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Videos contributed by our readers!

[Video] Lori Nix Doesn’t Take Photos, She Makes Them

NYC Photographer, Lori Nix, is not you’re typical photog, she is also a gifted miniaturist! Her series entitled “The City” is a perfect example of what her creative mind is capable of. She creates dioramas in her small Brooklyn studio with her assistant, Kathleen Gerber, and then photographs the tiny scenes using a large format 8×10 camera (that’s right, she is still using film!). Enjoy!

[FS Spotlight] Surfing Photography: Chris Burkard On Protecting Your Gear, Catching the Moment, and Drunk Boat Captains

Chris BurkardChris Burkard spends his days traveling to some of the planet’s most magnificent beaches, where he navigates all sorts of technical complications in search of the perfect surfing shot. Despite obstacles such as drunk Chilean boat captains, salt water corrosion, and even being thrown in a Russian prison, Burkard continually manages to capture the moment, the beauty of the landscape, and create timeless photographs. The Surfer magazine staff photographer has traveled the globe, won the Red Bull illume photo competition, and released photo book The California Surf Project… and he’s only 25 years old. Fstoppers catches up with the globe-trotting youngster to ask about his gear, craziest stories, and the technical aspects of shooting in the water. Hear Chris talk about his work in the video below, and then read the full FS Spotlight interview.

[Funny] Canon 7D Versus Barbie Video Girl

Hola FS’ers! I would rather not lend this video any kind of explanation and just have you watch it, but I have to write some kind of intro, so here goes. When I first watched this I really wasn’t sure what they were getting at, until the comparisons started coming. Then it became obvious. This is a funny video. I laughed a bit, and then my wife watched it and snorted (sorry honey, they have to know that you snorted). Enjoy!

[Photos] Photographer Li Wei’s Work is “Wei” Out Of The Box

Photographer Li Wei from Beijing, China is making quite a name for himself with his acrobatic photos and straight up mind-bending group shops. I am not sure what exactly his process is, but what his images may lack in photographic technique he more than makes up for with his content. Check out the full post for some of his work and the links to his site. Enjoy!

[Upgrades] Has The New Update To Apple’s Final Cut Pro Fixed The Backlash?

Remember when Apple released the new version of its flagship video editing program Final Cut X? If not, you might want a refresher course with Conan O’brien. Basically the backlash was almost unanimous, and it made many of us thankful we chose Adobe’s Premiere as our editing software of choice. Well today there is an upgrade that apparently fixes most of the complaints from FCP X users. [Read More]

[Video] Incredible Timelapse Of Earth From Space

NASA must be training actual photographers to go into space these days, this timelapse of Earth as seen from the International Space Station is proof. This is one of the radest timelapse videos I have seen of Earth and it’s weather. From auroras to electrical storms, this video illustrates just how incredible this planet’s environment can be. Full details in the description on Vimeo. Enjoy!

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