Apple Solves Annoying Flaring Issue for Cameras the World Over

You know how sometimes you get that annoying flare when taking a photo? I mean yeah, sometimes it’s artsy, but other times it’s just annoying. Don’t you wish there was an easy way to get rid of that flare? It’s an achievement that would change photography forever. Apple leads the way in pioneering new ways of thinking, as yesterday they solved this issue. Photographers rejoice! [more]

‘Specialicious’ Behind The Scenes Shoot With Jonathan Thorpe

Northern Virginia Magazine wanted a fun and different approach to an ad for their bargain locator website, Specialicious.com. Jonathan Thorpe, an amazing commercial photographer and a regular on our Fstoppers Facebook group, was assigned the task of shooting the project. The concept, a beauty queen who shopped on the website and is trying a paintball experience for the first time. [more]

Sony Buys Shares of Olympus, Makes Good on Promise to Support Camera Division

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony is buying up a healthy share of Olympus stock, furthering on their previous announcement that the two companies would share tech and co-produce product. This is a huge, bold move that makes real Sony’s promise to continue to build their camera division. Sony, I am impressed. You’re on your way to making me a believer. [more]

Victoria’s Secret Models Pre-Angel-Era

Coined as the “Pre-Angel Era”, Victoria’s Secret was quite modest compared to today’s Angels. Besides the furry slippers, unusual carpet and sleeping dog, there is a noticeable difference between these images and what graces the covers of their current catalogs. Naturally, editing skills have improved tremendously but it’s crazy to think how far this brand has come since the 70′s. Now we’re questioning whether the editing is too aggressive. Either way, I think these images probably appealed to both sexes during those years just like they do today. [more]

Robyn Lawley Becomes The First Plus Size Ralph Lauren Model

In the world of modeling where thin is the only way to go, model Robyn Lawley is definitely bucking the trend. She was recently  hired as the first plus sized model ever to front a campaign for clothing designer Ralph Lauren.


Vogue Accused Of Portraying ‘Domestic Violence’ On Their Recent Cover

This recent cover of Vogue Hommes International, featuring none other than Stephanie Seymour, is under fire. Women’s Right Advocacy groups and critics have accused Vogue of glorifying and portraying ‘domestic violence’ on the cover.  [more]

Giuliano Bekor’s Merchant 1948 BTS Photo Campaign

Giuliano Bekor is an amazing commercial and advertising photographer based out of Los Angeles. Recently he traveled down to Australia to produce a short editorial film for the clothing company Merchant 1948. The concept involves a set of short films based around the idea of models finding a ton of cash and avoiding the police by flying away in vintage airplanes. As ridiculous as that sounds, Giuliano’s execution makes for a really entertaining editorial spread. [more]

5 Reasons Why Being a Photography Assistant Is Worth It

Earlier this month, Drew Gurian sat down with Allen Murabayashi of Photoshelter to discuss the ins and outs of being a photography assistant. In this hour-long interview, Drew breaks it down for us and leaves us with five reasons being an assistant is worth it. [more]

Fstoppers First Impressions of the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L II

When the original 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens came out, it quickly became the go-to, do everything lens of choice for almost every Canon photographer I knew. Yes, we all had our prime favorites, but if we needed a workhorse that we could rely upon to do-it-all or only had the space to bring one lens, we grabbed for our 24-70. The original is still considered to be an amazing lens, and it’s no wonder that it’s one of the toughest lenses to find used on the market. Needless to say, I am excited about the upgraded 24-70mm L II. [more]

Behind The Scenes With Joey L: Shooting And Lighting Female Models

Joey L, who is widely known for his both compelling photos of quickly-vanishing lifestyles and visually engaging advertising work, recently put together a very informative BTS post on his blog which goes into detail about his lighting setups and approach to working with female models. Joey admits that while he does not regularly work with female models, [more]

Amazing Photos Of The 9/11 Tribute In Light

11 years passed since that horrible day on September 11, 2001, where 2,996 people lost their lives and many more injured in the biggest terror attack in history. Since that horrifying day, every year on the night of 9/11 – NYC’s sky is being lit up by 2 beams of lights as a memorial for the twin towers. Check out the best photos of ‘Tribute In Lights‘ found on the net.


Behind The Scenes: Cover Shoot For Backpacker Magazine

For the yet unreleased October ‘survival’ issue of Backpacker magazine, adventure  photographer, Bud Force, decided instead of having a model dangling perilously off of a cliff  that he would do a creative composite. He shot the background at ‘El Capitan’ peak in Guadalupe Moutains National Park and the subject at Mineral Wells State Park. [more]

The Better Pancake: Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f/2 SL II

About a month ago, you might recall my bitter disappointment with Canon’s new 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens. Aside from being light, it presented very little else that I could see as a positive. So my search for a great pancake lens continued, eventually leading me to the Voigtländer Ultron 40mm f/2 SL II Aspherical lens. [more]

Don’t Disregard Sony’s New Action Camera

It’s easy to just toss aside the news of the new Sony action cam as “late to the game” or “too late to matter.” However, I beg that you give this little guy a chance, and maybe think a little bit about what it means for the industry. [more]

The Enchanted Forest: Behind The Scenes With Julia Kuzmenko McKim

We have a very eclectic and large group of talented photographers that are active on our Fstoppers Facebook group. Some specialize in portraits, some in weddings and others, like me, are commercial photographers. Julia Kuzmenko McKim specializes in the whimsical. She sculpts beauty using light and a Wacom tablet. In this shoot, Julia and her team have tackled on an editorial. The setting, a fairytale like scene in a bright green forest. [more]

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