Creative Personal Project – “In a New York Minute”

I believe that if a photographer wants to grow in their craft one of the best exercises they can do is pick a particular subject and focus on all the different ways to shoot it. While out in North Carolina I met Stephen Wilfong, a photographer there that over the course of 7 years pushed his creative boundaries to shoot every clock he could find in New York City. [more]

Powerful Photos Of Devastation And Destruction Around The World

It could be the aftermath of a war, or the result of a strong Tsunami. It could be the destruction of a Hurricane, or the Devastation of a terror attack. The moment after something horrible happens, is also the moment people capture powerful images of (bad) historic events. We all remember few iconic shots of such events, photos we’ve seen for hundreds of times on TV, in newspapers or just online. This is why I chose to feature very powerful images you probably never saw before.


Ian Ruhter’s American Dream

From the guy who brought you silver and light, Ian Ruhter brings you American Dream. Not only are the unique images he creates breath taking, but the stories behind them are incredibly inspirational. I believe this is one of the truest forms of photography, from creating each one of a kind image by hand, and by looking at these portraits you feel as if you know the individual that’s in the photograph. To Ian it is not about making money in photography, it is about the pursuit of happiness, and he goes about this through the camera he made and his journeys that make these images. [more]

Thoughtful Documentary Follows Landscape Photographer To The Most Beautiful Places On Earth

In this trailer for the upcoming documentary “The Quest For Inspiration“, there are a slew of amazing images from places filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay followed landscape Photographer Alexandre Deschaumes. The documentary shows Alexandre as he prepares for a new journey, this time into Patagonia, and we hear his words as thoughts through voiceover, speaking about the complexities and work he does to attain his inspiration. [more]

Thomas Ekstrom x VSCO = Fantastic Photographs of Officer Training School

Thomas Ekstrom recently had the opportunity to photograph the Norwegian Army’s officer training school for Monocle and used VSCO to process all of his images. The results are nothing short of amazing. [more]

Behind the Scenes Images From the Set of the Batman Trilogy

A couple months ago, we published some behind the scenes images taken for the poster designs prior to the release of The Dark Knight (we were later politely asked to remove those images). This week, we found more images, but these ones span the entire Batman trilogy. Instead of being taken in studio for the purpose of poster designs, these images actually show the filming of the three movies. [more]

BTS Video of Day to Night Photography

Many of us have already seen the amazing photographic series by Stephen Wilkes titled “Day to Night” – in fact we even featured some of his photos here in a post on Fstoppers back last August. The CBS Morning show caught up with Wilkes and did a behind the scenes video with him demonstrating his technique, thought process and how he goes about combining the images. The video, while produced for a general audience, is still a great watch for photographers to be inspired.  [more]

World War II Photos Superimposed On Same Modern Street

Dutch historian, Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, blends the past and present using photos from World War II and pictures from the same places today. Jo will literally spend hours trying to locate scenes of photos from the war and then photograph the modern day scene at the same angles so that she can blend the two pictures in Photoshop thereby creating her “Ghosts of History” photo series.  [more]

Photographing Death: Tragedies Turned Into Art

As I started to get into photography I’ve always been curious about the many different fields and who would want to shoot them. Sara Sudhoff has an interesting outlook on death and how we are affected by it, so she decided to exploit that interest through photography. Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley follow photographer Sara Sudhoff as she works on her series titled At the Hour of Our Death. In the series Sudhoff creates large-scale color photographs of stained fabrics from trauma scenes and discusses the invisibility of death in our culture. [more]

Chase Jarvis Live: Behind Brain Farm’s Art of Flight

Most of our readers should be familiar with Brain Farm. Basically they have been taking cinematography to the next level when it comes to action sports; think of them as the planet earth of extreme footage. Chase Jarvis recently invited executive producer Chad Jackson and pro snowboarder Travis Rice over to his Seattle studio to talk about the release of The Art of Flight. Watch the inspiring interview in the full post [more]

Portrait: A Documentary Insatgram vs Professional

Andy Newman created this intriguing documentary that explores the question “In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart. In this film, photographer Andria Lindquist and web designer/ professional instagramer Cory Staudacher talk about their outlook on photography and how it has impacted their life. Two points I couldn’t agree more on is how Cory talks about how important sharing your work and building a community is, and Andria talks about following your heart and continue to do what makes you truly happy. [more]

TIME Magazine’s Recent Cover Shot with iPhone and Hipstamatic

Okay, so with proper lighting, good make-up, and the right wardrobe, we know we can get great fashion images with the iPhone. But for those of you who thought it could never be used for news, think again. TIME Magazine’s recent cover, shot by Ben Lowy, was shot on an iPhone using the popular Hipstamatic app. [more]

On the Ground: The FS Perspective of Hurricane Sandy

I don’t expect many of you have lived through a natural disaster, and that’s a good thing. Up until this point, the worst I had ever experienced was a couple of earthquakes, the most damaging of which occurred when I was a toddler. But these past few days living in the heart of Manhattan (and Jerrit, Noam, and Jon as well, spread out across the city) have been a scary, eye-opening challenge. [more]

Assignment Photokina with the Olympus OM-D E-M5

Derrick Story of thedigitalstory.com has been a fan of the Olympus portable cameras for a few years now, and has really taken a liking to the Olympus OM-D E-M5 mirrorless camera. He recently traveled to Cologne, Germany armed with the micro four thirds compact camera, and his story proves that you can get a whole lot of bang for such a small package. [more]

Never Before Seen Photos Of Hiroshima

They say one mans trash is another mans treasure, that is true for the man that was walking his dog, saw a briefcase in a pile of trash, opened it up and discovered these rare photographs. “After the United States detonated an atomic bomb at Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, the U.S. government restricted the circulation of images of the bomb’s deadly effect. President Truman dispatched some 1,150 military personnel and civilians, including photographers, to record the destruction as part of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey. [more]

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