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Fstoppers Interview: Michael Donovan is Not Safe for Work

Warning: The following interview contains adult language, adult situations and nudity.

Michael Donovan rules. It says so on his website. It also says so on his Tumblr. It says so anywhere you’d find his name. And to be perfectly honest, believe the hype. Michael Donovan does rule. This is why I’m here, in a Lower East Side bar that never left 1982, having a drink and trying to hold a conversation while Asian fetish porn plays on TVs that I’m sure were taken from the dumpster behind a Motel 6. [more]

Dali’s Collaborated Photos NSFW

Salvador Dali was a Spanish surrealist painter, known for his mind bending paintings that border on nightmare and fantasy. So what happens when this creative mind teams up with award winning photographer Philippe Halsman in 1951… amazing creative work. See the post for their NSFW photos and portraits of Dali’s mustache.

Interview With Fraction Magazine

There are a few contemporary photography websites that make me immediately stop what I am doing and look through the work being featured each month. One of my personal favorites is Fraction Magazine. Each month Fraction brings a handful of emerging artists to their viewers, showcasing some really amazing contemporary photography in each issue.

Fraction Magazine is as an on-line contemporary photography magazine that features diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. [more]

NYC Blizzard? All You Need Is A Little Imagination

Are you located in the North East and getting hit hard by the snow storm? Are you just sitting inside? Brian Maffitt isn’t. He decided to grab a projector, throw on some cool visualizations and point it out into the snow and take pictures of it. A very cool and unique idea and way to spend the time sitting at home. [more]

The Thought-Provoking Fine Art iPhoneography Paintings of Brett Amory

How’s that for a tongue-twisting title? We have all seen plenty of so-called iPhone shooters, some more impressive than others, come and go over the last couple of years. But Brett Amory has taken it a step further, and creates tangible pieces of fine art from his iPhone images, and that extra attention and care transforms his iPhone snaps into fully-fledged artworks with mood, rhythm, and style. [more]

Lomography Purple: Why Would You Want Your Greens to Be Purple?

Lomography is into film revivals lately, recently releasing something quite similar to Kodak’s discontinued Aerochrome film, Lomography Purple. What’s so special about Lomography Purple? It changes all of your greens into a bright purple color. Surely such psychedelic effects will be revered by hipsters, lomographers, and acid-dropping enthusiasts around the world, but what is the actual use of such a film? Believe it or not, there is one (or two)… [more]

Review of Brief Encounters, Gregory Crewdson Documentary

Last night I was fortunate enough to catch Brief Encounters, the new documentary about Gregory Crewdson. Many of you may be familiar with his work, and may have even read our previous article on his production process. Crewdson operates on an extremely large scale, using a film production crew to execute his large-format photographs. [more]

The Amazing Detail of Miss Aniela’s Kai Face

Here is a gorgeous photo from Miss Aniela. She was commissioned by the Kai Mayfair restaurant in London to create a photo that embodied Chinese culture. Upon first inspection, she has nailed the topic wonderfully. But closer look shows the amazing level of detail, with hours of editing, spanning hundreds of years of ancient Chinese paintings. [more]

Brilliantly Minimalistic Food Still Lifes

I have always been a fan of concepts so simple that the simplicity is almost the subject. Paris’ own Florent Tanent has come up with a gorgeous little series of food still lifes, entitled “La grande Epicerie de Paris”, that showcase the minimalism as much as it does the food being photographed. I really dig some of these shots, hope you will too, Enjoy! [more]

Gorgeous Images Of Scanned Seeds

Artist, Svjetlana Tepavcevic, has made an incredible series of images by taking exotic seeds and scanning them on a 6400-dpi flatbed scanner and blown up to as much as 60 inches in size! The portraits of the pods she has captured are mesmerizing. Check out her site for more of this project. Enjoy! [more]

Behind The Scenes Of The 24×360 Project

A few weeks ago Eric Pare released the 24×360 project which included 24 cameras taking a long exposure picture of a single subject. It’s difficult to explain but once you see it you will understand. Eric was kind enough to write up an article just for us on how these incredible video clips were made. [more]

Daniel Arsham’s Plaster, Glass, Stone & Sand Cameras

Wired’s RAW File ran an interesting story on Daniel Arsham, an artist whose project produced hundreds of monochromatic cameras built out of plaster, glass, stone and sand. [more]

Strangely Compelling, Constantly Inspiring.

There is one site that I consistently go to for inspiration . No matter how stuck I may feel or how many projects may demand my attention when I visit this dark and ominous page of collected brilliance I always leave refreshed. It may not always be safe for work, that part is pretty tough to predict as the work is always changing, but in my opinion the risk is worth it for the ideas and executions there. Not lighting diagrams, no explanations, just photography…lots and lots of amazing photography.


Amazing Surreal Work from Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

Robert ParkeHarrison is a fine art/ surrealist photographer.  His work is a collaboration with partner and wife, Shana.  Robert showed up on the scene (in a big way) a little over a decade ago, with his book “The Architect’s Brother.”  The book was named one of ‘the Ten Best Photography Books of the Year’ of 2000 by the New York Times, but it probably wouldn’t be an understatement to call it one of the ten best of the decade.


Take A Look At How Fine Artist Nicholas Scarpinato Views The World

Coming from a fine art background I tend to be very fascinated by conceptual work. It took me a long time to start to understand the context of what fine art is and how simple or complex can be. It is commonly misunderstood and often overlooked especially with the growing interest and demand in commercial photography. To say I even fully understand it now would be nothing short of a lie, but I believe we should all open our minds to the confounding world of fine art. Nicholas Scarpinato knows how to construct some rather engaging work. [more]

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