Nikon’s New Announcements: SB-300 Speedlight and 18-140mm Lens

Last night Nikon announced two new products, the Nikon SB-300 AF Speedlight and the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens. The SB-300 is a smaller strobe designed for on-camera flash with i-TTL support. It has a guide number of 59′ at ISO 100 and is compatible with DX and FX sensors with coverage from 27mm-200mm on a FX-format camera. The 18-140mm is a kind of all-in-one zoom lens is compatible with DX format cameras and is aimed at photographers looking for one lens solution. [more]

Filming Big Ideas With Small Budgets

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. I’m sure we’ve all heard this saying at one point in our lives. Even though I never took the advice (In your face Mom!) it can easily be reworked into something I firmly believe. “Film for the job you want, not the job you have”. [more]

10 General Items to Keep in Your Gear Bag

As photographers and videographers we often obsess over our cameras, lenses, stands, lights, etc. But often times, the most important tool in your bag is from the hardware store, something that allows you to temporarily fix an unexpected situation, whether it’s a gear failure, or the need to fix something in an awkward space. Here are 10 items (in no particular order) that I recommend.

MeFoto Shows Off New Colorful & Compact Monopods

MeFoto, makers of my most favorite travel tripod, today announced a new addition to their product line: the WalkAbout monopod, which also looks like it could be used as a general walking stick. It comes in a host of colors, similar to the tripod line, and also sports a removable compass for when it’s not attached to a camera. [more]

Developing A Light Kit For Any Situation

7 years of shooting Automotive Editorial Photography has taught me to streamline as much as possible. One area I’ve simplified to fit my needs is my lighting kit. I used to rent gear wherever I could, but after you use your own gear long enough you almost develop a relationship with it and now I definitely prefer to use my own lights. [more]

Some of the First Footage from RED’s Epic Dragon

Recently director Moark Tola got the chance to spend 2 days testing out RED’s Epic Dragon and has shared the results with all of us. I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been afraid that the day would come when a videographer could pull any frame a video and call it photography. Now you are only $29k (the price of an Epic Dragon brain) away from being able to do just that. Then again, I suppose you could use it to make kick-ass videos. This video shows the capabilities of Red Dragon’s 6k sensor. Enjoy and drool.

Is This the Rumored Sigma 24-70 f/2 Lens?

Most of the time, we leave rumors to the rumors sites. However, in this circumstance we thought it would be worth showing you a “leaked” image of the recently rumored Sigma 24-70mm f/2. If true, this lens would be something truly special. But is it real, or just some guys making a fuzzy-yet-believable fake? [more]

One Light, 56 Layers, One Magazine Cover.

Automotive Editorial Photography will teach you many things. Mostly though, it’ll teach you how to make something out of nothing and how to operate quickly and efficiently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown up to shoot a car only to be told it can’t be moved from where it sits. It’s those situations that will really test your mettle as a photographer and I’ve actually grown to love those challenges. One challenge from last year that I really enjoyed was a RIDES Magazine cover that would require fitting and lighting 10 cars. Here’s how I did it. [more]

Fstoppers Reviews: The Aputure V-Screen 7″ Monitor

As a wedding photographer, I don’t often put much of a focus on video. Therefore I had never put any real thought into what accessories I might need to outfit my Nikon D800 as a proper video-producing machine. That being said however, the Chinese company Aputure may have just started me thinking more seriously about video.


Invented In 1840, Reloaded In 2013, The Petzval Lens

Ready to stand out in a crowd of photographers? Today the site Lomography.com announced the Kickstarter project for the Petzval lens. As they say on their website, “Invented in 1840, Reloaded In 2013 By Lomography & Zenit.” This lens will surely look nothing like any lens in your bag today as they are crafted from brass just like the original Petzval lens was back in the 19th century. Looks aside though what is it that has photographers clamoring over the Kickstarter project? [more]

The Hasselblad Stellar is Real & Touted as Being Unlike Any Other Camera Ever

Are you ready to be star-struck by Stellar? That’s the tagline to Hasselblad aforementioned rumored RX100 reskin. Apparently, according to the Hasselblad Chairman and CEO, “The world has never seen a compact camera like this before.” Weird, I could swear I saw a camera pretty similar to this last year. It’s called the RX100. [more]

When Kickstarter Works, It REALLY Works: CineSkates Now Distributed by JOBY

Almost two years ago we wrote about an interesting idea for a rolling DSLR rig we found on Kickstarter. The concept was a small, compact and heinously simple design called CineSkates. Fast forward to today, and CineSkates has evolved not only into a whole line of products under the name “Cinetics,” but is one step closer to great success. Now distributed by JOBY (owned by Daymen who also distributes Lowepro bags), CineSkates shows that when Kickstarter works, it can really work. [more]

StandBagger Original Rollup Review

Living in NYC and having to drag gear around I have become very particular about my camera and gear bags. Comfort, size, weight, and protection are the deciding factors, then I worry if I look cool or not (you can’t go wrong with a black bag). I started looking for a small light stand case that would fit nano stands, a small umbrella and a monopod. This is usually what I use for reception lighting at weddings. After searching through all of the camera stores online, I finally stumbled across the StandBagger.

Using A Color Checker Chart

Color reproduction, loading color profiles and calibrating monitors & printers can become an endless tangled mess that leads to frustrating headaches.

Proper use of a color chart can get you a lot closer to actual colors and save you a lot of time dialing in your post production work by adding a simple step to your workflow.

A couple years back I pickup the X-Rite ColorChecker Card and by doing so I have saved a ton of post processing time. [more]

Hasselblad To Release Expensive Re-Skinned RX100 as the “Stellar”

Apparently all the bad press surrounding the Lunar hasn’t deterred Hasselblad from their present course of skinning current Sony cameras with the expensive “H” logo and wood accents. PhotoRumors is reporting that Hasselblad will be releasing a compact camera called the “Stellar” that will just be the RX100 with some fancy aesthetic additions. Well, at least they aren’t toting megapixels, right? [more]

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