Cheap Telephoto Challenge – Brock Whittaker’s eBay Discoveries

Brock Whittaker, a landscape photographer in Phoenix, AZ recently decided to take it upon himself to look at some of the unknown and dated telephoto lenses that can be bought on eBay for ridiculously cheap. Among those, he was able to pick up a Sigma 400mm f/5.6 APO, Five Star 500mm f/8, Sears 2x Teleconvertor, and a Generic 3x teleconverter all for $50. His findings, were actually quite impressive. [more]

Zeiss Tells the Story of Melding Design and Performance in the Upcoming 55mm f/1.4

Zeiss lenses have been around for over 120 years, but admittedly “product design has never been the foremost factor.” In designing their new high-end Distagon lenses coming to the market at the end of 2013, Zeiss wanted to really consider aesthetics in the project. “The newly-defined design is intended to reflect the lenses’ unique character and make Zeiss lenses truly unmistakable in the future.” [more]

The Latest Addition to Phottix’s Line is the Multi Boom Flash Bracket

Phottix has released a new product designed to fix one continual issue for photographers that love shooting with umbrella modifiers: though they are easy to transport and use and fast to set up, because of the inherent design they are almost impossible to tilt on a traditional light stand. To rectify this issue, Phottix made Multi Boom Flash Bracket. [more]

What to Expect from Behance This Year Post-Adobe Acquisition

Adobe bought Behance a few months ago in what was said to have been a move to expand the social functionality of the Creative Cloud. Today Behance posted a blog about what is to be expected from them in 2013 post-acquisition. [more]

The Cullinator- Sort Through Your Images Like A Boss

If you’re in any job long enough, you’re bound to come across quirky industry developments that just might help your work flow. Photography is no different. What’s this you might ask? At first glance it might seem like a video game controller with a cleverly placed sticker on it. [more]

New Zealand-Based Company Launches New Accessory for Motion Controlled Time-Lapse: The Genie

New Zealand based company Syrp Ltd, has officially launched the Genie, a new film equipment accessory set to “revolutionize motion controlled time-lapse.” Following a hugely successful product launch on Kickstarter.com early last year, the Genie is one of those few products that is actually making it to market. [more]

How To (And Not To) Shoot Underwater Pt.1 Natural Light

This year my family and I escaped the cold of NYC and went to South Florida to celebrate the holidays. I was so glad to be heading to some warm weather, and I planned some shoots that wouldn’t be typical of the winter weather up North. I had never shot underwater before, so I wanted to challenge myself and try it out. I contacted BorrowLenses to see if they had an Aquatech housing that I could [more]

How To Film A Skate Movie – Red Bull Perspective

Ever wonder how Red Bull or any other company films their skate videos? How they get those awesome flying shots, rolling shots, and what goes into every aspect of the films? In this video, Red Bull takes you behind the scenes in their new skate video. To say the least, it’s pretty amazing. [more]

Canon Upgrades Popular Rebel Series with the T5i

In addition to announcing the brand new Rebel SL1, Canon also upgraded the the popular T4i with the all new Rebel T5i. To be honest, I can’t see all that much different between the T4i and T5i. Same processor, same megapixel count, same ISO range, and same frames per second performance. Hm. [more]

Canon Releases Tiny, Nearly Weightless Rebel SL1 DSLR

All those rumors of a new camera body from Canon have come to fruition in the new DSLR called the Rebel SL1. Boasting a 18 megapixel DIGIC 5 CMOS sensor, 1080 full HD video capture and compatible with STM lenses, Canon’s latest tiny consumer DSLR barely registers on scales, coming in at a lowly 0.8 pounds. How’s that for travel friendly? [more]

Fstoppers Reviews the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 Contemporary Lens

Variable aperture lenses are generally scoffed at by anyone who has been shooting for a few years, myself included. That said, collectively variable aperture lenses probably make up a vast number of sales for lens manufacturers. They aren’t necessarily bad lenses, but it can be tricky to select the quality from the lousy. So how does Sigma’s second lens that carries its new design, the 17-70mm f/2.8-4 lens, fare? Actually, really well. [more]

Review: The Fuji GX617 Panoramic Beast

What first drew me to the panoramic format was that it’s the way we naturally see. Sure, you can’t really compare a camera’s lens to the abilities of two (or even one) human eyes. But nevertheless, we are a horizontally-oriented species — we live, work, and see along a horizontal plane. And so, after a bit of research, I dove in to get the Fuji GX617. Why not Hasselblad’s XPAN? Why not the Linhof or Horseman variants? And how on Earth do you use these things? Let’s find out… [more]

Paddy, The Best New Way To Use Lightroom

There is no doubt Adobe Lightroom simplified the post processing workflow for photographers and retouchers since it came out. The simple layout, the easy to use sliders and the useful presets – all made post processing a much better experience. Then came Paddy, a personal code project by Dorfl, and made the process even easier. OK, not just easier – but way cooler. Paddy connects a MIDI Controller Desk to Lightroom, and lets you edit the photo directly from there. [more]

There’s a $220 Nikon Camera That Shoots 4K RAW Video?!

Yes, there is. It’s not a typo in the headline, it’s a legitimate ability of the Nikon V1 camera. A forum user on EOSHD sent in a message with some very serious claims, and posted a video to back it up. After some testing, the video has been made public and how this was achieved has been shared. Check out the video to see just how good this footage is, and click on to learn how it was captured. [more]

Shooting Overhead? Save Your Back With A Tripod Arm

From cookbooks in bookstore windows to magazine covers you pass in the grocery store check outline, it is hard not to notice the overhead camera view’s popularity in food photography. If you are going to shoot your food overhead, there is one piece of equipment that will make your job a lot easier: The Tripod Arm.


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