year and this ad job was no exception. [more]

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