Lomography: News and Product Updates

Lomography has been around for a while now, known and loved for its crazy light leaks and cool hipster style that Instagram has tried tried to emulate for years for mobile digital imaging networkers (smartphone users). They have great stuff not only for the hipster society, but also for anyone starting out in photography, as their cameras are extremely affordable. A new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and the Peacock 110 X-Pro film are among the newest products Lomography has to offer… [more]

Silica Gel-Pack Lens Caps Keep Fungus and Moisture Out

Dust and moisture are the enemies of your equipment’s longevity. I’m sure most of us have experienced the annoyance of a foggy lens when moving from one environment to the next, but what about when that fog turns to fungus? Every lens eventually gets some dust in it, even the wonderfully expensive weather sealed professional lines.


Samyang Optics’ Unusual Three-Brand Market Testing

Market testing happens all the time. It’s not uncommon for brands to test identical products under different names in different markets or cultures. It is rare, however, to see one company brand three competing products against each other in the same industry in the same country/culture. That is what Samyang Optics appears to be doing in the United States with their Bower, Samyang and Rokinon brands. [more]

Kodak-Branded PixPro S1 Camera: Will It Help?

Kodak struck a deal to allow the use of its name with the production of a camera by JK Imaging that will be known as the Kodak PixPro S1 — a micro four-thirds mirrorless camera. Additionally, JK Imaging will also release future compact and superzoom cameras using the Kodak name. Is it just me, or does this seem cheap to anyone? Is this something that will help Kodak with its financial difficulties, or do you think it’s a poor product? [more]

Three Lenses With Same Specs, Which Would You Choose?

Though they’ve each been a player for some time, Samyang, Bower and Rokinon have each grown in popularity over the course of the last year or so. Recently releases by Samyang and Rokinon in particular have garnered a lot of attention from gear heads. But unlike mainstays like Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron, consumers generally aren’t as familiar with Samyang, Bower and Rokinon. So I ask you, which would you buy? [more]

New 5D Mark III Box Arrives Full of Laminate Flooring, No Camera

Most of us would agree that it is quite exciting when the UPS Truck pulls up with some new gear that we purchased especially when it’s a new camera body or lens. Like kids on Christmas morning we can’t wait to unbox the new toy and put it to test. Sadly one photographer opened the box not to find a new camera body but floor laminate. Read on to learn about his experience, see photos and find out which nationally known dealer did this not just once, but twice to him.  [more]

New Adapter Makes Your Lenses Wider, Faster and Sharper!

Impossible, right? That’s what I said too when I ran across Metabones’ new Speed Booster today (currently only available for pre-order). One important thing to get out of the way first off though before you get as excited as I did… this adapter is currently only available to convert from EF, ALPA and Leica-R mounts, to Sony NEX and Fuji X mirrorless cameras.


4 Creative Ways To Use A Ring Flash With Mark Wallace

Perhaps one of the most mysterious and misunderstood lights available to a photographer is the ring light or ring flash. Most people associate the ring flash with fashion photography, but unfortunately many photographers might not know what the effect is actually doing. In this latest Snapfactory video, Mark Wallace not only shows how a barebulb Profoto Acute 2 Ringflash works, but he also gives you 3 additional lighting setups to take your own ring flash images to the next level. [more]

NEC PA301W 30″ Monitor w/ SpectraView Review

NEC is synonymous with high-end displays. Everyone knows they produce great monitors for professional imaging applications. But if they know that much, they also know they’re quite expensive. So why should you pay thousands of dollars for the PA301W 30” monitor when you can get one for a few hundred? What’s the difference? And is it worth it? Let’s find out… [more]

Timelapse Dolly “Lil-Mule” Takes Camera Moves to New Lengths

Kickstarter product “Lil-Mule” is small, motor-powered camera platform that has been developed to capture timelapse or real-time video for lengths much longer than most rail or slider based systems can provide. It’s aim was also to give the user a simpler feature set, doing away with the complicated math and setup that other systems offer. This video gives you a glimpse of what the system is capable of, with more informative videos inside. [more]

The Nikon D600 Is On Sale Today Only

The reputable seller “bigvalueinc” on eBay is currently selling the Nikon D600 for $1685.99. This is a pretty killer deal considering this camera is still very new and sells everywhere else for $2000. They are also selling the D800 at a decent price. If you are in the market for this camera you better jump on this tonight because I can guarantee they will be sold out soon.

Video Preview of Samsung’s New NX300 & 2D/3D Lens

Samsung announced their new NX300 and 2D/3D lens last week in anticipation of CES 2013, so we had them take us through a quick rundown of the new NX300 mirrorless camera as well as their new 2D/3D lens, a first of it’s kind. [more]

Mark Wallace Reviews The Canon 85mm 1.2

Do you have an extra $2000 laying around? If so, I would suggest coming to Dubai with us, but you might also want to buy Canon’s premiere portrait lens, the 85mm 1.2. Mark calls this lens “the magic lens” because of it’s incredibly shallow depth of field that can make almost any location look amazing. For a similar look check out the critically acclaimed 85mm 1.4 by Sigma. [more]

This Is How Your DSLR Lenses Are Made

We all know making precision pieces of glass for camera lenses must be a difficult task. Today Nikon Japan released a beautiful video showing exactly what goes into making their ED Nano Crystal coated lens elements. I really do not know what I’m looking at but it’s still pretty amazing to see how much effort and care goes into the gear we use everyday. It’s hard to take those who complain about quality control when you watch something like this. [more]

SOLOSHOT: Now You Can Film Yourself Without Bugging A Friend

Have you ever wanted to film yourself while doing a photoshoot for some behind the scenes action, but not one of your videographer buddies wanted to get away from whatever indie marathon was running that weekend and help you film it? Well, now with SOLOSHOT you don’t have to worry about picking up the phone and degrading yourself by begging to your cinephile friends, you can do it yourself. [more]

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