Red Giant Gives 40% Off All Software!

Red Giant, known for its video editing tools such as Plural Eyes, which a lot of Fstoppers writers use for syncing audio and video with ease, is having a sale! They have plenty of other neat bits of software, too. So head over and check them out. Code 2012BSF40 will get you the discount here on their site.

How To Build Your Own Camera Shoulder Rig

This Do-It-Yourself equipment video by Jay P Morgan of The Slanted Lens features Cinematographer Lars Lindstrom as he shows us how easy it is to build your own camera shoulder rig. To make this rig all you’ll need is some standard PVC piping and a few other items from your home-improvement store. If you’re in a bind and can quite afford one of the more expensive rigs, this is a great alternative for just under $10. [more]

Holiday Gear Guide: Gift Ideas Over $500

If your budget is over $500, you have a heck of a lot of awesome at your disposal. Camera equipment in general is pricey, but when you’ve got it to spend, you can really nab some nice stuff. We’ve compiled the absolute cream of the crop gift ideas that will set you back a lot of dough, but will not fail to impress come Christmas morning. [more]

Rumors of a Viewfinder on an Updated EOS M Given Merit?

Canon has just filed for a patent for a 100% coverage optical viewfinder, which wouldn’t be that exciting except that this one is tiny. Instead of the traditional physical adjustment, this patent focuses on an electronically switched transmission / non-transmission of the liquid crystal. This seems to give merit to the rumors last week regarding an updated EOS M with a viewfinder, as that would likely be the only camera small enough to take advantage of this patent. [more]

Adobe Brings Retina Support to Photoshop and Illustrator

That headline basically says it all, but in case you needed confirmation: yes, today Adobe is pushing retina support to all Illustrator and Photoshop users on the Creative Cloud and perpetual customers (those using discs). Unfortunately, if you’re on a PC this update does not affect you, but I think we all could have predicted that since this kind of addresses a Mac specific problem. [more]

Highlight of Adobe’s Changes Coming Today- What You’ll Use

Today (make sure you watch this CreateNow event that you could register for last week) Adobe is unveiling a host of changes to Photoshop and the Creative Cloud. There is a good amount of new stuff, but I’m going to highlight the things I think you guys will find most useful and stuff that I found to be the most interesting as far as a a lot of power and flexibility in a program. As much as I might say, if you have the time I really suggest taking part in their live stream, as they will go into more detail than I will. [more]

DEAD: All Cameras On Sale For 30 Percent Off At Staples!

Some deals are just so good that you will drop everything you are doing (or planning) just to take advantage of some savings. Let me tell you how Lee and I both just bought Nikon D800 cameras for $2,200. Yesterday our friend Pye Jirsa published an article on SLR Lounge about how their local Staples did not honor a national coupon for 30% off all cameras purchased in store. After reading the article, Lee wondered how this coupon would hold up in our local market. Here is what we discovered [more]

Nikon: “Do Not Breathe on the Lens”

You’re in a pinch and some kid who’s never seen a camera before just grabbed yours, front element first, leaving a nice handprint just before your shot of the usually stern village chief lifting his kid into the air. There’s no time to grab that lens cleaner in your bag, so what do you do? You open your mouth in an ‘O’ and breathe hot air on the front, and then rub your lens off gently with your shirt, right? Wrong. [more]

FS Review: Sigma’s New 35mm f/1.4 is Amazing

Fewer things get me as excited and enthusiastic about gear in my studio than something reliable. I just want it to work. Part of the reason I haven’t shot much on a Nikon is that it takes too much thinking for me. Having shot on Canon for 10 years, I just like using something that my hands just understand. The same goes for tripods, lights, and most definitely applies to lenses. For me, the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens just works, and might be have the best combination of speed and sharpness in and auto focus-enabled lens I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. [more]

Canon Releases Service Advisory for New 6D

Canon USA has published a service advisory regarding issues users are reporting when trying to watch uploaded videos on YouTube. It’s a relatively minor issue, and I’m glad it’s not as big a deal as the D600 dust concerns. However, I just wish Canon and Nikon would put out cameras that were truly complete, and had no widespread issues to speak of in their first few weeks on the market. [more]

Snapseed Gets Updated, Folds into Google’s Family of Products

Snapseed saw an update in the past 24 hours that brings it into the fold of Google products, along with the newly refurbished (and dramatically improved) Gmail app. Snapseed’s logo has changed and loading screen now shows the Google+ name. The app also saw the addition of a new filter and new frames. Most importantly, Snapseed is now free. [more]

Ilford Introduces Two New Black & White Disposable Cameras

Never thought I would see this again, but Ilford has announced a set of black and white disposable film cameras that shoot at 400 ISO film, each giving up to 27 exposures per camera. You have to be somewhat impressed with this, since as much as Kodak continues to discontinue products, Ilford seems determined to keep film alive. [more]

Epson Enters High Volume Photo Market with SureLab D3000

Epson today announced the availability of the SureLab D-Series dry printers, aimed at studios who produce a high volume of prints and are looking to bring that in house. This is Epson’s first foray into this kind of high volume, high quality printing and it should end up on the radar of many studios around the country. [more]

Adobe to Share Creative Cloud, Photoshop Updates Next Week in Online Event

Adobe has a smattering of changes and updates coming to Photoshop and the Creative Cloud next week, and they are hosting a live online event to go over all of the expected changes. We’ve been given a sneak peak of what they’re going to cover and though we can’t specify yet, we can say that some of the updates are significant. [more]

Canon EOS M with Viewfinder to Come in 2013?

Some rumors have surfaced regarding the possibility of an updated EOS M with a built-in EVF, but not until late 2013 sources say. That makes sense given the timeline release for the original M. The sources also are reporting that Canon’s original reason for not including the viewfinder (stating it wasn’t necessary for a mirrorless camera) was fluff, and that the real reason was that Canon lacked the tech this year. [more]

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