Fstoppers Reviews the Phottix Luna Collapsible Beauty Dish

Phottix has been steadily working its way up the ladder when it comes to reliable and affordable photography equipment. Much like Yongnuo, Phottix started in the marketplace as somewhat unreliable, but in recent years has done a lot to turn that around. Introduced a few months ago, the Phottix Luna collapsible beauty dish caught many an eye as a perfect answer for beauty lighting on the go. But the question remained: does it produce the same results as a real beauty dish? [more]

Behind The Scenes With Wolfe Air And Their Incredible Flying Camera Platforms

Last week I posted a gorgeous video from Wolfe Air – their promo reel for aviation cinematography, and explained a bit of the process behind it. This week, I’ve found and put together a few videos which detail how they equip their planes and helicopters with some of the most advanced camera technologies available, and it’s pretty mindblowing. In these videos, Wolfe Air loads up a Learjet with [more]

Wishing for a New STM Lens? Canon Announces the 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

If you’ve early-adopted to Canon’s new STM motors, then you’ve probably been wishing there were a few more lenses available that you could make use of. Canon is releasing new STM lenses at a steady pace, and today announced the 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, expanding the lineup of STM lenses to six total models. The new 70D will have STM compatibility, so this is certainly an area to keep an eye on. [more]

Canon Adds Four New Point-And-Shoots with Improved Focus Speed

Canon, makers of some of the more trusted point-and-shoot cameras, have announced four new members of their lineup, the PowerShot G16, the PowerShot S120, the PowerShot SX510 and the PowerShot SX170. The cameras feature advanced DIGIC imaging technology for high-quality images, and all four models have the ability to achieve faster autofocusing speeds than was possible with previous PowerShot models. [more]

Canon is Facebook Ready? New Camera Connects Directly with Social Network

Following in the footsteps of Samsung who have the convenient “Share” button on their cameras, Canon has updated their tiny point-and-shoot with a feature they think fits right to the audience looking at a camera of this class: an built in Facebook share button. Canon is Facebook ready… are you? [more]

Wacom Announces Two Portable Cintiq Tablets And A Pressure Sensitive iPad Stylus

Keeping up with the latest consumer demand, Wacom has just announced three new exciting products. The first two are portable Cintiq products. Thirdly, they’ve also come out with a stylus for the iPad that is pressure sensitive. [more]

Which 50mm Lens Should You Buy? Kai From DigitalRev Compares Models

The always entertaining Kai from DigitalRev TV takes to the streets, armed with 3 different models of Canon 50mm lenses: The 1.8, 1.4, and 1.2L. Using phrases like “sphincter twitching” and “buying meth”, he colorfully illustrates his points about choosing the right lens based on your budget and compares the look and feel of each model. [more]

Slider vs. Jib vs. Steadicam: What’s Best For Your Story?

When calling ourselves artists, we also inherently accept the title of “story teller”. We each use different mediums, but our goals are ultimately the same: Creating memorable and engaging content. We use art to tell stories in beautiful and unique ways, which in turn helps connect us together. [more]

Voigtlander’s 42.5mm f/0.95 Micro Four Thirds Lens Could Be Awesome

Voightlander, maker of one of the sharpest pancake lenses I’ve ever used, has a new lens on the market, and it’s unbelievably fast. Their new 42.5mm f/0.95 lens has the potential to be amazing if you’re in the market for a new micro four thirds prime, and with an equivalent to 85mm after factoring the crop magnification, this lens could be amazing for portraits and is available for pre-order now for shipping by August 21. [more]

Sell Your Photography Gear With “My Gadgets” From eBay

eBay rolled out a new feature to their website with “My Gadgets” which can track current prices of the gear you are looking to sell.

I am sure some are out there saying “Ya that’s what eBay does, you big dummy” but this looks to be a different feature on the surface. It is more like a location on your account to track and manage items you add to your gadgets page and keep tabs on current selling prices.  [more]

New Fotopro Tripods Appear Identical to MeFoto

Because we cover a lot of news, we often get sent a slough of press releases from companies looking to get their product out to the masses. Today I received a release from Fotopro who announced a new line of colorful tripods. Sound familiar? It should, because they look exactly like MeFoto tripods. [more]

Think Tank Keeps it Light with New TurnStyle Sling Bags

Think Tank just announced the release of it’s new sling camera bag collection, the TurnStyle. Designed to be lightweight with easy access to your gear, the bags come in three sizes to match specific needs. Think Tank says the new bags are ideal for DSLRs in the larger options to mirrorless and smaller cameras in the more compact sized bags. These hybrid bags can be worn as a shoulder sling bag or as a belt pack for increased versatility and comfort. [more]

The LED Light Cube Wants to Redefine Your Idea of Photo Light

A small team based in Melbourne, Australia wants to change how you view your studio lights. They say their new invention, the LED Light cube, offers answers to age-old problems. Their Cube has no recycle time, better control over light output and no external battery packs. Due to The LED Light Cube using an LED model rather than a filament, the Cube can just as easily double as a video light as well as a flash. Sounds cool right? [more]

The Must Have Tool for Strobe Users

A few months ago, wedding photographer and Fstoppers writer, Trevor Dayley made a post about his favorite thing in his camera bag. Spoiler – it was a tilt shift lens, and the work he was able to produce with it made for some interesting and beautiful wedding and engagement photos. However, Trevor and I shoot entirely different styles, so what’s my favorite thing in my camera bag? [more]

The Best Piece of Gear You’ll Ever Have… and it Won’t Fit in Your Bag.

We’ve all had that moment. You’re out shooting on location, the shots are looking great, the weather’s perfect, and then CRASH… a rogue gust of wind tears through your set and blows over your light stand. Bummer, but there’s one piece of gear you can take on a shoot to prevent this kind of catastrophe, and it’s not a sandbag. [more]

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