I Just Bought The iPhone 5 For $40.

I use my iPhone camera more than any other camera I own. It is on me all the time and is so convenient to quickly share photos from. Even on photo shoots I always find myself pulling out the iPhone for a couple BTS snaps or video. I have had the iPhone 4 since it came out and it has been showing it’s age. I heard of a way to get an iPhone 5 for the cost of sales tax, and so I decided to give it a shot tonight.


New Gear Rumors as We Approach January and CES 2013

PhotoRumors has a lineup from the Japanese magazine Impress’ annual predictions of products to be released. The predictions include educated guesses and previously discussed products that will certainly come out, including news with Fuji’s X-Trans sensor, Olympus’ E-5 replacement, and a new Nikon with the D4 sensor! [more]

Exclusive First Look: Really Right Stuff’s iPhone Case

Ok, you’re probably pretty skeptical right now reading that title alone. I hear ya, so was I. Really Right Stuff is known for extremely high quality carbon fiber tripods, not cases, and definitely not something in mobile computing. After hearing my surprise, the guys at Really Right Stuff laughed and made me think of it this way: the iPhone is the most popular camera on the market. It would be weird if they didn’t support it, as they are one of the best camera support companies out there. Hearing that, I was ready to give this thing a look. [more]

Kodak Announces Sale of Patents

Last week we reported the possibility that Google and Apple would snatch up the Kodak patents, but news out says that instead Kodak has made the sale to Intellectual Ventures and RPX Corporation, who are to pay approximately $525 million for them. Kodak is touting the sale as building “Kodak’s momentum toward a successful emergence in the first half of 2013.” [more]

Sample Footage From The Black Magic Cinema Camera NSFW

A few days ago my buddy Bryan Bowden called me and said that he was in possession of the currently unreleased Black Magic Cinema Camera. This camera could be the next big thing in videography because it’s incredibly cheap ($3000) for what you get (2.5K RAW footage). I personally only got a moment to see the camera but I asked Bryan to write up something for our readers about his very short experience with the camera and release some RAW clips straight from the camera. [more]

Using Film for Portraits of a Highway Patrolman

I started a new project recently creating portraits on 11×14 film.  I have had an 11×14 back for my Deardorff for several years, but I have never shot much in that format.  I decided to try a couple sheets in hopes of kick starting a new project.  [more]

Redrock Micro Launches Enhanced Support Rigs with New Rig Components

Redrock Micro today announced upgrades to their support rigs for DSLRs in the microShoulderPad, tool-less microBalance QR counterweights, and improved hand grips. The new improvements now come standard on all Redrock rigs, and are available as upgrades to existing customers. [more]

DxO Mark Highly Praises Sharpness of Sigma 35mm f/1.4

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the outstanding Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens and could not speak highly enough about its merits. In the week that followed, every single camera review site that I have read seemed to come to the same conclusion. Recently, Dx0 Mark also rated the Sigma lens, and said it was “one of the sharpest lenses, mounted on Canon, ever measured by DxOMark website.” [more]

FS Review: Lensbaby Edge 80 and Sweet 35 Optics

Creative lenses have become a popular way to do things “in camera.” Sure, there are hundreds of options for numerous editing programs that can do creative effects in post, but there is something to be said about getting everything in camera as it’s happening, including tilt shift effects. Unfortunately for most of us, tilt shift lenses are just not in the budget. That’s where Lensbaby’s modular lens system comes into play. [more]

Big Sale on Four Popular Canon L Glass Lenses

B&H just listed four popular L glass lenses on discount when you add them to your cart. If you wanted to pick up new optics for you camera and were saving up for some L glass, you might want to take a look. On sale today, the 24-70mm f/2.8 L II, the 70-200 f/2.8 L, the 16-35 f/2.8 L, and the 50mm f/1.2/ L. [more]

Drobo Mini, 5D, and 5N Preliminary Review

A few days ago, I went to Drobo’s offices for a Q&A as well as some time with the new devices that Drobo promises are faster than ever. What I found surprised me… [more]

Canon’s Terrifying Recommended Way to Remove a Stuck Filter

Ever have a filter get stuck on the front of your lens? I personally have not, but I can imagine how irritating it can be. Travel photographer (and friend of mine) Craig Pulsifer posted the method he was instructed to use by Canon Professional Services to his blog. His warning: this is not for the faint of heart. [more]

Using Cameras to Make Custom Music Through Heart Rate: PULSE

This is a crazy concept that is truly amazing: Directed by Emmy-award winner Patrick Moreau of stillmotion, the docu-short PULSE profiles the making of the BioBeats app, a new technology that utilizes cameras to generate custom music based on a human heart rate. The subject of this short is awesome in itself, but it’s also one of the first Short films to be done on the Canon C100. Let us know what you think! [more]

Major Nikon Discounts Effective Tonight: D600, D800 & D800e

UPDATE: D800e is now showing $200 discount! If you were waiting for a great deal on a Nikon camera, perhaps waiting was actually a good decision. Tonight a D600 kit with a 24-85mm VR lens, a Lowepro bag, a monopod, an extra battery, and a 32 gig memory card is on sale for $1,995 (reduced significantly from original MSRP $2,696) and the D800 is an additional $200 off. [more]

Twitter Launches Update to Add Photo Filters

Last week, Facebook took Instagram preview support away from Twitter, and Twitter obviously was pretty prepared for that. Today you can download an update for Twitter that gives you a list of Instagram-like options with which to tweet till your heart’s content. Yay? [more]

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