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[Video] A Comprehensive Look at Working with Models

Mark Wallace hits us with a video full of tips and etiquette when it comes to working with models. This video covers a lot of ground so if you have limited experience with shooting models give it a peek. Be sure to watch all the way to the end of the video to catch Mark’s “Stand this way and twist this way and move this way and shot shot.” Trust me, at 12:47 it will make sense to you. Or it won’t. :/

[BTSV] Contest Entry: The Creek (dedication/party geekness)

With less than a week to go, the Fstoppers 2011 Behind the Scenes Contest is quickly drawing to an end. So, we are spending a lot more time looking over and posting user submissions. This latest entry may not have the best final image out there but I really dig the adventurous/road trip vibe. And what really got me was recognizing myself in the final seconds of the video. You know what I’m talking about… being hunched over your laptop, running through your selection process, while the party rages on around you. It’s never very hard to spot the photo geek in a crowd. Best of luck Matthew. Last minute reminder: $21,000 worth of gear is nothing to sneeze at so get those contest entries in damn it. tick, ticK TICK!

[News] 7 Things You Should Do Immediately With Your First DSLR

For all of you who were fortunate enough to be gifted a shiny new DSLR this holiday season, Stan Horaczek over at PopPhoto.com wrote a short article titled, “7 Things You Should Do Immediately With Your First DSLR”. For our more experienced readers the advice may seem to be a no brainer but if it’s your first ever DSLR, there are some words to live by here.

[BTSV] Contest Entry: Transcend (informative/entertaining)

“The last thing we want to see is another music video.” “The last thing we want to see is another music video.” “The last thing we want to see is another music video.” No matter how many times we say it, we get submission after submission of uninformative videos where people take some footage, drop in some music and send it along. Not the case with Caleb’s first ever BTS video where he shows you, in painstakingly long detail, how he got his ethereal final image. He even made me chuckle a bit but lied to me when he said “…the next ten minutes.”, cause this vid is 32 minutes long. :) Get those contest entries in kids.

[BTS Video] Contest Entry: a bottle of cold water (product shot)

As more and more jobs pop up for product shooting here in NYC I find myself needing to seriously update my portfolio. Which must be why this latest contest entry from Rui Antunes caught my eye. It’s a simple video, that lacks a bit in the way of entertainment value but makes up for it in educational value and a pretty decent final image. Good luck Rui. And remember folks, you only have about a week to get your contest entries in.

[News] Wedding Photog Sued Over Music: A Cautionary Tale

When Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo’s wedding video went viral on YouTube, wedding photographer Joe Simon found himself getting sued for having used Coldplay’s “Fix You” as the background music. To avoid a costly lawsuit Joe was forced to take down the video and to pay a settlement along with an agreement to not talk about the incident. Just something for you all to consider when using music for your next wedding videos or while entering contests such as our Fstoppers 2011 BTSC. Don’t get caught with your pants down. As wedding videos increase in style, quality and attention, more and more music producers, artists and composers are taking a more serious stance on their copyrights.

[Pics] “Wonderland”: Scenic Insect Photography

Feature Shoot’s: Alison Zavos: Nadav Bagim is a photographer from Ramat-Gan, Israel. His WonderLand images are created by using unique but rather simple artificial lighting and household objects from vegetables to plastic bags. The photos are shot inside a miniature studio with a Canon EOS 60D Camera, and a Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens and flashes. The insects were found in his apartment and on plants outside his window and were not harmed during shooting.”

See Nadav’s captivating shots the full post.

[Pics] MyModernMet’s Best of Sleeveface 2011

MyModernMet’s Pinar: “Three years ago, we brought you the phenomenon known as Sleeveface, which involves taking the sleeve of a vinyl record and extending the image outside of its confined frame through photography. Since then the project has grown, inspiring others to create their own image…

See MyModernMet’s 21 Sleeveface photo picks for 2011 in the full post.

[News] Nikon D4 Specs Leaked

Being on the road in Argentina, with nothing but my iPad and nets speeds of 0.36Mbps, makes for some hard posting. But when the admins over at Nikon Rumors announced the specs for Nikon’s D4, with 90% certainty, I knew it was worth the effort . Read what they have to say about Nikon’s anwser to Canon’s 1DX in the full post and let us know if it’s all you hoped for.

[Video] Judge Brown Tears Cheap Wedding Photog a New One

case [Video] Judge Brown Tears Cheap Wedding Photog a New One

I have to say up front I’m a little ashamed at posting this. I don’t watch American trash TV or “reality TV”, in fact, I don’t even have cable. My TV is reserved for my PS3, Wii, Netflix and avi files. But when I saw this video of Judge Joe Brown ripping this professional wedding photographer a new one I couldn’t help but chuckle at this ridiculous exchange. I apologize ahead of time for all the stupid in this video but there is a lot to say about this one so… [more]

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