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All the Winners of Last Week’s Fstoppers Workshops Contests

Last week we had a ton of contests for our first ever Fstoppers Workshops in the Bahamas.   Each of the 10 instructors gave away free classes to their workshops through a ton of different platforms.  Every winner is listed in this full post.  If you missed out, don’t worry.  LensRentals and four of the instructors are currently giving away an ALL PAID EXPENSE TRIP to our workshop in the Bahamas and it ends in less than 12 hours.  Less than 14 entries have been made so your chances of winning are extremely high! [more]

Win An ALL EXPENSE Paid Trip To The Fstoppers Workshop In Paradise Plus $300 Gear Rental

If you wanted to attend the Fstoppers workshops in the Bahamas but don’t have the money, you have one last chance to win an all expense paid trip that covers your flight, hotel, 4 classes, and $300 gear rental. We are giving away one last ALL EXPENSE paid trip to one lucky winner that can upload a short video of themselves explaining why they should have this opportunity and what gear they will rent from Lensrentals.com.  [more]

Win Free Admission To The Fstoppers Photography Workshops In The Bahamas

Just a few hours and/or days left on these!  The first ever Fstoppers Workshops taking place in the Bahamas May 28th – June 1st is quickly approaching. Our crazy Atlantis Hotel Discount Room Rate is expiring on the April 22nd , and all of the instructors are each running a social media contest for those of you wishing to attend. Collectively there are over 15 free spots in a variety of workshops. To enter, simply check out the full post [more]

Your Chance To Win The Entire Workshop For RGG Photo

We’ve gotten quite a few e-mails from people that want to attend our workshop but can’t due to financial constrictions. So this week we are giving away a golden ticket to all of our classes in the Bahamas for absolutely FREE. You are just responsible for your airfare and hotel. Follow the instructions in the video to find out how to enter. [more]

Peter Hurley Teaches From Zero To #Shabang!

When it comes to getting the best expressions out of your subject, Peter Hurley is one of the best out there. Two years ago we teamed up with Peter and produced the critically acclaimed The Art Behind the Headshot. This year Peter Hurley is joining us in the Bahamas for the 2014 Fstoppers Workshops. His two day headshot intensive has already sold out but there is still room in his newest lecture series From Zero To Shabang! Check out this video for details [more]

BTS: The Anatomy Of A Luxury Hotel Penthouse Photograph

A few weeks ago Pat, Lee, Lauren and myself went to the Bahamas to get ready for the upcoming Fstoppers Workshop. While we were there, we wanted to film some kind of architectural photography tutorial video, and we’re happy to share that it’s finally ready. The Atlantis Resort is giving us an all-access pass to photograph anything at the resort for the workshop, and [more]

You Have Less Than 30 Days To Book The Fstoppers Workshop

On May 28th – June 1st Fstoppers is hosting our first ever photography workshop in the Bahamas at Atlantis Resort. We signed a contract with the resort which guaranteed our attendees the cheapest possible hotel rates. After fees, the cheapest room at the resort is usually over $450. The attendees of our workshop pay less than $200/room and they can be shared at no extra cost. Sadly there is a catch.  [more]

BTS: Building An Architectural Interior Photograph From The Ground Up

In today’s post, I’m going to walk you through how I build an architectural photograph from square one. We’ll discuss composition, lighting, staging, styling, and posing models in an architectural interior in order to create the image that the client has in mind. Despite appearing as a rather simple image, this shot took over an hour to finish on location with multiple steps and a lot of pre-visualization. [more]

Phlearn’s Aaron Nace Teaches How To Plan Your Dream Photoshoot

If you haven’t spent any time on Phlearn.com then you are missing out on some amazing post production tutorials. Phlearn founder Aaron Nace has teamed up with Fstoppers for our first ever Fstoppers Workshops! During May 28 – June 1st, Aaron will be teaching a 2 day workshop in the Bahamas where you and 7 other students will plan and execute your “dream photoshoot”. [more]

Fstoppers Workshops: Don’t Let Your Class Sell Out

As you can see from our site take over, we are hosting our first ever Fstoppers Workshops down in the Bahamas from May 28th – June 1st. During these 5 days, we have 10 of the top photographers teaching small, intimate classes on all genres of photography. Today Peter Hurley was the first instructor to sell out spots for his flagship course The Headshot Intensive. Every other class from the other instructors still has availability, so if you are planning on attending we don’t want you to miss out. For the full [more]

I Shot A $15,000 Per Night Penthouse With A Single Speedlight (And You Can Too!)

I recently visited the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas with Lee and Patrick to scout out locations for my upcoming architectural photography workshop and we were pretty much given unfettered access by the Atlantis marketing department to shoot whatever we wanted. First on the list? The $15,000 per night penthouse suite. I only brought a minimal amount of gear [more]

Learn Photography From Celebrity Photographer Michael Grecco

My senior year of college I made the decision to change my career goal of being a graphic designer to a professional photographer.  In 2005 the internet wasn’t yet a great resource for learning about photography so I bought photography books. During my first year out of college I purchased Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait by Michael Grecco and he quickly became my favorite photographer.  [more]

Only 9 Spots Left For Pye Jirsa’s Wedding Photography Workshop

Update: 7 seats left. Are you planning on attending Pye Jirsa’s Ultimate Wedding Workshop down in the Bahamas? If so you better reserve your spot soon. Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge will be teaching his 2 day course on all things wedding photography down at our first ever Fstoppers Workshops. If you have seen the wedding work of Lin and Jirsa Weddings then you know Pye and his team are at the pinnacle of the wedding genre. [more]

Fstoppers Original: Testing Camera Gear In The Bahamas

Last week Lee, Mike, Lauren, and I headed down to the Bahamas to work out all of the details on the Fstoppers Photography Workshop taking place at the Atlantis Resort from May 28 – June 1st. B&H gave us a ton of gear for our trip and asked us to “test” all of it in as many different ways as possible. I believe we succeeded.  [more]

The Photographers Weight loss Challenge

If you are anything like me, you’re extremely active during the summer and once winter rolls around you become a hermit and the pounds pack on. For those of you attending our Bahamas photography workshop, you may be interested in our photographers weight loss challenge. [more]

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