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[DIY] A 38 Seconds Tip For Photographers Traveling Abroad

A hyper, over caffeinated Benjamin Von Wong sent me this super short, super simple but super easy to overlook tip. So, if you plan on traveling any time in the near future and have 38 seconds to spare, give it a look.

Benjimin Von Wong:
Quick Tip # 1 – Bring a powerbar when you travel! Oh, and don’t drink too much coffee before filming! [more]

[BTSV] On The Road With The Crew of No Reservations

The crew for Travel Channel’s television show, “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain have started posting BTSVs on their Road Bite TV, YouTube Channel. This is an interesting and entertaining look at what the crew, from producers to cameramen, have to go through while traveling the world. Check out the first four videos and decide if life on the road is for you. [more]

[Video] Ninjas (Robotic Drone Mounted RED Epic)

The guys over at Omstudios wanted to show off the capabilities of the their OMCOPTER drone, housing a RED Epic. The video clearly shows the drone’s ability to move in, out, around and over the action. Sadly we are cheated out of all the awesome clashes of steel and slashing of viscus as there is no sound to this video. But I’m sure, if you ask nice enough, our very own Patrick Hall will beat box out all the sound effects for you over the phone. Check out the video and a couple of BTS of the OMCOPTER drone, in the full post. [more]

[News] Photographer Kills, Rare, Earless, Mutant Rabbit

The Limbach-Oderfrohna Zoo in Eastern Germany was holding a big media event to introduce three-week-old Til. Til was (that’s right, I said “was”) a rare earless mutant rabbit, that met a tragic end when a photographer took a backward step into the animal’s pen crushing him. Until that moment (ironically) Til was living in a private enclosure for his protection even though there had been requests to put him on show to the public. [more]

[News] 6 Tips for Better Portraits via The New York Times

Hello Fstoppers’ Fans. We just wanted to give Peter Hurley a well deserved pat on the back for just being featured in the Gadgetwise section of the New York Times and to toot our own horn over the success of our first full length tutorial DVD. If you’re still in the dark and don’t know what all the hype is about then check out the published article where Peter shares a small part of the DVD with, “Six Tips for Better Portraits”. Or you can skip all that and jump right into grabbing, “The Art Behind The Headshot” DVD. The most comprehensive DVD on how to get the ideal headshots for your clients. [more]

[Video] Be the Next Big Viral Video (creative/LED)

I’m starting this one with a disclaimer: this post is oriented towards the trending, creative use of LEDs. Like the L.E.D. Surfer post or the Invisible Car post. So, watch this video if you have an open mind and a creative urge, cause it’s not photo/video specific.

Now that I got that out of the way… We are seeing more artists taking advantage of the LED tech as it becomes less expensive to work with. Light painters being early adopters of LED use, have opened our minds to the seemly unlimited and magical potential they have to offer in the creative arena. [more]

[News] A Single Roll’s Worth of Prints Sells For $5,903,250

On March 12th 2012, 36 recent prints by photographer William Eggleston sold for $5,903,250 at a Christie’s auction. That’s equivalent to one roll of film!

This was the first time Eggleston created digital pigment prints, as opposed to his usual dye-transfer process that he’s used since the 1970s. The highest selling print , “Untitled, 1970″, which depicts a child’s tricycle brought in $578,500. [more]

[Gear] The 1st Affordable Digital Cinema Camera

The Digital Bolex is a cinema quality digital camera. Which is to say it shoots RAW images or digital negatives, instead of compressed video. And the kicker is, the Bolex is not just designed with pros in mind but consumers as well, by making it inexpensive (relatively speaking), compact, and easy to use. Like a lot of great ideas that come to market these days, this project is being launch via Kickstarter. The Digital Bolex shoots it’s footage at a native resolution of 2048 x 1152 in Super 16mm mode. If you don’t get why all of this is so cool, then be sure to watch the promo video. [more]

[BTSV] Creating Super Heroes with an Overhead

Haristobald’s photostream has some interesting shots in it but what is more interesting is how he produced them. Using an old school, overhead projector, A4 sized transparencies, a strobe and a bit of mechanical know how, Haristobald can now transform his environment and his models. See behind the scenes of his latest Superman shoot and jump into the full post to see a video on how he modified an archaic device into a useful photography tool.

[BTSV] Contorsion Models: Bending Over Backwards

Benjamin Von Wong just hit me up, from his facebook account, to let me know his latest BTSV is out. His 9th, here on Fstoppers, if I counted correctly. And this time no one had to be set on fire but they did have to bend over backwards.
Enter contorsion artist, Myriam Deraiche.

[Video] A Photographer and A Model Switch Roles

See what happens when professional photographer, Mark Chung, hands his camera over to professional model, Callie Roberts. Given just a couple hours to instruct one another, each are then asked to do one another’s job.

A heads up for all our model readers: this video does seem to focus more on the photographer’s role and less on the model’s. Which, despite the inference, I know to be quite difficult.

[Gear] iPad3 = Happy Photographers

While drinking my morning coffee, happstr (a curious little site that helps you find your happy place) asked me, “What makes you happy?” My wonderfully supportive and beautiful wife? A photo career that nurtures my soul? Having the freedom to live anywhere and do anything I want? And then it hit me. It’s the 9th and exactly one week from today, Apple’s “the new iPad” will be on the shelves. You know you’re a gadget fanatic when… [more]

[Video] How the 5D Mark II Was Used to Make an Invisible Car

Ok, admittedly this video has more to do with the Mercedes than the 5D Mark II but what they have done with the two is far too cool not to show you. Using mats of LEDs and mounting Canon’s 5D Mark II on the opposite side, the promoters of Mercedes new F-Cell concept vehicle, were able to render the vehicle virtually invisible. To see the set up and the resulting video jump into the full post. [more]

[Pics] Two Great Series: A Professional Baby and An Invisible Man

Paris based photographer Malo “Monday Monday” shot a baby series that is absolutely adorable. Ya that’s right I said adorable. What of it? But as I began looking into his work to get some background I found an older series that I liked too. Not being able to choose which to post I said f#@k it and decided to post both. [more]

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