Portrait Photography By Jackie Luo

As I have said in earlier posts, photographers are getting younger and younger. Jackie Luo is a seventeen year-old photographer based in Houston, Texas. She is also the editor-in-cheif of ACHE Magazine. [more]

Gorgeous Photography By Lemisiewicz Tomasz

I know a lot of people are on the Instagram kick right now. Even when shooting with normal DSLRs, they still like the look of the rustic, old, grainy photos. So if you like Instagram style photos, these is for you. If not, there is nothing to see here, move along. [more]

Inspiring Photography By Lorena Arance

“Ever since I was young I’ve always had the urge to preserve moments of my life. First by keeping a journal, then by collecting smells into little boxes (though that did not work very well as you can imagine, still for a little girl that was very disappointing). [more]

Portrait Photography Inspiration By Valentina Sarritzu

It’s amazing how young the photographers are getting now. Some of these photographers are only 16,17,18. It’s crazy! Valentina Sarritzu is one of those young photographers. [more]

Surreal Conceptual Photography by David Talley

I have been obsessed with surreal photography lately. I know most people see it all as the same thing but to me they are all amazing shots. David Talley is another surreal photographer who does an exceptional job and telling stories with images. [more]

Israel No Longer Appears On Flickr Maps [UPDATE: Been Re-Added!]

With a new CEO, Yahoo! hopes to bring Flickr back to life and make it the number one destination for photographers. With the renewed efforts, as MegaPixel revealed today, Flickr may have made one bad move, as they have erased Israel from their maps. The name of the country is still there, and also the names of 3 cities, but anything other than that has been removed: cities, villages, streets and roads. So far no comment from Flickr on this issue. [more]

30 Photos Of Life After Hurricane Sandy

Over a week and a half passed since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, and things are far from being back to normal. Many lost their homes and businesses, and many still have no electricity. In the past 11 days media outlets showed thousands of photos of the storm and the aftermath, and we also shared some of our own photos taken during that week. Now, its time to see the best Hurricane Sandy photos found on Flickr!


Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Europe: Meet Urbex Master Andre Govia

With it being halloween and all, I figure this would be a perfect set of shots for it. Andre Govia has a very good eye for the creepy and scary shots. This series of shots from abandoned locations in Europe are simply spectacular. He is currently on a tour to capture the most haunted and creepy images he can and is doing a very very good job of it so far. [more]

Spectacular Food Photography by Hannah Queen

If you’re in the mood for food, take a look at these shots. They made my mouth water with the way the lighting, layout and processing has been executed. “Hannah Queen is from Georgia, USA, and her pictures have a touch of that southern sweetness. She loves photographing natural, comfort-rich foods, like fresh fruit and honey with tea. Her homey pictures make you want to live somewhere peaceful, start a garden, or just visit Georgia for a bag of peaches.” [more]

Surfing Photography By Dezign Horizon

With the summer gone and winter fast approaching, why not take a visual trip to Hawaii. Dezign Horizon is a surfer, photographer, blogger, and adventurist. He focuses primarily on surf photography but also enjoys landscape and travel photography. [more]

Surreal Self Portraits By Kyle Thompson

It’s amazing what some people can do with just their camera, self timer and a little imagination. Kyle Thompson is one of those people. He takes by far the most amazing self portraits I have ever seen. From gorgeous to creepy and everything in between, every single shot of his is perfect. [more]

Halloween Is Around The Corner: Photos Of People In Costumes

It’s that time of the year people can get into character, and dress up as someone else (and yes, make fool of themselves). This is also a great time for photographers to go out and look for interesting looking people, and take photos they normally couldn’t take. Check out these 20 great photos found on Flickr of people in costumes and let us know which are your favorites.

The Bright Sun Rises: Awesome Sunrise Photos

There is something truly magical about sunrises. That orange glow in the sky, that yellow haze, or just the fact no one is out there. Its just you and the view. Call me lazy (maybe?), but I just cant bring myself to wake up at 4am or 5am to photograph, or even just look at a sunrise. At least some people are crazy enough to wake up early to shoot it for all of us to enjoy. Check out these great images of sunrises found on Flickr.

Pictures Of Happy People Will Make You Happy

There is nothing better than seeing happy people around you – doesn’t matter if they’re family, friends or total strangers. Seeing happy people will make you smile, and this is why this week we are featuring 15 awesome pictures of happy people found on Flickr. Check them out and let us know which are your favorites.


20 Awesome Street Photography Pictures You Should See

Street photography is the kind of photography most of us don’t usually like doing, but its probably the kind of photography we appreciate the most when the pictures become old. Its always amazing for me to see how people live, or lived, in other places or other times. Great street photography pictures can tell a story of time and place, and makes you make up your own story for the subject photographed. Check out these awesome photos and let us know which ones you like the best!

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