Introducing Outex – A (Somewhat) Affordable Underwater Housing Kit

I’ve always been fascinated with underwater photography. As you may recall, I even featured some of it from Nick Pugay last month. Not only is underwater photography incredibly complicated in terms of lighting, but its incredibly expensive too. Outex is looking to change that with their new underwater kit, but they need your help with their latest Kickstarter project. [more]

Make Yourself A Cheap Distressed Canvas Background

Most cloth backdrops I have found cost between $70 – $100, but today I was turned onto a cheaper alternative. Photographer Elena Jasic posted a tutorial today on her blog on how she made her on distressed canvas background for around $50. The materials can be purchased at local stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart.



PocketWizard Plus X: PW Shakes Up Flash Trigger Market With New Product Offering

PocketWizard has just announced the addition of a new trigger to its lineup: The PocketWizard Plus X. Priced at $99 (and already in stock at B&H), the Plus X offers much of the same functionality and reliability as PocketWizard’s much-beloved Plus II and Plus III, but with a simpler, no-frills interface and a gentler price. Read on for the spec list, a mini-review, and my thoughts on the new unit.


The Cullinator: Bringing Photo Editing and Gaming Together At Last

I am a self-confessed gaming addict, so when I found out about the new ‘Cullinator’ I was beyond thrilled. Finally my insatiable thirst for all things gaming related will no longer derail me from editing my photographs. ‘The Cullinator’ is an impressive program created by Ed Pingol Photography that takes any gaming controller and transforms it to a photo editing controller. [more]

Adobe Launches Photoshop Touch on Smartphones

Previously only available on tablets, Adobe just announced that their mobile fully-loaded editing software is now available on both Android and iOS smartphones. Though there are a number of mobile photo editing choices like Snapseed, Camera Awesome or Instagram, the paid Photoshop App has many of the functions you’ve grown to love about Photoshop, but in the palm of your hand. [more]

Review: Olympus PEN E-PL5

In October, we had a huge month dedicated to all the great mirrorless cameras that are out there. While the Fuji X-Pro 1’s technology was promising, the Olympus OM-D E-M5 took away the best mirrorless camera award. While it’s all worth it, the OM-D E-M5 is a bit pricey, and therefore, not for everyone. So how do some of Olympus’ other cameras line up?
Today, we have the PEN E-PL5. [more]

Capture One Express 7 Announced – Phase One’s Affordable Raw Processing Software For Under $100

Phase One announced their new Capture One Express 7 raw image processing software today and it’s free to try for 60 days and only $99 to buy! Express 7 is actually a streamlined version of their advanced Capture One Pro 7 software, which is what I personally use, focusing primarily on RAW processing. Also, I’m excited to mention that they are using my Mad Max photoshoot on the marketing material. icon smile Capture One Express 7 Announced   Phase Ones Affordable Raw Processing Software For Under $100


Fstoppers Reviews the Fotodiox Wonderpana System for Wide-Angle Lenses

Some people love filters. I personally really like neutral density filters and I know there are those who swear by UV filters. For those of us who love these little glass lens enhancers, we have to separate from that love when we use ultra wide-angle lenses. That is, we used to. Not anymore thanks to Fotodiox’s Wonderpana system which is designed to give us the freedom to use those filters even on convex front elements. [more]

Sony Releases Three New Lenses

In addition to the five new cameras released today, Sony has also released three new lenses: the Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6, the 50mm f/1.4 Carl Zeiss Planar, and the DT 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. These three lenses span across different uses and customers and it’s a nice mix. What’s not so nice is the pricing, which could leave a few of you sticker shocked. [more]

Sony Releases New Cameras, Including Mirrorless and DSLR

Sony has had a busy morning, with the release of five new cameras including three Cyber-shot point-and-shoots, a new mirrorless in the NEX-3N and a new 20.1 megapixel DSLR in the SLT-A58, the last of which is priced incredibly competitively at just under $600. [more]

Like Shooting Tethered? Check Out Some Of These Awesome Products From Tether Tools

If you haven’t heard of TetherTools.com yet, well… you have now. Tethered Tools makes a wide range of fantastic products to make your tethered shooting go more smoothly. They are THE one stop shop for all of your tethered shooting gear needs including software. They have seemingly infinite customizable tethering configurations that you should definitely check out.


VSCO Film 03 Is On Sale Till Tuesday

For anyone who might have missed it, I did a little review of VSCO 3 last week. VSCO Film emulsions are great at emulating an analog film look for your digital photos and also offers custom profiles for your camera manufacturer, if you are shooting Nikon, Canon, or now Fuji (just for Film 03), to further improve performance of the presets. [more]

Fstoppers Old Gear Review- Radiopopper PX

I am the type of photographer that doesn’t stay up to date on the latest gear. Instead, I find what works for me and I use it until I hear about something that works better. This is why it was so hard for me to hand in my Pocketwizard Plus II‘s for the Radiopopper PX system. But boy am I glad that I did.

Plus II’s are tanks. They are virtually indestructible. I used them for years with nary a misfire. But there was one thing they couldn’t do. High speed sync. [more]

Light Meter for the iPhone

I have been looking to buy a light meter since I have been shooting more film . At the same time some light meters can cost the same as a lens and it isn’t something I will be using everyday. I stumbled across the Luxi kickstarter project and my problems were solved. [more]

Pricing of Sigma’s DP3 Merrill Announced

Sigma has just released the pricing of the DP3 Merrill announced in January. It is the third and final installment of their Merrill line, Sigma’s high performance compact camera series. The DP3 is equipped with a 50mm f/2.8 lens and packs Sigma’s 46 megapixel foveon sensor. If you’re looking to complete your Merrill set, the camera will be available in March for $999. [more]

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