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[News] A Post-Apocalyptic Series That Shares Filmmaking Tutorials

There is a new web series in the works that centers around 1 man along in a broken and empty New York City. Why do you as a filmmaker care? Well, the series will include filmmaking tutorials on things like: how to turn an actor into a zombie, how to create a destroyed Empire State Building and whatever else takes, director Rubidium Wu’s fancy, along the way. See the trailer and first BTS tutorial in the full post.

[BTSV] Contest: The Making of a 30 Second Ad Is No Joke

See how much work goes into a 30 second (soccer themed) water spot. This is one of the few entries where I thought watching the BTS vid was far cooler than the final product. Definitely worth braving the 7 minute and 30 seconds to see how the big boys get things done but be warned, lazy kids, this one is subtitled.

[BTSV] Contest: Aurora Lifestyle

Michael Ericsson: “There is my latest behind the scenes video for a shoot I did back in early September. I’ve had it in my head for a while to create some sort of tribute video to the late Dean Collins. After seeing the call for entries from Fstoppers.com, I decided to run with it.”

[BTSV] Contest: Digital Light Sculpting with a Projector

“…One projector (the one I used was less than 200 bucks used) can replace many traditional strobes + modifiers for a fraction of the cost. Using this technique I can create more elaborate plates for composite images with less lighting gear… I guess the end goal for this technique would be a developing a projector that used a flashtube… thus creating the ultimate light modifier.”

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