Splash Photography Makes Me Hungry For Fruits

Splash Photography is a very common type of photography in the commercial world and we see it around us all the time: in soft drink ads, as intro for cooking shows on TV or even in Cereal commercials. Here is a great collection of Splashing fruits – in water, cream or even beer – all found on Flickr. Also, make sure to watch the video to see how its done!


Window Photos Will Make You Think

There is just something about portraits of people looking out the window – doesn’t matter if its in a building, train or car. Its something we do all the time, but never really pay attention to it. This is why seeing these awesome images capturing this quick-everyday-moment is really great. It makes you think. What are they seeing? What are they thinking of? are they happy? sad? maybe waiting for someone?.

16 Lovely Landscape Photos by Angus Clyne

Angus Clyne has had multiple posts on Fstoppers and continues to create amazing images. This time he has shot some incredible landscape shots. [more]

Amazing Photos Of The 9/11 Tribute In Light

11 years passed since that horrible day on September 11, 2001, where 2,996 people lost their lives and many more injured in the biggest terror attack in history. Since that horrifying day, every year on the night of 9/11 – NYC’s sky is being lit up by 2 beams of lights as a memorial for the twin towers. Check out the best photos of ‘Tribute In Lights‘ found on the net.


20 Great Images of Lighthouses

Lighthouses are a pretty rare thing to see these days – every time I see a lighthouse, I feel like I went back in time to late 19th century or early 20th century. Check out these 20 magical images of lighthouses found on Flickr.


NASA, Give Me a Break. Earth Photos are Way Cooler.

For the past 30 days NASA spammed the Internet with Panoramas or regular format pictures from Mars. Any news site I read features new photos from Curiosity every 2 days, 20% of the tweets on my feed are related to photos from Mars. Yeah, Its awesome to see photos from other planets around us, but to be honest? Earth photos are way cooler. Even the most boring spots on earth gives us super interesting shots. Check out these great finds from Flickr – and wake me up when we land on Saturn.


20 Unique Images Of Birds

Check out these 20 images of few of the most interesting animals on the planet: from Sentinels to Eagles, owl and Egrets. Birds of all types flying, Eating or just posing to the camera. There is no doubt photographing birds (and getting awesome results) is one of the hardest things to do, you need a lot of luck, perfect location and sometimes also very expensive lenses and gear, so seeing these images makes me truly respect the photographers who took them. Check out the set of images found on Flickr and let us know which are your favorites!

Outstanding Examples of Electron Microscope Photography

When it comes to photography, it takes quite a bit to drop my jaw these days. It’s not that things are awesome, it’s that I’ve seen so much that it’s hard to stand out. Well, these photos taken with an electron microscope floored me. Due to their microscopic size, we rarely get to see these creatures in such striking detail. To be able to see the eyes of a caterpillar, the hairs on the back legs of a parasite, or the ridges on a worm just boggles the mind. [more]

Amazing Star Streak Photos by Don Pettit

On his current mission, Don Pettit, the flight engineer for the International Space Station put together some stunning images of star streaks around the earth. His images give a surreal and artistic look at the beauty that can be seen just above the atmosphere. On the ISS’s Flickr page, Don describes his process. [more]

20 Beautiful Active Volcano Images

Active volcano is something most of us will never see ‘face to face’, but the ones who do go next to one can get beautiful and unique images of this geological phenomena. Check out these amazing volcano images found on Flickr – some taken by pro photographers, some by amateurs – but all are truly great.

15 Amazing Images Of The Festival of Colors

Thomas Hawk, San Francisco based photographer, took amazing photos during the 2012 Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah earlier this year. The Hindu festival of Holi is being celebrated every year on March, and became a big hit in the photography community in the past few years because of the use of a lot of colored powder that makes it all look very magical.


Flickr Spotlight – Everyone Wants To Be Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history. Best ever. He did something many people tried doing for many years, and his achievement will raise a whole new generation of people who will have a dream of being like him. Tomorrow we are going to see Michael Phelps competing for the last time, so there is no better time to dedicate a post to him. Here are 20 of the best images of swimmers found on Flickr.

Flickr Spotlight – InfraRed Madness

Infra-red is something we just can’t see with our own naked eyes. We usually use it in products like the Xbox Kinect or for night vision goggles, but when using the right filter on your camera, you can use infra-red light to create amazing images.

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100 Ultra Moody Self Portraits

Hailing from Italy, photographer Luca Pierro has created quite a dramatic project with his 100 Self Portraits series. Each photo certainly keeps to a style while being diverse and unique all at the same time. I rarely shoot low key, so when I see it done well it really inspires me to get out and do it myself. Hopefully Luca’s work will inspire you to try something new as well. Enjoy! [more]

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