[Gear] Save $840+ on Wi-Fi for the Nikon D4!

Via NikonRumors, this is something everyone should know about: a do-it-yourself $30 wifi kit for the Nikon D4! It really speaks for itself. Read on for the details. Who knows, maybe something similar could be done for the 1D X. I wouldn’t be surprised at all… [more]

[DIY] Light Painting with Steel Wool

When it comes to photography projects, Benjamin Von Wong is one of the most prolific guys I know. It seems like every few posts I’m compelled to bring you something cool Ben is doing. Whether it’s playing with his pliable models, setting them ablaze or just a quick tip. His latest venture has him teaming up with Udi Tirosh over at DIY Photography to show us how to light paint with steel wool. Including the basic technique, location, safety and a few other helpful tips to consider. For someone who plays with fire as much as Ben and with hair that big, he must know what he is doing… right? [more]

[DIY] A 38 Seconds Tip For Photographers Traveling Abroad

A hyper, over caffeinated Benjamin Von Wong sent me this super short, super simple but super easy to overlook tip. So, if you plan on traveling any time in the near future and have 38 seconds to spare, give it a look.

Benjimin Von Wong:
Quick Tip # 1 – Bring a powerbar when you travel! Oh, and don’t drink too much coffee before filming! [more]

[Vintage Gear] 93 Year-Old Lens Attached to a 5D

Photographer/film-maker Jason Bognacki successfully attached a 93 year old camera to his Canon 5D.  It’s a Piccolette Contessa-Nettel (1919) folding camera.  Check out the results and see for yourself. The images are so much sharper than you might expect.  What do you think?

[News] 6 Tips for Better Portraits via The New York Times

Hello Fstoppers’ Fans. We just wanted to give Peter Hurley a well deserved pat on the back for just being featured in the Gadgetwise section of the New York Times and to toot our own horn over the success of our first full length tutorial DVD. If you’re still in the dark and don’t know what all the hype is about then check out the published article where Peter shares a small part of the DVD with, “Six Tips for Better Portraits”. Or you can skip all that and jump right into grabbing, “The Art Behind The Headshot” DVD. The most comprehensive DVD on how to get the ideal headshots for your clients. [more]

[DIY Video] Fix Your Lens Hood With Peanut Butter

In this oh so clever DIY video by Casey Neistat, he shows us how he fashioned a replacement lens hood on his Sigma lens by re-using the cap from a peanut butter jar. I’m sure that this method wouldn’t work with every lens but if you ever get into a situation like this and need a quick fix, this video just might come in handy.

[BTSV] Creating Super Heroes with an Overhead

Haristobald’s photostream has some interesting shots in it but what is more interesting is how he produced them. Using an old school, overhead projector, A4 sized transparencies, a strobe and a bit of mechanical know how, Haristobald can now transform his environment and his models. See behind the scenes of his latest Superman shoot and jump into the full post to see a video on how he modified an archaic device into a useful photography tool.

[Wildlife] Amazing, Intimate Shots of Lions In Their Natural Habitat

Brothers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas make quite the team. They’re wildlife photographers based in Britain who have devised some clever means to get closer to some of the world’s most dangerous animals. In 2009, they created a remote-controlled camera nicknamed BeetleCam and set out to photograph animals in their natural habitat. Armed with the knowledge they gained from the first trip, they went back a second time, and their results are nothing short of stunning. [more]

[BTS Video] Flour Explosion With A Bit Of Post Production

By using flour and hot cocoa powder, Photographer Don Horne was able to capture some really stunning images. How did he do it? The idea behind his shoot was to shoot a model while having flour and cocoa powder tossed in her face – thus the explosion effect. Set in a studio, Don had an Alienbee B800 in a medium softbox sitting camera left, a Nikon SB800 shooting into an umbrella acting as a rim light and finally, a large white reflector camera right to fill in the shadows.  [more]

[Death Wish] How To Dangerously Photograph Gun Muzzle Blasts

This video from Smarter Every Day shows how you can capture any gun’s flame throwing abilities with precise accuracy. Using a Pulse Generator, Destin explains how he rigged his flash setup to fire at the exact moment the gun is fired. By dragging the shutter and combining the exposure with flash, the Alabama native created some pretty interesting photographs. Some even show the bullet leaving the muzzle! [more]

[Contest Entry] Projecting Shapes Of Light On A Model NSFW

The Fstoppers 2011 BTS Contest is now closed and we are going through every single video 1 by 1 to choose our favorites that will make it to the next round. In the next round our panel of celebrity judges will narrow the lot down to the top 3 winners. At this point we still have not seen every video but if you would like to look through them yourself, you can see them all here on our forum.

I just ran across this really interesting video by Loren Byerstein and Syx Langemann that involved shooting a nude model with a projected pattern. Not only do they show you how they did it but they have actually released the software to make your own patterns easily. If you want to give something like this a try on your own, you can download the software here.

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