Internet Calls For Flickr To ‘Be Awesome Again,’ Flickr Responds In Kind

A few short years ago, Flickr was unquestionably the largest and most popular image sharing site on the internet. It was clean, fast, easy, and social. In fact, it was one of the first websites to embrace the concept of social media. Flickr was on the cutting edge of the internet, and it was growing fast. But over the past couple of years, as websites like Tumblr, Facebook, 500px, smugmug, Instagram and Imgur have risen to fame and evolved [more]

Flickr Spotlight – I Want To Ride My Bicycle

I actually dont really know how to ride a bicycle, but i do know I love Queen’s song about riding it and decided to make a post about it. Check out these great photos of Cyclists found on Flickr and like always – let us know which are your favorites!

Flickr Spotlight – a Look Into a Drop Of Water

This is not the usual water-drop photo series you’re used to see on many blogs (including FS) of splashing water and bouncing droplets. This set is not focused on the droplets, but on what you see in them. Check out this set of great images found on Flickr and let us know which are your favorites!

Flickr Spotlight – Happy Birthday USA!

4th Of July is the holiday of fireworks, so there is no better time to show you some of the best fireworks images found on Flickr. Taking interesting and ‘good’ pictures of fireworks is not an easy thing to do (if you tried it you know what im talking about) – and the photographers featured in this post did a great job with that. Check it out!


Flickr Spotlight – Faceless Portraits

No, relax, you’re not going to see photos from recent zombie attacks (maybe next week?). Its just awesome looking faceless portraits. A face without eyes, mouth or a nose is not just weird, it also takes away any personality from the photographed person, which makes the photos even more special and unique. So, which is your favorite?

The Brenizer Effect With Fantastic Examples

If you keep up with fstoppers, it’s likely you saw some unique portraits posted HERE using the Brenizer Method. This post explains that method a little more. If you want to hear Ryan Brenizer explain his own method, he posted his own video on his website. If you you’re too lazy to watch the whole thing though, here’s a summary with some examples.


Flickr Spotlight – Striking Images Of Rainbows Around The World

Photos of rainbows tend to look cheesy and kitschy, and people usually “abuse” the pictures with tons of crazy editing and heavy HDR effects to make it look cooler (and fail). But – when doing it tastefully, the results can be breath-taking – and breath-taking are exactly the kind of images we collected here for you. Check out all these amazing photos from all around the world and let us know which you liked the best in the comments!


NASA Creates Unintentional Art While Testing Space Suits

In the days before computer modeling, testing, and digital everything else, NASA had to come up with some pretty clever solutions to test and record results for their multitude of space programs. Using long exposures and creative light setups, they were able to record the results of their testing on their most technologically advanced space suits. And the result? [more]

Flickr Spotlight – Light Stenciling Is The New Light Painting

We all know the classic way to light paint photos, usually with a flashlight or a similar light source, but recently a new technique came to life: Light Stenciling. The idea is simple – instead of moving a flashlight in the frame to create shapes, you use a computer display (iPads, iPhones, Laptops) to add characters and items to the image by placing a graphic on top of a black background. The results are really awesome, so check out some of the best stencils we could find on Flickr.

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight – Lonely Trees

Trees are something that we’re used to seeing together, in groups, or at least a few feet away from each other. This is why pictures of lonely trees are so magical. It makes you stop for a second and think about the place, and even make your own story for the picture. Check out this set of amazing lonely tree images chosen out of thousands of pictures on Flickr.

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight – Underwater Wrecks

Underwater photography is a kind-of-rare form of photography. Its way less accessible for most of us, as most of us cant afford the super expensive DSLR underwater housing, and Intagram will probably fail in this mission as well. Most of underwater shots we get to see are of nice looking fish, or a cool coral reef – but this time we’re bringing you something even cooler – the best underwater shots of sunken wrecks: ships, planes and cars.

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight – Full Frame Scanography

I bet most of you never heard of the term “Scanography” before, but its ok, I just learned about it a week ago. The idea of Scanography is using a regular paper scanner as a camera, and take pictures of whatever can fit in or around the scanner. The results are somewhere between scary to magical. Check out the best Scanography photos found on Flickr!

[Pics] It Was The Last Flight Of Space Shuttle Enterprise And I Was There

On Friday I had the pleasure to see and photograph Space Shuttle Enterprise flying for the last time, and not just flying, but over one of the greatest cities in the world – New York City. [more]

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #13 – Smoking Portraits

Smoking is totally bad for your health, and the health of the people around you. BUT, I think we can all agree smoking is awesome for your pictures. With the right light, location or theme, you can get great and memorable shots when the model is smoking.

Personally I never smoked, and never going to try, but I really enjoy looking at portraits of smoking girls and guys. Check out this collection of 15 amazing portraits of smoking people.

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #12 – The Beauty of Sunsets

Sunsets are probably one of most photographed ‘subjects’ ever. Almost every photographer out there is shooting something related to sunsets here and there, and it doesn’t matter if its a pro shooter or just someone who started – beautiful sunset is just something that is hard to ignore. This week I bring you some of the best sunset images found on Flickr. Some are what you expect them to be, but some are very unique and surprising – Check them out.

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