Olympic Photographer Leaves Lens Cap On

We’ve all left our lens caps on before but it usually takes a split second to look through the viewfinder and figure out what the problem is. This Olympic photographer took a little bit longer to figure out that his lens cap was the reason for his blank images. Unluckily for him, these embarrassing 12 seconds were broadcast to the world. [more]

Team CoCo Plays With Olympic Slow Motion Camera

Slow motion is fantastic, that I’m pretty sure we can all agree on. It makes everything more awesome. The awesome works so well at the Olympics, that Conan O’Brien wanted to see if he could recreate the stunning visuals captured during the Olympic events and transfer that greatness to comedy. So he rented one and tried it out. Does it work? [more]

Fantastically Funny Photos Of Divers Mid Air

Diving is hard. It takes an incredible amount of skill, training, and timing to pull of a beautiful dive. Those who can complete the amazing feat and win competitions are truly fantastic. Seriously, they rock. I could never do what they do. But on a less serious note, the faces they make while spinning at ridiculous speeds are… well, frankly, hilarious. [more]

WWII Video Replaces Guns With DSLRs + Behind The Scenes + Explosions!

We’ve featured videos from Devin Graham before, as he’s best known for his hugely popular Epic Rope Swing and Dubstep Violin videos. In this new video, Devin has been working with WWII groups to add more action films to his portfolio, this video definitely shows that he knows what he is doing. Hit the jump for the behind the scenes video! [more]

Re-Creating the “Blow Job” Effect

A couple months ago, we posted images from a series of portraits shot by Tadao Cern that were described as “blow job portraits”. Kai and crew over at Digital Rev TV put together a fun video trying to re-create this effect using some interesting tools on a handful of models, while “keeping stimulated” by trying a new technique. Can you keep a straight face while watching this?

San Diego Fireworks Snafu Results in Unintentional Art

UPDATED: More added!
Last night, as you may have already heard, some miscalculation/technical difficulties with the San Diego fireworks show resulted 9 seconds of explosive madness, compressing into a few short moments what was supposed to be an 18 minute show. Now we get to actually see what many of us have always wondered: what would it look like to set all the fireworks off at once? [more]

These Woman Only Look Beautiful Upside Down

Don’t believe this is the same image? I didn’t either and that’s why I created an animated gif to prove it. The Thatcher effect is a phenomenon where it becomes difficult to detect local feature changes in an upside down face. This strange human glitch was named after Margaret Thatcher, whose image this was first tested on. These images were taken by Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm for the new Dove Campaign. You’ll have to watch it a few times to believe it for yourself. [more]

The Real Life Barbie Photoshoot

Check out this amazing photoshoot by Dina Goldstein she titled “In The Dollhouse.” Dina spared no expense as her team built set after set to complete this real-life Barbie and Ken series. Just like the last Barbie series we posted, this one is also a little twisted. Apparently you can’t go wrong with Barbie series because these images have already gone viral around the web. [more]

Projecting and Shooting an Epic Police Chase

This little clip shows you how little equipment you need to create an eye catching scene. The Theory uses a simple mini projector and an iphone to create a creative high speed police chase. Although this kind of technology has been used for a little more high end commercial output, it’s refreshing to see people having fun and doing it well. What kind of projects do you think this could be used for?

Funny Photo Gifs That Describe The Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography can be a funny thing. On one end, it probably single-handedly makes up the largest field of working professionals. On the other end, many photographers vow to never ever shooting weddings (for a number of reasons). The website Whatshouldwecallweddingphoto has compiled some hilarious video images that sum up every situation a wedding photographer finds throughout their career. Click the full post for a few of my favorites; you are going to want to reserve a good 30 mins on this one. [more]

Camera Vs. Wild: The Damage Waiver Bearly Covered This One

We recently interviewed LensRentals and asked them about humorous (or rather, sad) situations in which gear came back totally destroyed or rendered otherwise unusable. Turns out nothing could have prepared anyone at LensRentals for what happened this week in Yellowstone when a bear commandeered a Nikon 600 and D4. [more]

Photos Shot From A Perspective That Will Make You Look Twice To Figure Them Out

These photos are almost like optical illusions. You won’t believe what you’re seeing for a while till you look twice. Some of them look downright wrong but thankfully there is a good explanation for each of them! Which ones were your favorite? Take a look and let us know what you think.  [more]

[Humor] How You REALLY Look Like When Posing For a Picture

Dean Fleischer-Camp, who brought you ‘Marcel The Shell‘ (together with Jenny Slate), decided to make a funny video showing how ridiculous people look like when posing for a picture. All he did was taking a short video of his friends posing for what they thought is going to be still photos. Genius. Scary how ridiculous we all look when posing for a picture.

[Humor] Your Favorite Celebrities as Russian Generals

Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Sean Connery are all Russian generals. At least in this set of images they are. These came from a site called ReplaceFace, where you can get your own personalized portrait as a general. I have to admit, I would gladly hang this portrait of Bill Murray over my mantle (if I had a mantle). What do you think of these composites?

[Humor] Instagram Uses Facebook’s 1 Billion Dollars To Make An Instant Camera

It’s Friday, have a laugh. The crew over at The Verge put together this video of a (fake) camera that resembles a Polaroid by instantly producing a printed image out of it’s body. This model, made by Instagram, lets you add you own effects for an even more unique look at your images! I can’t wait to buy one of these and start shooting professional looking wedding photos! [more]

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