How To Use And Build Your Own Ring Flash

Lighting with a ring flash is a common technique among fashion and beauty photographers, yet it is often one of the most misunderstood and abused lighting setups among novice photographers. Simply using a single on axis light is hardly ever appealing but when coupled with other lights the ringflash look can become very flashy and dynamic. You often see this sort of light in music videos, glamour photos like Playboy, and of course high fashion shoots. In this video Tom Antos not only shows you an easy ring flash lighting setup he used for a music video but he also shows you how you can make your own constant light version for video productions. These same techniques can easily be adapted for still photos, and if your model is not moving much you can actually use the constant light version for stills as well.

A New iPhone Fashion Shoot To Silence The Haters

I released The iPhone Fashion Shoot back in July of 2010 thinking that it would be a fun way to prove a simple point (that people can create compelling images with any camera). I never thought 1, that the video would become so huge and 2, that 50% of everyone who saw it would totally miss the point. Half of the comments made on my video are about my expensive studio lights, professional model, professional hair, makeup, and retouching. People still didn’t want to admit that they were capable of taking great shots on whatever gear they had.

Still to this day I get emails all the time where people suggest that I do another iPhone Fashion Shoot outside with natural light and without a professional model but I was never interested. I really don’t want to become known as the “iPhone photographer” and these videos are a lot of work to produce.

Well I just got an email from Pye at SLR Lounge and he did all of the work for me! Pye takes a normal girl outside and uses 2 reflectors to create stunning images… It does not get any more simple than this… The point has now officially been made. No more excuses people.

The Most Ridiculous Way To Clean Your Lens

This video has been hitting the blogs recently, but I didn’t really watch it until it wound up in our inbox a half a dozen times. I guess I should say that this is probably the absolute textbook way to clean a lens but does anyone actually own all these rocket blowers, cleaning brushes, and cleaning supplies? I guess since I’ve never scratched a lens, I’ve always found one of these to be acceptable. Instead of using compressed air, I’ve always just used my mouth…am I a really bad person?

The First Ever Digital Camera And Its Creator

This is by no means the most thrilling video but it is really interesting. I’ve always wondered what was officially the “first” digital camera, and I guess I now know. Steven Sasson claims that he invented digital photography when he created this strange looking camera. The camera could shoot stills and record up to 30 of them on a digital tape. It’s amazing how far we have come in such a short amount of time.

The Wednesday Rundown 3.30.11

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. How many of us really take advantage of the video function of our camera? I have been able to see Lee and Patrick transform from strickly photography to a being able to knock out some great videos. It does take time and they don’t let me hang out with them while they are editing, I tend to get them off topic a bunch, but these guys really make it look easy. If you haven’t had the chance to sit down and dabble around with editing video, well now is the time. I have found a great video editing tutorial and even some great looking open source editing software. You may have to do some reading on these but it is worth a shot, you really have no excuse. With everyone else learning you should jump on the wagon and catch up. What if shooting video takes over shooting stills for weddings or other major events? Could it happen in our lifetime? If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on “submit content” above.

The Home-Made 3D Matrix Effect

We have all seen stuff like this done before but it’s usually some sort of huge production team. All of my friends seem to own at least 2 cameras each so I could easily pull this off if I could get 12 of them together :).

More Proof That Expensive Gear Does Not Equal Good Pictures

I created the iPhone Fashion Shoot to attempt to prove this point. 50% of the people who saw it “got” it and the other 50% claimed that it only looked good because I used $10,000 worth of light. Well I’ve always said “light is light” and all those expensive light modifiers do is make the light source bigger or smaller. Don’t believe me? Bert Stephani will take over where I left off shooting with these work lights (the same ones that I used for part of the iPhone shoot) and a shower curtain.

Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher’s Bokeh Spells Out Words

If you’ve ever played with an effects lens like the Lens Baby Composer then you are probably aware that you can actually create out of focus areas that have specific shapes by using specially designed apertures. Well Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher took this one step further and actually made his out of focus bokeh spell out words during a recent video shoot. I think there is a lot to be desired with the final video but the concept is pretty genius. Check out this video below to see how Kaleb designed the ‘aperture’ blades and click on the full post to see the final video.

Light Works – Behind The Scenes from Supernormals on Vimeo.

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